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  1. Happy, happy birthday! xxxxx

  2. Hope you are well!

  3. Happy birthday!

  4. I don't know if I want to get the password for the SI forum, but I want it. If it's too triggering, I can stop? I don't know. The warning message left me, problematic.

  5. Happy Wedding Day Trace And Coop

    Thanks everyone for the good wishes, it made my day when I saw this topic. I hope you all find the same happiness as I found with Trace in the near future. Coop
  6. Coop, I am thinking about you both on your very special wedding day.

    I wish you both nothing but happiness and blue skies to surround you always.

    You are both so very special in mine and LGJ's heart, have a fabulous day! ~Lindsay

    *¨*•.ைღ¨*•. ☼*♥*~•°

  7. Have a wonderful special day tomorrow, thinking of you both xxxx

  8. Congratulations Coop. Peace and happiness.


  9. Thanks for the birthday wishes everyone. I had a fantastic day.

  10. Happy Birthday!!

  11. Happy Birthday Coop have a great day

  12. Happy Birthday, Coop!

    Hope all your wishes come true!!!

  13. Hi Coop the new DF is now superb. Thanks

  14. Viewing Forum Threads

    Hi Rick, it sounds like somehow, you have switched the forums display mode to outline view. As you read this topic, at the top right, just below the 'ADDREPLY' and 'NEWTOPIC' buttons is an 'Options' menu. If you left click on that, the bottom three options are the display modes. The one your thinking it used to be is Standard, so if you click on 'Switch to: Standard', everything will be back to normal. Hope that helps, Regards, Coop
  15. Happy birthday!