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  1. I am a Porn Addict myself, although I don't look at it anymore. I started with finding my Great Uncles stash at around 5 then later my fathers stash at a young age also. Then a warehouse of it, where they threw the old magazines and books away. There was a stack 6 ft deep the entire warehouse. I got heavily hooked--and it was free. Like a drug or alcohol it can control you or you can begin to control it. it does affect your relationships with women. You must get it out of your home and off your internet. There are several help sites and there is also some sites that have a No Override for Porn filter for your computer and a filter for the TV. I can say this cause I know it too be true for myself. Tell your Pdoc, tell a support person or group like you have did us. I belong to a group of men who meet each week just to encourage each other in our Walk and we are free to ask anything about any others problems, without fear of it going anywhere else. It is going to be hard, but for your self You must do this. We will want to know how YOU are doing. Just like an alcoholic can't carry a fifth in the trunk, You must get this out of your home,vehicle,hiding place whereever else yu can keep yourself away from this For Your on welfare. Be wanting to hear how you are getting along from time to time in this Walk to an improved mind. Wishing You Well, Just Never Give Up-----there is Help out there for You
  2. Hi Vanilla, I agree with Adam. I have been taking trazodone 200mg for around 8 years at pm for sleep. It helped me immediately with no hangover. I can take it at 10:00pm and get up at 4:00am to go hunting with no droziness.
  3. Hi Drop, I don't know what else can be said. Everyone gave good advice. I get the feeling to stay in bed all day sometimes that is when I know that the Depression is coming back to grab me and throw me into the pit of depression and despair. That's my clue to get out of bed and do something. Anything I enjoy doing. You mentioned somethings You enjoy so what;s stopping You . As i have to tell myself GO, Do. I always feel better afterward Keep Us Posted Never Give UP--- There Is Help for You out there
  4. Hi Shauna Glad You are Here and sorry for Your hurting. You'll find help here on DF You'll also find Love and Acceptance as You are here. If you'll read some of the forums that grab your attention--You'll find people going thru similar problems. Plus-- how they are coping with their lifes problems. Just Never Give Up There is Help for You
  5. I don't know about the Christmas Depression but I do know about the Winter Depression. My Pdoc recommended after 3 years in a row of being hospitalized for severe depression in the Fall or Winter. I changed out most of the lights in the house to the New Daylight brightness lights. They give off a Bright White light instead of the warm yellow glow of standard lights. It has made a difference for me. Plus knowing I will have to watch myself for any odd behaviors or triggers during the fall and winter. . I also force myself to stay busy during this time of the year. Hope this Helps You as Well
  6. Hi, I've been happily married to my best friend, confidant, supporter, and lover for a great 37 years now. She had deppresion as the children were born, worked her way out of it. She completely understands how it is to feel this way. I have had chronic severe depression for 20 years now. I am much better now after getting on the right combo of meds for me, learning all the coping techniques of CBT and EBT. Yes, I am not the man she married but she is not the same woman I married. We both have changed for what I believe is the better.
  7. Hi Jhessye: Welcome to DF. I live in Georgia, 50 miles from the state line near Jacksonville. You will find some great coping skill here if you read, listen and try them out. Wishing you the Best Just Never Give Up----There is Help out there for You
  8. So far I've managed to take a shower,cook breakfast. feed the Grandbaby,entertain her for 2 hrs. and put her down for a nap. Now for a calm hour checking in on DF..
  9. I would enjoy ---I think to go sledding down a mile long slope. Hardly ever snows here
  10. Sorry for Your suffering 4010. I saw a book for sale once intitled "What Men Know About Women" I opened it hopeing to find some words of wisdom---- only to find every page BLANK.. And soo true the older I get. I have been married 37 years and still know just a little about women. I give You lots of luck, with your Lady Wish You the Best
  11. I babysat my granddaughter had a Great Birthday Supper and a Great Night with my wife last night. I'm 58 now.getting older and much wiser on this thing called Depression
  12. Fighting sleep Neurologist upped the klonopin from 1mg at bed to 2/1mg at bed and 1mg at am. Suppse to ward off the tardive dyskinesea . Sooo very sleepy. Can't seem to function.
  13. So Sorry for Your Suffering Sae, inorder to break this suffering and cycle of feelings you may need to do something different. For me I called my Pdoc and checked my self into the Phospital He was working with. Inhospital my cycle was broken by starting on different meds and receiving encouagement. There I also received a great deal of individual CBT and Group Therapy.. I would highly recommend it. I have been inhospital for help several times and always left with stonger and more tools for copeing against the Depression and Anxiety. I am a better man for it. Just Never Give Up. There is Help out there
  14. Feeling very good ---Looking for a refreshing day today. I am truly blessed.
  15. A new day today. Lots of Hope for a brand new day.
  16. Encouraged--- the Neurologist thinks she can get a control and possibly stop the tardive dyskinsesa I am experiencing. She will work with my Pdoc to help me. I am a little afraid to adjust my meds in any way, since finding the right combo for me!
  17. Partly Sunny and 80F very warm for December
  18. Feeling Good today. Going to see a Neurologist today about tardive dyskinsiea I've picked up as a side effect to abilify.
  19. Babysitting my 16 m old Granddaughter. Those little patter of feet ---bring a lot of cheer! Seeing my family together for Christmas
  20. Sad, I lost a friend to a misunderstanding. Anxious, taking a teen group in a Christmas Parade tonight Happy that I am able to do it--I'm the driver of the float. Full of mixed emotions
  21. Hi Brown, I also have treatment resistant depression. I have greatly improved for the long term since being on the right combination of meds for me. You must never give up and when one combination of meds doesn't help or helps for awhile then seems to not work anymore don't be afraid to tell your Pdoc about it. You can and will get betterl. My Pdoc finally sent me to a Pdoc friend of his 5 hr. away, but this Pdoc's thinking was "out-of-the-box". He started me on a combination that I had never tried. That was the start of finding out what would work for me long term. I've never been afraid to place myself inhospital for a change of meds and daily therapy, treatment, and always came out with more tools to cope, fight and challenge Depression. I am a better man for it. I've sought CBT and EBT therapy. PLUS bought self-help workbooks to help me in the fight. I can't say I'm cured but I can say the times I sink into deep depression are now much less. I can never let my guard down,The Giant Depression would certainly like me to quit fighting and let him throw me into the Pit of Despair, Depression and Anxiety. But we are in a Battle for our very lives. We must get all the knowledge, understanding and treatment we can get to overthrow this in our lives. iF YOU READ a lot of the forums they will help.too Fight On, Never Give UP There is Help for You outhere----keep Searching
  22. Hi Me! Sorry for your suffering and feeling down right now. We understand here what it is like. I can tell You that if you read some You'll find people that are going thru similar problems. You may need to see a GP to start you on some meds to bring you back to the right feelings or at least see Your school counselor. You are not alone. You'll find help here I believe. Just Never Give Up There is Help for You
  23. It is a cool 63 F tonight and a dense fox has rolled in. Brrrrr
  24. Hi , Its a warm 79 here today, in South Georgia. I live about 50 miles from Florida and 50 from the coast. Had to finally turn on the AC to get some cool, Looks like we'll be wearing shorts at Christmas this year. You just never know about our Winters till Jan. and Feb.
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