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  1. Hi Y"all fellow emsamers I also had a lot of trouble with the patch sticking I complained so much that Bristo Meyers sent me a free months supply to my pharmists. They don't put a help number on their website for some reason? I've asked about that??? I had a lot of trouble getting it, but if anyone is having any trouble CALL 1-800-332-2056. They even have a nurse you can talk with about trouble with emsam but for some reason they don't publish the number.?????? The last batch I got of the 12mg are sticking very good, they must have changed the glue formula. I change after a bath at night, I pull the old one off before bath wash the old area good, after bath I rub the new area with alcohol to cleanse and remove any oil. I use my upper arms,upper chest, upper back switching sides daily. I tried a MAOI orally, it worked really well, but after 2 months my blood pressure shot up dangerously high. Had to be hospitalized and I followed the diet strictly as I do now. GOOD LUCK to anyone that can take one orally, they are a lot cheaper. Harvard has done a study on MAOI's and atypical depression and depression resistant to SSRI"S I believe you can look at their website for more info. My doc gave me a copy of their report I think it was even published in some PSY JOURNAL Several HEROES in the BIBLE where sticken with depression if you want to check it out Check out Psalms 57 David says he's among lions and in a pit.Psalms 142 He says he is in a prison. Elijah in 1 Kings chapter 18 called fire down from heaven but in Chapter 19 he was hiding from a woman and asking to die. You'll find a lot of people have suffered with depression down thru history. SEEK GOD, OUR HOPE IS IN HIM
  2. Hi Vickie,Leslie,Eve, Emsam group I was put on melaril,lithium and effexor when I first started with depression in 94, I went from weighing 155 to 240 in just 7 months. So I know what you are talking about when you say weight gain. Once I started the Emsam the hospital wanted me to walk daily so they could monitor any blood pressure problems. The more I walked the more energy I had. Plus the emsam helped me to have the want to I have lost 58 lbs now. But thats over a year and a half span. I'd like to lose maybe 10 more pounds. My wife and I bought a nordic trac bicycle and its nice to use while you watch tv. I think the emsam helps with the desire to get up and get going and it must help hunger issues also, plus helping with energy as well. When I first gained some people didn't recognize me. Now that I have lost some people don't recognize me. My regular doc said once you have been big your bone structure changes to accommodate the weight, so if you where to go back to your old weight you would look sickly. I'd much rather put up with the diet restrictions, a little trouble with sleep, occasional depression/ than being in the black hole of depression. Someone asked about how quickly did the doc up my dose? I believe after 2 months on the 6mg, I went to the 9 and after another 3 months on to the 12mg which seems to be good for me. For how Long? I'm just going to enjoy the reprieve from such severe depression as long as I can. TRUST IN GOD, HE IS OUR STRENGTH GO BLESS YOU ALL
  3. Hi --EVE, Leslie, TB,Torbietoes, anyone else out there reading I've been on emsam a year and a half-- the sleeping does get better. I think, I've never had but a small amount of trouble sleeping, because the Doc knew what was going to happen. I take 2/ 0.5 Klonopin and 25mg of seroquel before bed. He prescribed me some abien just in case, but I've used them maybe once. I think all the complaining to Bristle Myers may have worked-about the patch coming off ---has finally made a change in the glue at least for the 12mg dose. I got a new box and have had everyone stick great. I also live in the deep South. Not to far from FL. and not to far from the coast.Very HOT and sticky. and I work alot outside and in attics. Give emsam at least a 6 month trial. It is the best for my style depression I have ever been able to find. God Bless You All---Don't forget Father's Day
