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  1. It is Hot 79 and humid down here in the South
  2. Me singing lines from " The Sound of Music". I stink as a singer.
  3. Metal, I'd like to give You a wise quote : "Be courteous to all, but intimate with few, and let those few be well tried before you give them your confidence" George Washington Sadly for me I had to learn the hard way-- who and who not to share with.
  4. I agree with You Anne. Meds, exercise, healthy eating are very good to help depression. Along with that I also volunteer at the Prison near here and at Church.. Volunteering to help someone or in an organization is a great way to met others and also get your own attention off of self and onto others needs. Seems as if helping others turns into to medicine for ones's self to help your "state of mind" in many ways. Wishing You the Best, Flames
  5. My best friend,lover and wife, she is the best support I have. My Mom and Dad have always used the concept " if we don't pay any attention to it -- things will just go away" .
  6. Took the Granddaughters ages 5 and 1 to have their photos taken with Santa Seen a Doc about a changing mole The home is quite but for the 1 yr old granddaughter playing quitely---restful
  7. Very pressured by a friends needs energized with babysitting granddaughter Happy
  8. I agree with Girly-- CBT helps. I received it from a Pschychologist but He also had me order a workbook. I found the workbook on Amazon. It was sef- help CBT with the Pdoc going back over the pages with me and adding His input. I was helped greatly so much so after many app. I was released. I learned much about myself and how I should act and react. in all situations and Life. Wish You the Best
  9. Sorry You are feeling this way,Jen. This too shall pass---but to help it I agree with Sassy. Call your Pdoc and let him know whats going on. You may very well need a med adjustment Wishing You the Best....... Just Never Give Up, There is help out there for You
  10. I've noticed where I live a lot of young men decide to shave their heads and some grow a beard. That maybe a style thats just for the South but it looks pretty sharp. They seem to all have a girl with them as well. The way one is on the inside makes someone more attractive to others. To have friends one has to work at being friendly.
  11. Sunny and to be a high of 72 this afternoon this morning its a cool 60 right now
  12. I believe when you have foot trouble see a foot doctor...........so when you have depression see a pschychiatrist as Trace has said. They are more knowledgeable in how to treat us.
  13. Feeling very good today, no time to think of self ----babysitting granddaughter expecting a fun day
  14. Sorry You are feeling so badly Frozenheart; As you know you'll find help hear. I have gone thru similar feelings. I know You know they are just feelings and emotions that we have to endure for awhile. This too shall pass. Its the waiting that is soo horrible. I waited 10 yrs. to get long term relief. Yet, I learned alot in the process. Its finding the right Pdoc and the right combo of meds and therapy for You. Wishing You the Best. Just Never Give Up. There is Help out there......
  15. Hi Wasp: It felt the same way for me. If I remember correct I took the Welbutrin SR 3 times a day,for 300mg total. When switched to the XL did not help as much and switched back. Ask your Pdoc there is a difference. Just Never Give Up There is Help out there.....
  16. Hi Scholar: Welcome. When depression first came upon me and I fel deep into its pit of despair. I felt the same way, as to getting anything done. My inner drive was gone. I finally had to just push myself to do one chore a day. I would get one thing done a day for a long time. CBT and EBT therapy helped thru a Pdoc. But I got the most help from the self-help CBT and EBT workbooks he had me buy( off Amazon). The workbooks had you take just a few steps each day into taking a full examination of your life, thoughts, actions, reactions, etc. Then the Pdoc would talk about what I had learned. Wish You Well, You'll find Help hear. Just Never Give Up-----There is Help out there.
  17. Feel like the Giant Depression is after me to throw me into his Pit of Despair. I need to, have to, push myself to keep going and fighting for today. I seem to fill his hands closing in on me.
  18. Just a word of encouragement! Never Give Up----There is Help out there. If you want to stay away from meds then I can personally tell you to try CBT and EBT they have been a great help to me. I also take meds but the thereapy thru a Pschologist and the self-help workbooks , on CBT and EBT,were life changing. Wishing You the Best and as Blueyonder said---- You Can do this
  19. Happy Thankgiving to all. Plan on having a good one myself
  20. Carried Thanksgiving Baskets of all the fixings for a Great Thanksgiving Dinner to 4 homes today. People very appreciative. Baskets or rather boxes had big Turkey, Dressing mix, beans, cornbread mix, fixing for 2 pies, etc........ So much fun, had 2 kids with us who couldn't wait to help take in the stuff!!!
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