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  1. I as well was on Effexor, zoloft and also Xanax (as needed 0.5mg) with no side effects. But after 20 yrs. You know what works for one doesn't for another person. Hope You and Your Pdoc finds the right meds for You, soon
  2. Sorry to hear You are going thru such a bad time, I would think stripping would effect your self-esteem, which would effect your depression. Sounds like bad leading to worse for Your Depression , and anxiety to me. I have been on disability for 19 years now, though I don't have as much money as before I am able to survive happily, on the money I receive. Staying in bed all day never does Help Depression. Its all about forcing Yourself to get up and get out of the house each day to do something. Even just to go for a walk, shopping, hiking, etc. Hope this Helps
  3. Good to here from You, Lynny31. I would think someone in this community has been thru a lot of what You have been thru. I tried many meds and combinations there of before my Pdoc found the right combo for me. The Pdocs don't know exactly how a med will work for You because we are all different then You add any physical problems it makes it even harder for them. For me it took several years before finding what really worked for the long term. Sounds like your Pdoc wants to get the Depression under control before having Your other docs treat the physical. Maybe that is the most important ailment, He believes at this time. Only advice I can give you is too Never Give Up ---- There is Help for You out there.
  4. Back when Prozac was new, a friend's general doc gave it to him for weight loss. He lost 50 lbs over the next year and never complained about side effects. Just a thought Have a Great Day
  5. I really liked it, made good sense to me, Thanks for sharing Screenman. I have always like this one as well: Sailing only calm waters doesn't make a good sailor, its going thru the rough seas and high winds that makes the sailor, unknown
  6. No one believed in the Wright Bros either. Even after flying-- it was months before it was reported. Please remember that the business is not who You are. It's just a business, You however are to ---Never Give Up, Enjoy Living, Count Your Blessings
  7. Hi, I take my 5 mg. at night--- it helps me sleep, and be in a great mood the next day. Though it hurts the libido.
  8. I think one has to look around and Count Your Blessings! I too have gone thru long periods of depression both light and deep for almost 20 years now. It started for me when I was 38. The meds,Hospitilizations,CBT and good support go a long way making me able to focus on what is really important. I take each day I'm not depressed, much, a Blessing.
  9. I woke up. The morning was dreary, but the afternoon bright and sunny. The hay ride is going great.
  10. Before doing anything rash, give it much thought and consideration first. Especially while You are Depressed. The Bible says for us to get/seek wise counsel. So before doing anything consult with a wise Marriage Counselor first. Hope this Helps, God Bless
  11. I believe you should use this time to enjoy Life! Go outside, go shopping,go to the library, to church, etc. Just get out of the house and see and enjoy being outside. You don't have to buy anything or be somewhere on time. If nothing else take a walk around the block enjoy nature. A friend had open-heart bypass surgery 2 weeks ago. He's already walking 3 miles outside, growing stronger everyday and beating back the depression that comes with the surgery
  12. I tried different ones, combinations, etc. and some would work a little, but not enough. Some combos would help for a few weeks to a year until after several years my Pdoc found the right combo for me. It actually took my Pdoc sending me to a friend Pdoc who though out-of-box to find the right combo for me. Just Never Give Up----There Is Help Out There for You
  13. I do Thank God that my Pdoc found the right combo of drugs that work for me. I am Soo Very Thankful I am not crying any more. I am very glad I am out of the Hell called Depression, most of the time. I no longer have daily negative and ****** thoughts. In perspective---involuntary tongue movement is a very small price to pay. Thanks Svendorrian
  14. You might be right Saliency Thanks. I'll ask the Neurologist when I see Him next week. I believe He's mainly checking for any physical signs going on in the Brain with the MRI. He and the Pdoc will have to work on me, to find the reason and cure.