  4. Hi--Eve, Leslie and any one else out there suffering with depression and are trying emsam. I don't think there is a magic way out of depressions pit. It takes a lot of prayer and patience and not giving up. Don't ever be afraid to change Doctors or Meds. I don't know if they let you share poems but this is one by Helen Steiner Rice I really have found some help in: Bend In The Road When we feel we have nothing left to give And we are sure that the song has ended, When our day seems over and the shadows fall And the darkness of night has descended, Where can we go to find the strength To valiantly keep on trying? Where can we find the hand that will dry The tears that the heart is crying? There's but one place to go and that is to God, And dropping all pretense and pride, We can pour out our problems without restraint And gain strength with Him at our side. And together we stand at life's crossroads And view what we think is the end, But God has a much bigger vision, And He tells us it's only a bend. For the road goes on and is smoother, And the pause in the song is a rest, And the part that's unsung and unfinished Is the sweetest and richest and best. So rest and relax and grow stronger Let go and let God share your load. Your work is not finished or ended You've just come to a bend in the road. Helen Steiner Rice
  5. Hi EVE, Leslie and anyone else on EMSAM I'm still doing good , someone said something about sleep--I take 2- 0.5 Klonopin at bedtime and 25mg Seroquel to help sleep well I also have 10mg Ambien if I really can't sleep. I also take 1 Klonopin at morning and lunch. I also have 0.5mg xanax to take as needed, for when I really get depressed.But since being on the emsam I very seldom take the xanax. For me living in the deep South (I live near the fire that is raging)we get hot and sweaty. I put the patch on my upper arm, upper back,or upper chest. I put it on at night, after a bath and wipe the area with alcohol then apply. Usually where I have pulled the last one off it leaves a red mark for a day or 2. I have trouble with the patch unsticking some days. I've wondered how many others have this problem??? I've complained to Bristol Meyers with no luck yet except for a free months supply. They know there is a problem. Eve, I understand about your doc not knowing much about the patch or MAOI's, I went to the emergency room and the doc there had never in 30 years met someone on a MAOI. The PA in 17 years had never heard of a MAOI. They thought it was some kind of crazy med and I needed to get off it, unless I move to a big city. But the no severe depression, energy, feeling normal far outweighs any diet restrictions or not sleeping deep. But that's my opinion. Its' worth it for me. To look at some depression thoughts in the BIBLE look at Psalms 57 and Psalms 142--ever felt like you where among lions or in a prison ??? I think the writer had some first hand experience. Pray earnestly, GOD IS GOOD, DON'T GIVE UP
  6. Hi Glad to here You and Leslie are doing so good. Never be afraid to change Doctors., though. I'm a man and got struck with this depression in 93. I called the company help line and the company where the ones to send me for all kinds of tests. I'm an electrician and we were exposed and used lots of cleaners that are banned now. So not only did I all of a sudden come down with all this depression but I was forced into disability as well. The company would not let me back on property. So I know for the last 14 years(has it really been that long??) If the doctor you see doesn't seem to care or keep up to date change....There are some real wackos out there, but there are some that really care. After 12 years of searching and changing I've got one now that seems to really care. Not any of the others gave me their personal phone,email,cell numbers. So yes I'm really impressed with him. Keep PRAYING, PRAYING CHANGES , things especially OUR OUTLOOK and gives GOD a chance to really speak to us. You both and anyone else out there reading are in my prayers. Depression can seem soooooo foolish one minute---but when you are weeping your eyes out its soooooo real
  7. Hi I'm glad to tell you that Emsam started to work within just a couple of days for me. I had to be hospitalized while coming off the cymbalta. I didn't do very well not taking anything. The doctor wanted me to go 2 weeks before going on the emsam patch. I was having such a time with severe depression even with the cymbalta that emsam wasn't for sell in Feb of 06 but the doctor was able to get some shipped in before it went on the market. I go to Emory University Hospital in Atlanta, Ga. My doctor is the chair of pschy. so he was able to pull some strings. I had had a bad high blood pressure problem with Parnate which is a MAOI , so the hospital required me to walk the hall several times to get at least a mile in an they would monitor my blood pressure during and after. Just incase the Emsam caused me any problems. When I was released from the hospital I continued to walk. I just kept at it-- like I hadn't