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  1. hi there, just though i pop in. been a long time since we talked how are things ?

  2. update marrage not good we are spliting up after new year. sigh just has i satrting to work at my life thing are sent to try me once again. sigh hope all is good your side hugs em xxx

  3. Hi Kalla, I have had two lowest points- the second one worse thaan the first but both times I was lying in or on my bed, feeling very ill, unable to function and wanting to "disappear" to get away from the pain. I found playing some computer games a little help when I felt capable.
  4. Miss you Hedgie, I hope you are well and happy x

  5. Hi Trace, thanks and I hope you have a good day too! It is cold here now and Autumn is upon us. x

  6. I hope you had a fantastic day :)

  7. Hey Echo how are you doing? x

  8. hi how are things? not been round just been to busy just of late. i have started a run of self-help groups in around england and that taken most of my time up. mostly in uni's. hugs to you Emma xxx

  9. Thankyou for your kind comment on my profile, I wish you well too!

  10. beautiful avatar picture, i wish you well through this journey :)

  11. ((( Geordie ))) Do let us know how you are getting on, you have support here and people who are ready to listen. I was in that dark place too but have recovered with a lot of help and support.
  12. Thinking of you Geordie, will try to pop in tomorrow x

  13. Geordie if you are feeling suicidal you need to get some help now. Can you contact your local hospital and explain you need immediate help.
  14. (((Geordie))) Medication takes a while to get into the system but I don't know much about this as I have only taken [and still take] one medication Citalopram 30 mg daily. Having a relationship end must be very upsetting for you and making you feel worse. Can you contact your GP and ask for some extra help? I don't know how your surgery works but I was assigned a link worker who was a psychiatric nurse and I saw her monthly which was a great help as I felt she really did understand what I was going through. Have you any family you could turn to Geordie?
  15. Hi Geordie, I am sorry you are feeling this way. Maybe talking about it will help some, can you tell us what is troubling you? I am in the UK also. Are you receiving any help at all?
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