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  1. Happy Birthday - hope you are doing well :)

  2. I hope you had a fantastic day :)

  3. Happy Birthday :)

  4. After years on really old drugs, I switched easily to Cymbalta 4 years ago. The energy level is great. I can get through the dark days of winter without increasing medication. And it is almost the only drug to work on chronic pain. Stay with it! Best wishes - Robin
  5. rc2147

    Female Sexual Dysfunction?

    My libido vanished as I increased Cymbalta, but it is one of only 2 drugs that works on pain. And it works well on that - very well. I understand about only 2% of women have problems so I am not hopeful anyone will pour a lot into research. I check this site regularkly to see if anyone has found a new drug combination. Fortnuately, I am in a wonderful relationship and we are doing our best. But it is a bummer.
  6. Happy Birthday!

  7. rc2147

    Cymbalta Success Stories

    Just back from Ireland which I was able to really enjoy thanks to Cymbalta! After years (like 10-12) of Pamelor (anyone old enough to remember that one?!) and feeling the dragged get-through-the-day feeling, starting Cymbalta 3 years ago was like someone flipped a switch. I am at 60mg/day for MDD but have to have a pain killer property as well so very few regular meds work. This does it. No pain at all and plenty of energy. (Of course there is an annoying downside which I fuss about under "Sexual Side Effect" thread, but this is the success story place.) For me Cymbalta has been a great breakthrough. And I need to remember to stop by here and be encouraging since I feel good! Blessings to you all - Robin
  8. Paisley - My kids have been very supportive and it has helped them realize that DNA may get them, too, and it is not shameful to get help. They also deserve a chance to know you fully if your time is so short. Hope you take advantage of some of the specific rooms on this site for folks in crisis. Blessings - RC2147
  9. rc2147

    Sexual Side Effects Of Cymbalta.

    Hello, OCD Runner - I am new on the site but familiar with the problem. I started Cymbalta 3 years ago and, as I increased dosage to where I had pain control, the ability to enjoy or imagine or even remember sexual pleasure vanished. I wrestled with that for about 6 months - whined, actually - and then chose to stay on it. After 2 decades of nortryptalin (sp?) and it's long line of side effects (for whatever reason, decreased libido was not one of them!), the new energy was such a gift. While I am still working it seems essential. We have made the best life we can around it, but sometimes it annoys me to have to give up one important aspect of life to function in others. I keep hoping the Cymbalta folks will work on this, but female issues appear to be in the 3% range and probalby not economically feasable. Oh dear, I have gone on - maybe I am not supposed to spill everything in the first posting! Anyone found a drug combination that helps?
  10. Hello - This is a great place! Such support - wow. And I see some..er..post-40 something folks in the mix. Me, too. I haven't been to all the forums yet - are there ones for the "wisdom years"? Not that derpession has any age limit. I've been dealing with depression for almost 20 years now, begining with an accident and chronic pain. I now Cymbalta with its huge benefits and 1 life annoying side effect. Are there forums for specific drugs? I'll just look around and get settled in...and bookmark this page. Thanks for being out there in cyberspace - sometimes depression feels like a lonely walk even when it is being managed and I'm optimally functional. RC2147