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  1. Happy Birthday - hope you have a great day! :)

  2. Happy Birthday :)

  3. hay there you how you doing ?

    hope you are doing well? and take good care

    em xx

  4. new blog if you want to have a look but (it may trigger) so please take care in looking at it.

    hope all is ok with your self

    em xxx

  5. Huge smile on my face...hearing from you.

    Miss You Much!

  6. Hey Blue boy, thank you..xx

  7. HAPPY BIRTHDAY sorry it late hugs em xxx


  9. Hugs to you on your birthday!

  10. hope all is wel with you? and i just wanted to say hi and have a new blog. love and hugs sent your way

    em xx

  11. Hi Echo, I also think that taking care of yourself is the most important at the moment. I can see why it is hard when having your marriage to deal with, but I think once you start taking care of yourself, things might get better on the other way? I want to help you find some more strength, that i know that is within you to help to deal wit all that. Now with all these emotions and thoughts, must be feeling hard. How about your therapist? Maybe there's some other programs, like CBT, you can start working with, to help you organize your thoughts. And your medications? Do you find them a bit helpful? Hugs, keren.
  12. new blog i have also posted it in relationship fourm

    "I Dont Know Where To Start There So Much."

    hope all is well?

    em xxx

  13. new blog em xxxx

  14. Hi, thank you for replying. I have considered taking a break so many times before. But taking a break means taking a risk. If I will choose to take it, I will surly find myself doing nothing. We are nearly at the end of the semester, nearly at the end of my second year, but with some very big and unfinished projects- this keeps me busy but stressed out, and where there's no stress there's emptiness and seclusion. Eventually, you become used to being lonely, still, it has been awhile since it felt so stiff and hard. The thought of doing nothing is making me feel even lonelier then I am now. It influence my way of thinking, which is a mess at the moment. Film making is still a very charming, attractive place to be. To me, it has since childhood. But something inside me is breaking. That's what's hurting me the most. All I wish to have right now is a hug.
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