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  1. I enjoyed books by Mark Twain and the movies made from His books as well. Here's his quote for today: Life does not consist mainly-- or even largely-- of facts and happenings. It consists mainly of the storm of thoughts that is forever blowing through one's head.---Mark Twain
  2. Never Give UP. THERE IS BETTER!

  3. I was on it for a year one time--it worked very well for me until all of a sudden, I needed a med change.
  4. I take 5mg at PM along with Trazadone for sleep. It has been a Great motivator, a boost for me. My main Depression med is Marplan 60mg a day.
  5. Sailing only calm waters doesn't make a good sailor, its going thry the rough seas and high winds that makes the sailor. unknown I've often thought How depression changes you---for the better --if you keep going thru the rough times or for the bad --if one quits and gives up the fight for a better tomorrow. I say to myself to keep fighting!! SAIL ON!
  6. I love these quotes ! Here's one I like. Perseverance is not a long race: it is many short races,one after another. --Walter Elliot--
  7. I bought 2 tons of gravel and put it out. Repaired the sticking locks Prayed Just really enjoyed being outside Today
  8. Recently had a MAJOR Depression outbreak for me. Had to go back up on the Meds --now not sleeping very well. Go to bed very sleepy around 10- 11 then wide awake at 2 am taking some sleep med now sleeping until 4 am. I can make ok like that if thats the best I can go for. I try to stay very busy during the day anyhow. Especially now that the weather and sun is so great. To answer the question 4 am - 4:30 am is when I get up
  9. I used the 12mg patch for several years. It worked very well for me with no problems. I followed the MAO diet to the letter. Then for some reason the patch started falling off of me sometime during the day. I still believe the manufacturer changed the glue makeup on the patch. So after even going to the expense of using 2/6mg patches (they also fell off during the day) I gave up and went on Marplan which is a MAO as well. Between the meds, CBT, a great pschy, and pschycologist am doing very well. NEVER GIVE UP
  10. A persons' Beauty is Within. Don't give up on finding HELP. It takes trial and error on the meds, which means the right combination of meds for You may take some time. Just don't ever give up on the right combo or the right Doctor for You The combination of the right Doc, CBT and Meds was what turned my Depression around. Life is full of Choices---CHOOSE Wisely
  11. jUST REMEMBER THERE IS BETTER FOR YOU OUT THERE. YOU aren't alone in this. Stopping the treatment and meds is not a wise choice for you or anyone that is BP, Dep. or otherwise. Have you tried CBT along with the meds?? It has helped me Greatly. You have many Choices. Just Choice Wisely!
  12. You have to realize that there is HELP out there for YOU!!! You are not alone, there are many people that care for YOU. However getting better is YOUR CHOICE. There is much help in the form of People, Doctors, Meds, CBT, and other therapy. YOU ARE NOT ALONE IN THIS
  13. I would like to say to ALL------NEVER GIVE UP!!!!!! KEEP TRYING there are so many different depression drugs out there and an unlimited number of combinations thereof. Since we are all different, what helps me the best does nothing for YOU. I Hate that it is that way -----but keep trying with your Pdoc who has to be a great chemist as well these days. If it doesn't work demand a change. THERE IS SOMETHING OUT THERE THAT WILL HELP!!!!!! GOD BLESS
  14. HI I've asked before and have never gotten a response. IS THE ANYONE ELSE ON MARPLAN ? It has worked Great for me. Just wondering if it has helped someone other than me???
  15. Seen where had not posted in a while as I, You must be getting along good. I am, taking one day at a time.

  16. Hi KatrinSedai; Welcome to DF! I would have to say I had similar experiences, along with deep sadness, crying with no reason, etc. I finally called my work Nurse Helpline and they advised me to see a psychiatrist as soon as possible, in fact I believe they made the appt. for me. I had never had depression, did not know what it was. But the Psychiatrist said one of the things I had that caused all the anxiety and depression was being overwhelmed with those thoughts and then the "fight or flight syndrome" was taking hold. Anyway long story short, is I am glad I went or I would have probably xxxxxx myself to escape the feelings. But with the proper meds and therapy I am now much happier and more in control of my thoughts-----but it all started with that phone call 16 years ago. Please get some help and relief for yourself, You are worth it.
  17. Hi All, I believe exercise releases certain chemicals that enhance the meds you are on. Plus the side effects of building your self-esteem by losing weight you always wanted to or building muscles if you are trying to do that. For me down here in the South there are very few days I can't get out to walk. I've also got an inside and a outside bike that I use also. I believe if you can't do but 5 min. a day as Lifeintheslowlan mentioned, will get you into it. I tried the gym, but I like being outside where I'm in the fresh air and going somewhere instead of on a machine. I get on the stationary bike when its cold or raining out. Whatever exercise you chose I believe will enhance the effects positively on your meds, body, and outlook.
  18. Thanks elviesttey, So far I've been just kind of sluggish and don't want to do anything, but today I feel refreshed and renewed . So I'm hoping the withdrawal from Invega is over. I pray the thoughts will not return. Welcome to the forum and thanks for writing.
  19. Hi Just knew a fellow worker that was sent to a state mental facility for 3 years on a plea of temporary insanity for ******* a man dancing with his wife at the Elks Club. After the years he came back to his old job. No prior problems before that. Stayed married to the same woman for over 50+ years.
  20. Hi and welcome

    Just saw your post on trazadone I'm just starting on it.

    Like your avatar and signature

  21. Hi all, I have been on Invega since Oct. I was taking it for extremely neg. thoughts, stinking thinking, suicidal and homicidal thoughts,etc. I take it along with Xanax, Klonopin, and Marplan, I have severe chronic depression along with brain damage from chemical solvents I used at work. I am no longer having the bad thoughts, so the pdoc says I can come off of the drug Invega 6mg. tonight. I have not been sleeping very well and have gained 40lb. since Oct, when I started Invega. So I was really hoping to get off this drug as soon as possible. It did very well in controlling the thoughts. I would recommend this drug to anyone that has that sort of thought problems along with their depression. Stopping the bad thoughts was worth the problems/side effects with sleep and weight gain. Does anyone know if there will be any side effects from just stopping Invega? Any help is appreciated Thanks,
  22. Hi Fairy Wren, Just wanted to add: I was on Lithium along with several different meds usually lasting on them for a year or more-- Effexor, Paxil, Wellbutrin etc. The Lithium is a good med for drug resistant depression used along with another med for the depression as well. I was on the Lithium for about 4-5 years. I am now taking a MAOI- (Marplan)along with, Invega, Xanax, and Klonopin. I have been on several MAOI's over the last 6-7 years and they have worked the best for my drug resistant depression, in combination with other meds. Hope everyone has a Great and Merry Christmas
  23. Just wanted to see if anyone else was taking Invega? How is it working for you?? Any side effects you have noticed?
  24. I love Star Wars and Lord of the Rings also

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