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  1. I hope you had a fantastic day :)

  2. greenloon

    Cymbalta Combined With....

    I am sorry to kind of bump this up...and I promise not to do it again, but anyone else have any input to help me out? Anyone have any experience with a doctor giving multiple SSRI's at the same time? Or can anyone surmise why 25mg Paxil CR used to do the trick and now high doses of 2 seperate SNRI's struggle to produce a similar level of help?
  3. greenloon

    Cymbalta Combined With....

    Actually, the first time I was prescribed the Pristiq I asked 2 seperate pharmacists is the combo was ok and they both nonshalontly nodded and said "oh suuure!" I was fairly certain after my own research that they were OK to take together, in a biophysical sense, as they are both metabolized through different channels. I think that was also part of my pdoc's rational in making the choice....I was/am/are actually more concerned about too much snri activity in my cranium causing an implosion or something. Thanks for the reply, my friend!
  4. greenloon

    Paxil: Should I Start Taking It?

    Jason, Very sorry to hear about how you are feeling and the painful circumstances you are going through. I can only speak from my own experiences with Paxil. I took it for 8 years with great success, but for a largely for acompletely different reason. I had wicked panic disorder that I thougt was going to ruin my life! I won't go into details about what set all of it up (the PD), but it's kinda interesting how sometimes you can look back and identify that lead to that one! I stared with 10mg originally....which just demolished the panic disorder! It truly was like majic for me. After 6mos of constantly thinking I was having a heart attack or just dying at least 4-5 times a day, almost calling 911 all the time (always dialing it so just incase I just had to press send), having to walk up to strangers or grab a random person that is sitting next to you in lecture by say "I am really sorry, but I think I am dying, will you come outside with me for a second just in case I am? I am really scared...please help me? Please make sure I am OK?!" Now, I am a big guy, 6'4" 220lbs, you know how awkward that is? I did this every day, several times a day for 6 months. Met some really nice people! After everything was rules out (after 5 months of specialest and tests), my GP finally postulated that it was a chemical disorder causing the panic. People had mentioned it earlier, but I never "believed" in panic attacks and GAD and all of that. I was one of those "it's all in your head" people. You know those people. To make a long story short. After 3-4 weeks the attacks started to subside and happen less and less frequently. After 3 months, they were almost comletely gone! It was so wonderful. I started to get that feeling...like the feeling you get when you are trying to get rid of the hiccups? You try and try and TRY to cure them and finally...right when you cure them, but you don't believe they are cured, so you just stand there, motionless, cause you are afraid if you move you will hiccup...but then they ARE cured!? You know that feeling? Anyone? I know you are out there! I know I am not alone! Anyway.... At around 6 months I started to have panic like feelings so the doc raised the dose to 20mg and then the 25CR when it came out. I stayed at this dose from early 2001 until this passed August. Never did I have weight gain or sexual issues or anything...if I did have any side effects, they were/are so slight in comparison to the living in absolute terror I did for thoser six month I never even noticed them. Recently, I had a major, major problem at work right in the middle of having a major, major problem with my marriage and it left me in a broken and deeply depressed and anxious state. This time I went to an actual pdoc. He suggest that since the Paxil agreed with me all those years we try upping it! So I did and after another 3-4 weeks the depression was there, but not nearly as sharp. It was great! I now take something different, lol, but that is a story for another time (since I know you all wanna know haha). Coming off the Paxil during the switch was absolute hell on Earth...and thats just a cross-tapered switch! Jason, my point is this. The drug varies so greatly person to person, but if it happens to agree with your noodle it is a good medication. It saved my life! I don't know what dosage you are on, but I hope it is low. You may just need a small does to help you and that way, when you do try and come off it will be that much less hellish :) ADDITIONALLY, your personal "situations" that are leading you to this point could, realistically, improve yes? If so, you may not even be on it that long! I completely forgot what I am talking about. I mean, I can read back and see...but can't remember where it was heading. Seems like I just wanted to talk about myself, lol. I had no exit strategy. Ummmmm.....good night and peace on Earth! OH! Oh, oh, oh...yeah. Jason, don't think of it as "giving in". You are not "giving in" to anything! Your body coulda been pushed to a virtual "point of no retrn" when nueral chemistry actually starts to change (paraphrasing my own pdoc here) leaving you in an true imbalance that could benefit from exploring the use of medication to regulate. Your body would most likely fix itself eventually, but why suffer in the interim when you may be able to get some relief? (I will reiterate, I always thought this(Panic, Anxiety, Depression) was complete BS till it happened to me). And if you don't have massive, debilitating side effect, which are unlikely, don't give up on the meds prematurely. Good luck to you and susuesue and everyone else!
  5. ...Pristiq. Trying to make a long story short. I started taking Paxil in 2001 for Panic Disorder. I have taken it @ 25mg CR for the last 4-5 years without incident. No weight gain, sexual side effects...nuthin'. Recently, due to changes at work I started becoming very depressed and having some break-through panic (which started to lead to all sortsa problem behavior). My doc upped my Paxil CR to the 37.5mg flavor. After about a month, I felt great, depression was lifting and things were looking up, but then started the sexual side effects. My doc claimed that typically if you have sexual side effects from these types of meds, they are rarely something that wares off or passes by. It was a side effect we (my wife and I) could not live with. He suggested I switch to Cymbalta. I made the switch to Cymbalta in the beginning of September (2008). I started off on 60mg and rode it right up to 150mg. I feel (felt) great for the most part, but on longer days (when I am awake longer than usual) I have a fade effect, where the cymbalta sorta stops working and I start to feel like I would if I missed a dose of paxil. Since my dosage of Cymbalta was so high, my doc added Pristiq 50mg in the evening to hopefully close the gap. It has helped somewhat, but I still suffered from it fading out. Now, he wants me to take 120mg Cymbalta in the AM & 100mg of Pristiq in the PM. I am a little reluctant to do this simply because there is no info out there aside from what he tells me on using this combo. My doc is fairly well known in my area, has been in practice many years, comes highly recommended and is well regarded by his colleagues (as far as google tells me anyway). Point is, I trust him...for the most part....but if I trusted him 100%, I reckon I wouldn't be here :) I would just feel a lot better if I didn't feel like I was the only person on the planet that is using this combo and @ such high doses? Any input, guy & gals? Thanks in advance for your help and replies. Have a great day and be well!
  6. greenloon

