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  1. You make it sound soo good Syrinx, not having to stay on the strict diet. I however am stuck with the MAOI diet. It said some chicken liver. Which is a delicacy here, fried in the South. I ate 3 and had to call 911,spent the night in the hospital. I had a very bad headache and severe hypertension. My Pdoc said some means none for me. I agree with him, I can't waiver from the diet. Been about 10 years now.
  2. Don't ever give up.!! There is Help out there. I have drug-resistant atypical chronic depression as well. I suffered until I went to a Pdoc that thought outside of the box. It has helped me greatly even though I went thru many meds, several hospitalizations and 10 years before going to him. Hope this encourages You
  3. It may not be for all, but as for me switching Pdocs was the best thing I did for my chronic depression. The new Pdoc went at it with a different approach. Which I can truly say has made a huge difference in my life with depression. Wish You Well
  4. My intention is not let this Tardive Dyskinesia get me Depressed. The Giant Despair is wanting to capture me and take me to his Doubting Castle to be eaten alive. Not going to happen, not this day.
  5. I also am willing to have a discussion with You. God is the most important in my Life. I base and live my life according to the teachings of Jesus. If you haven't already had a response to your Post, I can help. God Bless
  6. I had a reaction on Parnate after being on it less than 6 months. I had a horrible headache along with very high blood pressure. ER where I live gave me anough of some type of pills so I could make it to Atlanta, Ga. 5 hours away. Emory Hospital Psch Wing. There they took me off the Parnate gave me enough meds to rest for about 3 days, got the blood presssure down and started me on the Emsam Patch. Stayed inhospital about 2 weeks. I was on the Emsam Patch for about 2 years then had trouble with the patch staying on, in the heat and sweat of S. Ga. I then switched to Marplan for the last 8 or 9 years. Hope this a Help. Hoping the best for You
  7. Get through today Hang in there with this-- what I am to believe is Tardive Dyskinesia Get ready to be tough with the Neurolgist office,tommorrow, for a appointment this week or I will find another Neurology group that will give me an app.
  8. Try not being soo Hard on Yourself. You are going out in public with friends, already just include Him. The best way to start dating is with a double or triple date somewhere. You'll feel much safer and you will not have to carry on all the conversation as well. Meet with others and Him, at a place after work--could be to eat or to a state park, lake,etc.On a weekend with friends and include Him in. If You decide He's not right for You its easier to let Him down later as long as You are building a relationship that starts in a strong friendship. Not that I have experience in Your generation. I teach teens and senior adults on dating at my Church. I tell them both the same. I just know what has worked for 37 years for us. We normally go out with friends. My wife and I built a strong friendship before we became lovers. In our first year of dating it was usually with others. We have great and lasting memoires of the places we visited along with others in our first year or so of dating. Just take things slow and easy. Just go out and have Fun. Dating doesn't need to start so serious. The right Man will come along at the right time in your life. Both of my sons married in their ealy to mid 30's, but always where going out haveing a life of fun with friends. That's how they met their wives. Hope this Helps You
  9. I ordered some CBT workbooks-- off Amazon-- and found them very helpful too keep my mind from falling off a cliff. Really got me thinking the right way, kind of let me step away and see the bigger picture. I also am one that can't wait. I want to feel good right away or atleast see/feel results immediately! Hope YOU find Help and Wholeness
  10. Thanks so very much for sharing with me-us, Saliency and Darrith.!! I will be more informed when I see the Neurologist. It seems to worsen as the day progresses, by night I am fully aware of it , Yet can't make it stop, until I fall asleep.
  11. Thanks LightofDawn; I take a MAOI (Marplan) and Klonopin for Atypical Depression. I take Xanax as needed and Trazodone for sleep. I have been on these for around 9 years. Do You think any of these can be causing it??. What is bad is that I have Chronic Solvent Encephalopathy mix all that together and I don't know what could be the cause. Thankfully I have a great Pdoc, now I need a great Neurologist.
