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    I feel very fortunate to have such a wonderful husband. He makes me feel very lucky and very loved. I don't think I could help out here as much if it wasn't for his love and support. I believe in what DF offers, and I know you guys do, too.

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  1. Yeah, it's been quite a while.  Being a library director has been keeping me pretty busy.  I hope I can spend some more time here every now and again. I've really missed you guys!  

    1. AloneGuy


      I'm so happy to see you here again!  I came back a few weeks ago after about a year and a half away and I really missed DF.  When I came back I noticed you'd been gone for a while and I was wondering how you were doing.  Gosh you were like one of the first friends I made here 8 or 9 years ago and you were a comforting presence on DF throughout the years as I'd come and go.  Anyway, welcome back!  🙂

  2. Belated welcome to Df, Mickey94. Coming off meds can affect people differently, for sure. Especially this time of year, with holiday stress added in. You might think about talking to a counselor to help you sort through some of this, and help you recognize what is 'healthy' for you. It's not as easy as it sounds, sometimes, to recognize healthy patterns. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!
  3. Belated welcome to Df, Canerican. I have taken Wellbutrin, too. I had to stop it because I finally realized it was making my anxiety worse. At the time, I was on Wellbutrin, Trazadone, and Benadryl (to help me sleep). It took me way too long to realize that combo wasn't working for me. Now I'm on Hydroxyzine (Atarax) for anxiety, and taking Effexor for depression. The Effexor probs needs to be upped, because it hasn't helped my depression much. But at least it doesn't make my anxiety worse. The Atarax has been wonderful. It works a lot like Benadryl, but it seems to work better with my brain/body chemistry. I went through probs 3 antidepressants before finding something that didn't increase my anxiety. Keep monitoring how you feel, and what is happening in your life. Have faith in your own view of what is and is not working for you. I hope you are able to find something soon.
  4. Welcome to DF, Wiswash! And Kudos for sobriety! WooHoo! We look forward to seeing you around!
  5. My seasonal holiday blahs were a little late this year. I was - almost - excited about Christmas. For a while. Now it's back to my usual 'woops, where the hell did that fuckin' pothole to hell come from?!'. All I can seem to think about is how I have failed my kids. And how I have basically wasted four lives - theirs and mine. I find myself wondering what I did to deserve being put here on this earth? And yes, that is meant to sound like a punishment - because that's how it's felt for most of my life. Trapped in this... I don't know what. Trapped in this life I've always felt out of touch with. Trapped in this body I've always had a hard time thinking of as 'mine'. And the people I love are trapped with me. I almost said 'trapped with the people I love', but that makes it sound like they are the source of the pain, and that's not accurate. I am the source of the pain. Hence, they are trapped with me. Stuck with me. I cannot help the thought that maybe they would have been better off if.... But I should not finish that thought. I don't need to, really, because you all know where that thought goes. Repeat after me, and maybe after a while, we will believe it: 'My life is worthwhile. I am worthwhile.' Remember, I am not necessarily reminding you of what I think you should do.... I am reminding myself of what the truth really is. Because Depression twists everything, taking away the taste and making everything blackness. Depression is the Lie, not the Hope. But Hope is painful. They don't really tell you that when they're reaching out to help you, mostly because they don't know. Hope Hurts. Hope f*ck*ng Hurts. Hope gets you far enough up the wall of your own internal Hell to look down at the sharp rocks and give you just enough Vertigo that you're not sure if you can actually hold on. But you can. Hold On. I'll hold on with you. Whoever you are. I don't need to know your name, because I already know part of your fight. We're Battle Buddies. So right now, I'm sitting in this trench, and the bottom of it is spiky and full of the broken shards of dreams and busted bits of my identity. You know the trench. You wind up there, too. I'm going to remind myself that it's not my fault I'm here. That's right - you heard me. I didn't ask to be here. I didn't seek this horrible trench out. I was walking point, and lost myself for a minute, lost my focus, and Bam! here I am. That's how it happens sometimes. Walking point means that I was out of the trench and Making My Way Forward in Life, dodging the Slings and Arrows That Innocently Sally Forth, and slogging through all the Tough Shit That Haunts Me. That's the hazard of walking point. Sometimes, despite your Best Efforts, You Step in Shit - Tough Shit That Haunts You. Maybe you don't mean to step on it. Maybe you actually saw it, and made a mental note to avoid it, but then someone jostles you - all innocent like and unrealizing - and Bam! There it explodes under you, and down you go, into the trench. Not your fault. You were doing the work - the hard work, mind you, - that most people don't have to do. Most people don't have to move boulders just to walk through life. Most people don't have to wade through energy-sucking quicksand to get dressed. Most people don't live in a world that tastes and looks like all mashed potatoes. That's why it's not your fault. You didn't ask for this. No matter what they try to tell you with their ignorant selves, repeat after me: I didn't ask for this. Makes you angry, a bit, does it? No.... Don't toss it away like trash - that's your lifeline slapping you in the face. Let anger get you out of the trench and far enough away that you can work on forgiveness - forgiving the World In General for handing you such a crap portion. Because forgiving isn't about excusing anything - forgiving is when you tell yourself that you deserve to heal and move on. Most of all, forgive yourself. I'm still trying that one.
  6. Welcome to DF, ruis! The holidays can definitely be the least joyous time of year for a lot of people - you are not alone! Hope you will find the support and encouragement you need and deserve here.
  7. A very belated welcome to DF, WillaX! We are glad you are here! Hope to see you around!
  8. Problem solved.  You're welcome.  😉🤣


  9. I found this gem at work while trying out Spotify... Hope it makes you smile... https://youtu.be/dzy3f6hkjuo 'We Got Nowt Else' - Sting, Collin Kelly, Jimmy Nail, Matthew Stocke, Timothy Gulan - et al [ IE, 'The Last Ship Company']
  10. A post around here mentioned cats, and my response mentioned the perks of being a cat slave.... So I thought I would re-introduce my master, Lily. Actually, my youngest's master, I'm just the substitute-slave, LOL. I generally refer to her as 'Princess FuzzyButt'. The bookcase has since been moved, because cats. Sometimes cats see a dog outside and freak the eff out and knock the bookcase over, and nearly kill one of my favorite plants. Because cats. LOL. So this is how the window looks now.... And yes, I realize that is a Gold Dust Dracaena, but she generally doesn't care about the plants. The chair she is in is the 'Cat Chair'. Or, the royal throne of Princess FuzzyButt. LOL.
  11. @Devlinkyla @duck thanks, missed you guys too. @Nightjar aaahh, the perks of being a cat slave. Mine only talks to me when she's telling me to do something. She talks to hubby all day long, and for apparently no reason. But me? No, it's just 'do this, do that'.... LOL. Though I have to admit that cats are not nearly as bossy as Guinea Pigs....
  12. @Floor2017 @sober4life Funny you should talk about plants.... One of the ways my kids know I'm doing better is by how green the living room is. The better I'm doing, the more plants I have, inside and outside. Of course, when it comes to outside plants, I still have to have the 'can't kill it if you tried' versions. If it survives my yard, it's pretty hardy, LOL. BTW, I learned a tidbit this week.... Did you know that setting a plant near a computer monitor or computer tower can make it sick? I brought one home from the office that was sick - I have two identical ones, and the other one was fine. But the sick one was right behind my double monitor setup. 'The More You Know....'
  13. I understand... It's healthy that you have made peace with things you cannot change. We cannot control others, only how we act towards them. It's not always worth it to sacrifice who you are for the sake of having a warm body there. You deserve someone who can accept you completely as you are.
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