  15. I was feeling so good in the spring that I talked my Pdoc in letting me off the meds with His help, though He protested. He assured me I would probably slide into depression and He was sooo Right. I did OK and felt fine for about 2 weeks, then slowly started down the slippery slope into deep depression. Sooo, I went back on the meds ASAP. Felt great again after about 2 more weeks of Him assuring me I would be able to crawl out as soon as the meds started working for me. I have felt great again since the meds kicked in. I'll take the meds---it's soo much better than being in the Depression Hole. Just wish they didn't cost so much. But I would rather pay for them, and Thank God for being almost Depression free.
  16. The Group Therapy I have been involved with was always very helpful to me. One group I was in once encouaged you to bring your significant other along. I each case and group I enjoyed the openness there was as each group had a reminder at the end that what was said there--stayed there. That worked as we each had a chance or turn to talk about what we were going thru at the time or something from the past. I was able to share and not feel as if no one understood because I had heard the others already share. Hope this Helps. Just never give up----There is Help out there
  17. I think You both are right on in going the way of Math. Here in the USA math skills are in large demand. Especially in Accounting and Acturarial jobs. The pay is also great, I have a son in the Math dept.(Acturarial)for a large ins. company. He also loves Art, Math and now with the job, in His leisure He can still Draw. Just Never Give Up, A lot of famous people have done their best work in their chose field after the age of 50. Hope this both Helps and Encourages You
  18. Talk with Your Pdoc because for the last 19 years I have been on 2-3 different meds at the same time. A good Pdoc has to be a good Chemist as well . In order too know what to mix together for the patients custom Meds. Since we are all different, the mix for one doesn't necessarily work for another. At this time I am on Marplan, Abilify, Klonopin,and Xanax. I take the Xanax only as needed. Hope this may Help. Hoping the Best for You
  19. So sorry to hear You are struggling so EMS89. There is Hope out there. You just have to keep searching. I have severe atypical Depression, Not to tell You what to do at all, I can tell You what happened to me only. My Pdoc had tried about everything with me, when He said I should see a another Pdoc friend of His. That has made all the difference for me. The new Pdoc did not think in-the-box but approached my care at a different angle. It worked for me. He put me on a MAOI drug Marplan(*needs strict diet), lots of CBT therapy and EBT as well, while in the Phospital. I continued seeing Him out of the hospital and seeing a pschycologist as well for the CBT and EBT, I improved very quickly with being on the right combination of meds aong with the Therapy and a Strong Faith in GOD. Hope this Helps Never Give Up, There is Help for You out there. Go find it
  20. Do you read the Bible? There is a somewhat similar story in the Book of Hosea. She had been a temple prostitute before He(Hosea) marriedHer (Gomer). She was a good wife. Finally though, Hosea's wife(Gomer) ran away got ito a wild life and finally back into prostitution. He raise their children by Himself. Many years later sher was being sold as a slave.Yes this was Gomer, yet the years had not been kind to Her beauty. Naked she was, on the auction block. He was told about it and ran to the auction. To see her there. He bid against others for Her. Finally using all the money he had, He was able to buy Her back. Put His robes on Her, they where walking home when she fell at His feet and cried out I will be your slave for ever, Hosea. His response was He did not need a slave--He needed a wife! Hope this Helps ----Read it for yourself God Bless
  21. Check out the Student Counselor for some help in finding a Self-Help group and a Counselor to help. If they don't have one for Depression issues they will at least have an AA on campus or one close by. There wasn't a depression group where I live so I joined AA. There I found people whom I could talk with, made friends, found confidants,acceptance and a good atmosphere. I joined even though I don't drink. They will still accept You as You---and what is said there stays there. Hoping the Best for You
  22. Hi Soofoo Sorry for suffering as well, for we do no how it can feel. You mentioned CBT therapy. I have done that before with great success in my coming to grips with Depression. I really gained a lot, when my therapist had me order a CBT workbook. The workbook made me look indepth into myself. It also made me journal everyday--which somehow really helped me. Hoping You Get to feeling Better-------Never Give UP
  23. Welcome, Hoping the best for You. Just Never Give UP, There is Help out there.
  24. Go to a Neurologist tommorrow and hopefully they can Help me. Survive another day. Making tommorrow count for something.
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