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  1. I hope you had a fantastic day :)

  2. Thanks for the feedback that's really helpful. Sometimes it's difficult to know how to act around someone who's feeling very depressed and nothing works. At least if I could learn how best not to make it worse rather than anything else. Sometimes I just keep quiet and offer them a hug rather than say anything.
  3. Hey ya tigerlily and thank you so much for your reply. I have tried to get treatment in the past, i've tried three different meds but none have worked at all, the side affects were too strong for me to carry out every day living such as working and I felt drowsy all the time. All meds seem to do for me is amplify how I am feeling making me feel even worse. Positive thinking is the only thing that's helped me but then it doesn't last long, my feelings become overtaken again like being covered by a horrible gooey liquid that just takes ages to wash off or falling into quick sand.
  4. I was thinking. If a person who suffers from depression (and anxiety) is in the company of someone who's quite cheery or tries to cheer them up by either trying to make them laugh or doing something fun with them, would this annoy them more? Bearing in mind that the person doing the cheering up also suffers from depression but tries to help the situation by being positive and to try and move things along. Or would it be better for that person to be with another person who shares the same issues so both being in a depressive state but able to cope with each other because they can understand each other but without really making any progress at all. If the person who's very depressed can't cope with the person being cheery, could it potentially render them feeling useless rather then having to do the work in doing the cheering up because they "had" to? Am I even making any sense? Thanks for reading, Take Care.
  5. Hi, I've been suffering from depression for around 5 years now and it really frightens me that I don't seem to have improved much over this time even though some things in my life have improved, I seem to not be able to keep it all in sync and I now feel I have got so out of touch that I am starting to fall into ***** and I can't get out of it. Even though some things in life have improved, there are also other things that have not helped which hold me back, those very things are not so easy to resolve but more of a case of having to cope with them unless they resolve themselves somehow. I feel so useless right now, tired, drained and very emotional. I don't understand what's happening to me or how I can even start to control it. I feel like stuck in a very vulnerable position, sometimes even helpless whereby you are not always thinking straight or have the motivation or energy to be so steadfast even though one day you can feel so strong, the next day you fall down and just give up which then you constantly have to work hard to build yourself up again only to find the cycle just carries on without no clear end. I really want to get better but I don't know where to start. I feel so alone in this even though I know that so many people like on this forum know how I am feeling. I live alone most of the time which doesn't help. Thanks for reading.
  6. I was looking forward to watching Sweeny Todd as well, I think I will still watch it though. Last film I saw was Pretty Woman (as it was on TV so thought I'd watch it again), I still like the film, I'd give it 7/10.
  7. Aww.. Well, i've been invited to a house party in which to be honest i'm not looking forward to it, however, he is a good friend of mine and it's also his birthday, but i am feeling anxious about it. I would prefer to do what Lucinda is doing to be honest. Take Care.
  8. Hi, I also used google search and this forum was within the top results. It seems to be the best forum of it's kind, we are very lucky to have such a forum with a huge volume of people with so many different experiences in which we can learn from. Take Care everybody.
  9. Lol, true... or it could be that the net is just so bloomin expensive here, i pay
  10. Hi Everybody, i hope i am finding you all well. I just wanted to ask a question and get an opinion on meds. Do you think it's worth taking them? I did try taking Citroplam last year but these made me feel so much worse and i only lasted about 6 weeks on them. I've not taken anything else since. I can't help feeling however that i'm not getting any better on my own and it's going to maybe take a bit more to help me. The thing that frightens me about meds the most is that if the side affects are bad enough to affect me so much that i wouldn't be able to help myself due to living alone nobody would be monitoring me to see how i am or getting on. I really don't know what to do. I want to get better but i can't seem to do it on my own. Thank you for reading taking the time to read this. Take Care.
  11. Oh gosh yes i spend like mad, and what makes it worse is that not only do i have a highly paid job, i also live alone with no dependants so i often go shopping buying stuff that i really don't need or just use the once... mind you i love shopping as it is but certainly when i am feeling extra down, i tend to buy anything in an attempt to cheer myself up.
  12. Yay to the US then if that's the case! :D You asked about my experience, but the support for me hasn't been as good as it can be mainly because i still think i may have more than Anxiety but my doctor insists that i don't. The problem i always have is that when i either socialise with people or talk to my doctor, something inside of me triggers me to act as though i'm fine even though i don't feel it, so even if i tell people how i am feeling, it does not appear like im being serious enough for them to think there's something wrong which simply isn't true because i do feel so down sometimes that i'd even cry myself to sleep. I most definately have anxiety which although is under control, i still think there's more room for improvement. When i get the ability to post my own thread i'm going to ask some advice about Meds. Thank you for responding. Take Care Danny.
  13. I have been diagnosed with just the one (Anxiety) although i've always believed i may have at least another seeing that i can feel so down sometimes.
  14. Hello David, thank you for that. Would help if i could spell too !!! :tongue: Judging by your opening greeting, sounds like there's not many people posting from the UK here? It's great that we can have advice and information from all parts of the world, there is nothing better than sharing each others experiences and maybe learn a few things along the way too.
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