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  1. Sooo Sorry you are having a hard time right now, Katerina, and in the past, especially with no counseling. Now that you are an adult You can see a counselor and a PschyDoc of your choosing. You might want to start with the college counselor if your school has one. If not try one near you. You may need meds or just the counseling. Either way Wishing the Best for YOU Just Never Give Up., There is Help out there for You, one just needs to seek it to find it.
  2. Today I'm just OK , It's raining, the grandbaby is sleeping sweetly, and I am at peace within. The get it done and now begins Wednesday afternoon and will continue on to nightfall on Thursday. I guess this time could be called the Peace before the Thanksgiving Storm. Wishing the Best for Every one
  3. Hopefully, Blond, that this is just a temporary set back for You. Just Never Give Up, Keep fighting for relief from this SDD. Hoping the best for You
  4. I agree with Saros, {Therapy helps many people. If you can't afford to see a psychiatrist (which is my first recommendation if you're trying pharma), is therapy cost-prohibitive too? For many people, therapy is the "cure", while medication is a stop-gap.} There is Help out there, Just Never Give Up and Keep Trying Hoping You the Best
  5. So Sorry to hear what you are suffering and how, Brown. I always wished I could stay Positive and Balanced. I have treatment resistant Depression. I went thru many meds and combinations thereof that would work for awhile then for some reason stop. for about 10 yrs.. That was until I changed Pdocs and he was ready to think out of the box. Actually, my Pdoc sent me to this other Pdoc to see how he would treat me. That was almost 10 yrs. ago. This new Pdoc started me on a new combination that has greatly helped for the last 10 yrs. Just Never Give Up.......There is Help out there. Keep fighting on, There is Light at the end of this tunnel of Depression You are going thru at this time. That I am sure of. Hoping the Best for You
  6. I take a different combo of Meds. but I do my best to stick with the same schedule every day. As in the same time of day for morning, noon and night meds. A strict schedule does the best for me, that way I don't forget to take my meds. Hoping the best for You
  7. Start reading again Take more time in cleaning jobs Loose some more weight = 2 lb this Holiday week
  8. Some meds do help to put weight on. With the way you are watching your weight and exercising, I don't believe you'll have a problem. I firmly believe that exercise enhances the meds and the right chemicals in the brain. Even if you gain 10 lb it is worth not being in the pit of depression, despair and anxiety, Hoping the Best for You
  9. Encouraged and feel very good today.
  10. I feel the same way. Just knowing others are going or have gone thru similar circumstances and feelings.are a comfort. To here how others have made it thru, strengthens my resolve to press on and be in control of the way I act and respond. If they can do it , I CAN TOO!!!!!
  11. We are here to Help one another through what life is thrown at us. Let us all realize this is not Your Home, You are just passing thru.
  12. (( HUGs)) to YOU. Just NEVER give up. There is HELP out there for You. Hoping this will Help . Bless YOU
  13. My wife to be and I when dating, double-dated many times, with another couple in college. The man was a paraplegic and his girlfriend, later wife, and I went to movies, restraunts, etc. where I had to pick him up and put into a seat. He had to put straps on his hands to hold a fork and knife when we went out to eat. She was very attractive. She didn't look at the physical problems but at what was inside the young man. I remember He was always the life of any gathering, very funny and great friend to double-date together. We had many laughs over my struggles of changing him from the wheelchair to a regular seat in the car, at the theatre and at restarants. I'm short, He was tall and his feet seemed to always get stuck on the wheelchair, movie seat or something He wanted to sit in a regular seat as much as possible. Be normal as much as possible. I remember the girlfriend waited til he had proposed to introduce him to Her parents. Because of being afraid of their reaction. But He was so great to be around, one didn't notice so much his physical problems, but His other qualities. They have been married now 37 years and counting. He now drives himself and is high up in his career field. Hope this will Help and make You feeled with more anticipation of meeting the right girl art the right time.
  14. Both Encouraged and full of Anxiety. Funny , I can feel both very profound. But You see, I go today to carry a friend to see his wife who recently had a severe stroke. So, I'm anxiously hoping I can encourage him through out the day to think on the Positive side not all.....the negatives. We will be on the road for 4 hrs. I'm encouraged that a Marriage can survive after the severe stroke and the knowledge that she may never leave a nursing home to come home again. They have been married for over 35 yrs.
  15. Full of worry on How the day will progress. Have an appointment with the income tax CPA and then another appointment with the Neurologist. After that I hope to finish the afternoon deer hunting or at least walking in the woods. Hoping for a great day!
  16. I can remember foolishly telling my wife--- to just shake it off-----get over it----You just need a little rest ---after she had our first baby. Boy, after getting severe depression myself I've had to eat crow. Those that have never had it ---Just don't realize what it is like. They can't fathom the depth of depression and despair unless one experiences for oneself. I have asked my wife to forgive me many times over for my blunder. A preacher friend of mine told me of a friend of his who always preached that--- depression was a spiritual problem within the person. That is until----- he had to take Heart meds which side effects, led him into the depths of depression for himself. He no longer preaches depression is a spiritual or faith matter.
  17. Anticipating a new and Great Day ahead. It is Sunday so I'll be at Church. Enjoying the worship, teaching and singing
  18. Though You crave a renewed relationship with Him. It may take a lot of time and effort. Trust between 2 people is a sacred thing, not to be taken lightly. Try winning Him again thru heart felt letters,gifts, post it notes, texts and asking him to go to counseling with you once a relationship starts. You may need to go now, to know how to gain help in winning His Love again. Hope the best for You
  19. I believe that lack of faith or great faith doesn't enter into whether one has depression. I have been a Christian for 50 years now. Yet, 20 years ago I fell into the pit of depression and have suffered thru many times of deep depression since. My company sent me to Emory-envirionmental to be studied, because Companies across America had complaints similiar. The chemicals I had worked with(now banned in US) had gotten into my brain.The chemicals caused brain damage resulting so the brain chemistry was off. This resulted in Chronic Severe Depression. I work in my church as a teacher in the Senior Adults on Sunday, and a Youth Leader/teacher on Wednesday. I am also involved in Prison Ministry. I have also met uninformed People and Preachers that say --Just Shake It Off.or You've got to have more faith...... They just don't know......I agree we should ask God to Heal Us. Sometimes He Heals thru medecine and sometimes, though rarely, thru a Miracle. Even when Jesus was on the Earth, everyone He walked by or talked to where Not healed miraculously. My church accepts the fact that I have been hospitalized numerous times for depression and when I get back I am always so much better and a better man for it. They Pray for Me and ASK God to intervene in some way. All that said ------ God can still heal miracuously if He choses to do so, but He has also let Men have great knowledge of meds. That is the way He treats Depression or any illness most of the time. Thru Doctors and Meds He can work to Help You. To be Hospitalized is not the worse that can happen to someone. God even works there as well. Hope This Helps
  20. Thank You, apple bloom, She is able to talk some today but no improvement in movement. Very sad for Her.
  21. Feeling down--one of friends had a pretty bad stroke yesterday. Spent the day at the hospital. Nothing there to lift ones' spirit. Too much sickness and heartache there.
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