wanted to do anything for the last 12 years. I suddenly had energy and the desire to accomplish and finish lots of things. I know prayer works. In the Bible one time Jesus was walking on the water( the disciples where in a boat in a storm) and Peter asked if he could come to him. Peter was the only disciple to get out of the boat. That took lots of courage. It takes courage to try new drugs when the old ones work for a little while and then seem to quit. Keep praying, don't give up. You asked about my diagnosis --I have chronic solvent encephalapathy ( electical cleaner got to my brain) and chronic severe depression, and anxiety. I was diagnosed at Emory University in Atlanta and also Vanderbilt University Hospital in Nashville, TN. Back in 1993 and 94. I had never had depression before, boy have I had a lesson. Remember GOD is GOOD, HE NEVER FAILS[/b]
  8. Dear grayycoyote; This is music to my ears! After several false starts I believe Iwill actually get the Ensams patch Rx'd tomorrow. I so hope with all my heart that it works for me as it has for you! I would love to know everything about it. Do you mind sharing your diagnosis? Mine is Unipolar Depression (regular Depression) w/ some anxiety and severe insomnia. How long after you started taking it did it begin to help you? The tons of energy really amazes me and I need that so much! So glad that it has been helping you for well over a year now! Congradulations on the weight loss! Are you now better able to get things done around the house and/or at work? I am praying that Ensam continues to work for you 'greycoyote', as you have asked! I am so desperate for relief that yesterday I looked up the Patron Saints for Depression (this is not something i would ordinarily do, believe me) and on the list are 'Saint Chritina The Amazing' and 'Saint Michelina', among other's. I'm going to pray to both Saints to intercede for us graycoyote. In all honesty, I must confess that I gave up prayer long ago, so it may take a while to get through, if indeed that is possible. However, I am going to start thinking it is possible right now b/c (if I remember correctly from long ago religious studies) it is all about you having FAITH that your prayer will be answered. I usually see things in a more scientific manner but amm now inviting spiritual back in! When you suffer from Depression for so long it is hard to believe in God or a 'high power', however if Ensam and Prayer work for me I will praise God and be his servant 'til the day I die! AMEN! I'm not sure if you actually meant prayer to a High Power when you asked for prayers 'gray', but it was fate or a coincidence coming a day after my searching out of sheer desperation for a patron saint for depression, so I am going for it! Please pray for me too! Your posting today was a gift to me! Yes, maybe even from God! I'm going out on a limb here...but I do so want to believe! Please post often and I will contact you if OK for support, guidance if that is OK. Sincere Thank's for you hopefully life changing post! eve
  9. I've been taking Emsam patch sice Feb 06 it has been very good for me. Have tons of energy. Over the past year and a half I have had to increase dosage to the 12/40 mg patch. I also take Kilonapin and Seroquel at bedtime to help sleep and get better rest. With the increased energy I started walking, exercising have lost weight 58 lb. to date, feel very good most of the time. I feel better so I want to do more. Pray it continues to work. I wanted to know if anyone else has had trouble with the patch not staying stuck or coming off during the day? I live in the deep South so its hot and humidity is greater than in some other places. Otherwise great experience with Emsam.
  10. I have been on the emsam patch for a year and a half it works very well for atypical depression there is a study about 2 years ago from Harvard in there Journal about MAOI's and atypical depression. I tried the MAOI Nardil by mouth it worked very well but I had serious blood pressure problems and had to come off. I was so glad when EMSAM was finally approved, which is a MAOI but in a patch form therby bypassing a lot of the side effects of MAOI's. You have to follow a lot of dietary restrictions but for great relief it is far worth the price of doing without some food.
  11. I' sorry your feeling so much pain. There is some HELP. You'll have to ask and search for it . But there is a way of climbing out of the well. Or at least some good foot holds along the way. How bad do you want to find them.??
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