    Frightened To Switch To Cymbalta

    So far this is more stressful than the thought of just staying on the Paxil. I don't know what to do....I hate the zaps and brain funk that these meds can cause. Tell me, do you think switching to the Cymbalta and coming off that will be easier, despite the 1/2 life, rather than straight off the paxil after 4+ years of religious use? The psych I am going to is (supposedly) well regarded and well known for his knowledge of and use of medications in treatment....and I felt comfortable with it UNTIL I came online and started reading. d*** you internet! Thank you so much Jkm! It stinks that we are all in similar boats here, but it is nice to know we aren't out on the ocean alone.
  7. greenloon

    Frightened To Switch To Cymbalta

    Thank you so much for sharing your experience! Could you tell me the mg's and timespan you were on the paxil? Also, anyone else have any input? This is so helpful!
  8. Hello all and thank you so kindly for reading this...and also, hopefully, for replying :) Allow me to cut right to the chase. I have been on paxil cr 25mg for what has been a little over 4 years. I began taking it for panic attacks that had turned into a full fledged panic disorder. I cannot discount the help that Paxil provided me...in a lot of ways it literally saved my life. However, while taking paxil during this time I have had some awful times with the drug....brain zaps for days if I miss a dose of the meds, a weeks worth brain zaps at the change of the seasons, sometimes withdrawal like symptoms for no apparent reason! Now, to make a long story short, I recently started seeing a new psychiatrist that thinks I could be panic free at this point and wants me to come off of the paxil...but being I have such a difficult time with any changes in my paxil "routine" along with the longevity of my paxil use, he feels I would be better served by switching to another drug for a couple months and stepping down through that system. The drug he wishes for me to switch to is cymbalta 60mg. which brings me here. Now, here is my question. The Dr. assures me that I can switch from Paxil 25cr directly to the cymbalta 60mg with NO tapering at all....just a direct crossover. He said that I will probably not even be aware of the switch aside from the fact that the pills look different....and in a worse case senerio, I may feel "like a piece of s*** for a few hours".....his words. Does anyone have any experience with this type of direct switch? I have been absolutely TERRIFIED of doing this....am I being silly? Am I going to freak out and have major paxil "discontinuation" symptoms? Please guys, I have no where else to turn and I am really worried.....help me out. Please? Thanks a ton!
  9. greenloon

    Cymbalta Withdrawal... It's Not Pretty

    This is all so frightening to me....hearing the horror of quitting this drug. :(
  10. greenloon

    Pros/Cons of Cymbalta Withdrawal

    So frightening to me, how harsh coming off of these different drugs can be. I am supposed to switch from paxil (withdrawals from I have experienced) to cymbalta. I hear the cymbalta, when the time comes to quit, is worse....hopefully for me it will not be as bad as the paxil.
  11. Going to be switching to Cymbalta soon...all the interesting new side effects I may be facing sure make it an adventure....bleh.
  12. I took it for several weeks, 100mg at night to help sleep and it worked very well. I had zero problems with it while taking it and zero problems stopping. Good luck to you!
  13. Paxil worked wonders for me and a severe panic disorder. If it wasn't for that drug, I don't know where I would be right now. However, after 4+ years of taking it....enough is enough.