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  1. I still want a deep tissue massage. My back and neck have been so sore. Hunching over t the computer is probably not helping. LOL.
  2. To LadyMozz and AloneGuy, I agree about "The Hurting". Incredible song and album. Cheers for TFF Right now I'm listeing to, "Like Cockatoos" -- by The Cure (p.s. I keep trying to do quotes or multiquotes to reply to people here on this forum but it never seems to work for me. Anyone have tips to get that to work? Is it me or my PC?)
  3. I got groceries today. Sadly this is a major feat for me. Especially since I despise going out on weekends due to the stores being more crowded than usual. But I was in dire need of stocking up on food for the house. Glad I got it over with and can now cook something good to eat.
  4. dsm, what a wonderful idea for a thread. I also have troubles leaving the house. It provokes so much anxiety in me. I don't like being around lots of people or crowded and loud places,, that's super triggering for me. And I feel like every one is judging me on my appreance. I HATE how I look and I don't need nasty looks thrown my way from strangers to mirror back what I already know. In general, I almost never leave the house unless I absolutetly have to. I totally understand how doing even the most simple of things can often feel like 'moving moutains'. I sometimes feel exhausted when I actually do get things acomplished. Physically or emotioanlly. However, I like the idea of this thread you started because I feel the outcome is postitive by posting what we've done. It's encouraging that way. Well, today I went to the pharmacy to pick up a couple of my meds. That's it. But I've been putting it off for days so I'm glad I finally went and can put it behind me.
  5. Shmooey, Thanks again for your reply. I feel less alone in this when I read your posts about your own personal experiences. But at the same time, I'm sorry you go through this too. For me , it never really gets easier. I've had hallucinations since I was quite young, but yet all these long years later, they still scare me. But I think it's wonderful that your husband is supportive of you, helps to ground you, and that you can trrust him to help you. And that the Abilify has also helped you too. And, that's okay if you can't think of grounding advice. I'm currently in between therpists, but it's something I do feel comfortable talking with my Pdoc ( and my past therpists) with. So, at my next appointment with my Pdoc, I can ask for grounding techniques and I hope the Abilify might help me as well. Thanks again Shmooey for your insight and help.
  6. I started replying to this the other day but hit the wrong key and I lost all that I wrote. Anyhoo, I have a scheduled appointment with my Pdoc where I still plan on asking about Abilify, but my next appointment is a bit far off, so I'm still struggling to get through this. My hallucinations are frightening. rmarlcolm, even if you don't get them as often, I'm sorry to know this happens ot you as well. Interesting that you've also noticed they happen at a certain time of day. And Shmooey, I get triggered in crowded places too. Although It doesn't make me hallucinate as a result, it's certainly a huge trigger for me because what I hear in crowded places, that's very much what my hallucinations sound like. Like lots of people talking at once and I start to feel anxious and scared. I don't know if thhis makes sense, it's hard to describe. But I know it feels horrible. ****************** POSSIBLE TRIGGERS ******************************* ************************************************************************************* ************************************************************************************ it makes me feel dizzy and I fear I'm losing control. Like the voices are all attacking me. I guess that's the best way to describe it, it feels like I'm being attacked :( ***** END OF TRIGGERS **** ***************************************************************************************** ***************************************************************************************** I remember a couple years ago, my family took me out for a b-day dinner and they picked the place. We show up and it was so crowded and loud. I started to have a huge panic attack before we were even seated! We left within minutes, but even after leaving, I was still in a panic for awhile. I was in that damn restaurant for only a minute or two and yet the effects of all that noise and all those people surrounding me left me in a state of panic for quite awhile after the fact. If you don't me asking, what are some ways that help ground you? I'd like to learn some tequniques that might be able to help me. Thanks to every one who has posted here. It helps just to know I'm not the only one dealing with this. Though at the same time I empathize with you that do.
  7. To GoatMama, Lots of great suggestions already but I wanted to add some ideas that have helped me from my family and friends through my own depression. I think it's great that you're asking for ideas because it shows how much you care. When you think it's a good time or situation where you hubby feels comfortable and open to talk about it ( maybe wait for therapy since you just found out how serious it is ) ask him what his depression feels like. To describe it for you from his point of view because it can be different for everyone. Ask him what helps him and what doesn't. That way he will tell you and you can get a better idea of what to do, and what to avoid, during the hard times. Be patient and listen. And let him know you're there for him. You can also ask him things like "what can I do"?, "is there anything I can do?"(to make him feel better) I have personally found that someone simply asking me that helps so much in itself. Also something as simple as a hug or a shoulder to cry on can help wonders. Sometimes it's the simple gestures of care and love that can make a biggest differences. And like Shayne and TIRE D said, take care of yourself too. As for what he said about not caring about anything, as hard as that may be to hear, as I'm sure it is, this could be a side effect to adjusting to his medication. Especailly if it's a new med, or he's just started takign it. I've been on many meds through out my life where when I first started them, I felt sort of zombie like or without a care in the world. But that did pass and get better. I wish you both well and that your therapy is helpful to you both and brings you closer and makes things easier to cope with. And you c an always write more here if you need more help. Best of luck! ~~ SIS
  8. Phantastic Mirage, Thta's a great point too and I agree with you about children benefiting from your experiences. I've always personally felt that's one of the upsides or positive aspects to having emotional or also physical issues because when you experience it first hand, because I think it's gives you (not just you personally but also 'you' in general ) a much more profound understanding of those kinds of problems. Along with being a lot more compassionate, supportive, empathatic and things of that nature . I definitely think that would be helpful to kids. ~~ SIS
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