  12. I would be very skeptical as well. Well put Saros!
  13. I was taking 5mg and sleeping well. Yet not as deep as you are. I am now on only 2.5 mg because they are trying to find out why I am experiencing involuntary toungue movement. I have quit the abilify on my on, to no effect on the movement. So it must be something else. I'll let the Docs figure it out. If you where doing fine Why did the Pdoc go up on the Abilify for You? If this is not working for you let them know. There are so many meds out there Hope the Best for You!
  14. Thanks Saros I can't wait to see what the neurologists say. It started about 6 months ago according to friends who did not mention it too me until I found out 2 months ago from my wife. The Pdoc reduced Abilify to 2.5 mg to see if that would help. Then no Abilify with still no help. It has gotten worse. I can tell it now, when it happens, which seems to be every waking hour.
  15. Call your Pharmacits;see what they say. I asked mine once and was told-- if kept in a dry, room temp place it would be OK.
  16. I am having involuntary tongue movement due to the long tem use of Meds for Depression. Is there any one else with that? It may be tardive syndrom or dysckia. I'll know more when I see a Neurologist, My Pdoc is sending me to one. Just wanted to see if there are others with that symptom?
  17. Line of thought from a 57 yr old and happily married for 37 yrs. All relationships between a man and a woman are sexual in some way . Developing a closeness can very soon lead to either sexual impurity in the mind or physical nature, for one if not both. It is just human nature between the sexes. Undoubtedly,I do know-- Women think different from Men. So, I can only give advice from the Mans' Point of View. Hope this Helps
  18. I have had boughts with severe depression and anxiety. When I am at the point of developing and having constant thoughts of self-hurt. I have always (whether my Pdoc was in or not)--gone to the pscyhospital and checked myself in. I'd rather be in a safe, loving, and understanding place when I get to that point. Where I go is an 8 hr. drive--but it is worth the drive for the amount of help I get. No matter if I stay 3 days or 2 weeks I leave the hospital refreshed,and rested, With a new look on Life Hope this helps
  19. Check for Support Groups in your area. A good Church is a good place also. There is no Depression Group in my area so I joined AA. I found friendship, openness, and group thereapy provided even for me who doesn't drink. Get those feet moving. Hope this Helps
  20. I took lithium 400mg, effexor, melaril and xanax for about 2 years to try and fight resistant severe depression and anxiety. Wanderer and Velthir are right on about Lithium. I was later diagnosed with atypical chronic depression after many years of trying this combination of drugs with this Pdoc and another combination from another Pdoc. Before finding the right combination and Pdoc for me. Never Give Up, There is Help for You out there!! Keep Trying
  21. I'm 57 have had atypical severe depression for the last 20 years. I kept trying to find a med that would make me feel myself again and give me relief from the chronic depression. About 9 years ago I found the right Pdoc for me and the right type of Med for me. I am rarely hit so hard with depression anymore. Ofcourse by now in my treatment, I have had many years in CBT and EBT training. I no longer need to go to a therapists weekly. I only go as needed, which is great. I see the Pdoc just three times a year now. I seem to function very well most of the time Stay with a group therapy, good therapist, and a good Pdoc. If one isn't helping, there are others out there that will "fit" You. Just Never Give Up Hope this Helps
  22. When I was a teenager in Bible Club we learned " Where Could I go " The first line is-- Where could I go,where could I go, seeking a refuge for my soul This song has always touched my heart in a special way
  23. If you don't have any one to be close too anymore try joining in at a local growing church. If you don't want that try AA. I have made friends at AA, since there is no group therapy for depression in my area, I went to AA even though I don't have a drinking problem. Found people with similar problems, friendship, and acceptance no judgement of me. Hoping the best for you
  24. Nice and cool this morning, Looks to be a Great Day Babysitting my 1 year old Granddaughter by myself this morning, Such a Blessing! Made Plans to go Deer Hunting this afternoon. It is muzzleloading gun season here. Feeling very Blessed and anticipate a good day. Great to be alive and enjoy life!
  25. Hi Danaz My depression is caused by some chemicals that I worked with for years getting thru my skin and into my bloodstream, then onto the Brain. But I have found some great relief thru CBT therapy and taking a MAOI called Marplan
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