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  1. I highly recommend seeing a Pdoc. It could mean these feelings can pass and you'll be able to get on with Life. Not trying to tell You what to do---Just know how much the right Pdoc and meds have done for me.
  2. Sorry You are feeling so low and lousy, Its' good that You are seeing a Pdo. You may need to up your appointment, to get help ASAP. Want to welcome You here as well. Brouse around You'll find help and encouragement here.
  3. Sorry to see that You are suffering soooo, June. Seeing your Pdoc, may he offer some wise advice. Hopefully, be able to give You a med that will bring the depression, anxiety,sence of lostness under control. Hopeing the best for You
  4. I am babysitting my youngest granddaughter again and she is a light too my life. I enjoy doing it I am enjoying Life today, Have a expectation for the future.
  5. I noticed You never mentioned trying going to a Church. I know there must be a church in Your area that would offer==fellowship, a belonging to a group, and a sence of being involved in the area with others. I work in my church as a teacher. My class has always supported me, especially when I have been hospitalized for the depression and anxiety. I love them and they love me. It really helps in knowing others besides your own family care. It works both ways I am concerned as well about them. I also volunteer at the Prison near my home. This also is time well spent. Join a volunteer group, it helps.
  6. For me it is to fall into the Pit of Depression and Despair and never be able to fight my way out.
  7. All, While not completely healed I am mostly depression and anxiety free most of the time. I have to thank my Pdoc who sent me to a friend who was a Pdoc at Emory at the time. The Pdoc at Emory thought out-of-the-box. Which led to the combination of meds which has worked for me for 9 yrs. now. Also He thought I needed the intense CBT I received as well. That Pdoc has moved and now is an 8 hr. drive to see. But the right Pdocfor You is hard to find, so I still see Him Hope You find the right combination of Meds and Pdoc for You
  8. Glad You asked,genius. YOU are correct in viewing the world as a corrupt, ungodly pace and if You where to read Revelations in the BIBLE. You would see where GOD tries to repeatedly give this world a chance to repent and turn to Him. There is a pay day some day for the strife, sin, corrupttness, and evil that is here in this world. I believe since I have accepted Christ as My Savior, that GOD makes me one of His children. And as His Child I am to witness to others in His name. And to live as if this world is not my home, I am just a pilgrim passing thru. With that as the belief I will not have to endure the years of judgement GOD will place on this Earth fortold in Revelations. I will be with Him in Heaven. When one comes to realize this is not Your destination, but this is just a short time in Eternity. You can endure and also think differently about the Depression and Anxiety You may have to endure here. This World is going to pass away and a New Earth will be formed free of sin,corruptness,and all evil. I may have been too long, But Just Knowing He is Real makes a difference. Hope this was the answer You where searching for.
  9. Hi Drew Have you tried CBT or EBT therapy. There is probably a pschychologist in your area that specializes with CBT. CBT and EBT really helped me. Just a thought Hope you get to feeling well
  10. So Sorry to hear You are not feeling well.really riah Just Never Give Up -----There is Help for You
  11. Sometimes at Church, God comes in just a tear, sometimes in Praise to Him, in a song, in the Preaching of the Gospel. The Master of the Universe settles upon my heart, and still me in awe of His Presence. Even when I am depressed and on the verge of crying in public He comes and still my heart so I find the strength to stay for the whole service. Thank You GOD
  12. Hi Had Enough My experience of 20 yrs seeing a Pdoc, is they usually see you for 15 - 60 min., ask lots of questions, about How You are. How are You sleeping? Is the depression better on the meds? Are you seeing a good psychologist using CBT therapy How is that going? When are you feeling the worse? Best? Etc..... A good Pschychiatrist has to be a very good chemist these days, usually giving you 1 to 3 med mixture for How You are. Everyone is different--which makes his work harder. What works for one doesn't for another. And Yes they usually deal mostly with the meds and encourage therapy thru a Pschycologist who works with CBT and EBT therapy. All I can say is I've changed Pschychiatrist and Pschycologist to find one that fits for me over the years. That has been my experience. Hope You get to feeling better. Just Never Give Up----There is Help out there for You!
  13. Well rested, alive with the anticipation of a New Day Dawning. Full of Praise for its Sunday
  14. There are also some great self-help CBT workbooks you can buy that made me put CBT into practice everyday my Pdoc told me about . I found mine at amazon.com
  15. Sorry, You are going thru such a rough time right now. You didn't mention meds? You may need to contact your Pdoc ASAP Hope You get to feeling better!
  16. I don't know where you live but down where I live most home payments aren't $900.00a month unless one builds a large home. I live out in the country 1 1/2 hrs to a large town. Small town living is not bad. Most people own their own home as well. Just something for You to think about.
  17. Sorry to hear You are doing badly now, Courtneylove. Over 20 years ago a family member was given Prozac to loose weight and He lost 50lbs in a year. I think you should go back to your Pdoc and tell him/her how You feel, before you spiral down. Hope You feel better
  18. This has always been one of my favorites A Bend in the Road When we feel we have nothing left to give And we are sure that the song has ended, When our day seems over and the shadows fall And the darkness of night has descended. Where can we go to find the strength To valiantly keep on trying? Where can we find the hand that will dry The tears that the heart is crying? There's but one place to go and that is to God, And dropping all pretense and pride, We can pour out our problems without restraint And gain strength with Him at our side. And together we stand at life's crossroads And view what we think is the end, But God has a much bigger vision, And He tells us it's only a bend. For the road goes on and is smoother, And the pause in the song is a rest, And the part that's unsung and unfinished Is the sweetest and richest and best. So rest and relax and grow stronger ... Let go and let God share your load. Your work is not finished or ended ... You've just come to a bend in the road. --Helen Steiner Rice
  19. Sorry You are feeling lousy! Hopefully this is just a bump in the road
  20. Just returned from the Prison, where I go monthly on Ministry. Feel energized and so thankful for the freedom I have.
  21. I have been taking Xanax (0,5mg) as needed for years with Klonopin(0.5mg) every night to help sleep. It has worked well for me.
  22. So Glad to hear how well You are doing Moody Blues. You must be beside yourself with joy and confidence in overcoming depression and anxiety. Very Happy for You Just don't do as I---I talked my Pdoc into coming off the meds, I was doing so well. He ageed that I could try after much persuading. He told me it wouldn't work but being head=strong I had to try. Worked out well for about 2 weeks then started sliding very fast into a deep depression. Took about 2 months to get back to feeling well again. I won't try that again. I am doing OK as long as I remember the CBT,EBT and take my meds. Hoping the best for YOU
  23. Hi-thatsomething Glad to have you with us. Always wanted to do a drug testing, but too afraid of being on a sugar pill. Which would destroy the balance I have of what is working for me now. I believe I could do it if nothing was working for me. Or I needed free meds, counseling,and a Pdoc. You where very brave in my book to be on the testing Hi Hopes for You
  24. I feel very positive about the new day. Lots of Hopes and expectations for it.
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