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  1. I take 2 100mg Trazadone tablets and a 20mg klonopine together I sleep very well. Plus i can go to sleep around 11pm get up at 4am to go hunting with no drowsiness or grogginess. Just moved up from the 9mg emsam patch to the 12mg patch. I'll wait and see how it goes. Just hope they will put Marplan back on the market. Merry Christmas everyone
  2. t have tried both the Parnate and the Nardil with no success for me without too many complications, winding me up in the hospital. I am applying the 12 mg Emsam patch once daily. with Trazadone and Klonopine at night for sleep. With Xanax as needed. It doesn't work as well as the Marplan for me. I don't understand all the FDA and Marplan secrecy?
  3. I have taken Marplan for around 11 years with great success. The FDA found something and it has not been made since May 2018. I tried to reorder my prescription in September and it was out of stock. I have been struggling along using the Emsam patch. I wonder how many people have committed sucide or homicide because of the drug being not manufactured? I have gone thru a terrible time since September. The FDA will not let me know what was wrong with the drug. I have to request a Freedom of Information form and turn it in to them. Then if they approve they will let me know what was found. Has anyone else had this problem?
  4. I have been taking Marplan for many years now. I'm going thru a multitude is stress right now. The doc is adding Rexulti has anyone been on it?
  5. When I was on Parnate, emsam and long term with Marplan I had trouble staying asleep. I have taken Trazadon and klonopin for a full nights sleep for many years now.
  6. I hope you have a great day :)

  7. I know how you feel, Bluesky. Been there many times but I also know its a feeling and will not last. Somehow we have to tell ourselves that or we'lll never function. It will not last forever I assure you. Hope the best for you. Just Never Give Up.
  8. So sorry to hear how badly you are feeling ASDF2012, You have come to the right place. I have to say that flasqquish is right, Please see your doctor and if You want show him a copy of the post you put in here. Just Never Give Up There is help out there
  9. I'd requote Tim. There is a release of demands upon ourselves when we finally admit we have a problem and need help. Then after we seek help and find it, it is a release to find out our feelings are normal for people with our problems. I tried to fake it and deny I had a problem but when I finally did, it helped me so very much. Not only me but my family as well. I went to see a Pdoc and was then gave the option to enter a mental hospital. I chose the mental hospital and have never requetted it. I am a better man for it. It opened my eyes to meet other with the same problems with depression. I thought I was all alone until then.
  10. Hi everyone, I fell into depression 20 years ago and for the last year I have been progressively coming out of the deep depression. A year ago I was in the mental hospital again. My meds where changed just a little before I was released. I felt great when I got out so much so I talked the Pdoc into decreasing the main med. But I found out I was not a Doctor and had to go back up on the med after falling into the pit of despair,depression, and anxiety. I have since been getting along rather nicely, a few gloomy days and then right back to living life to its fullness. My main med is Marplan which is a MAOI which has helped me along with the Pdoc, CBT and EBT. About 6 months ago the Pschychologist dismissed me. I also take Klonopin daily and Xanax as needed
  11. Raiden, I also am very religous and I also know I'm not perfect. I don't know if your religion teaches that you are perfect and sinless in this life or not. I strive to be but, alas I have failed as yet to be a sinless perfect person in "thought, word or deed" Once you have asked for forgiveness you must go on in your on strive to perfection aswell. GOD is LOVE and He knows You better than You know Yourself. If HE can forgive us we must forgive ourselves. Praying for You and Hope this helps in some way
  12. Sufferinsilence sorry to here about the furnance and water keep Yourself warm. It has been a very cool 63F and gloomy today. We are suppose to have winter here all week, A few sunny cold days mixed with cool rainy days.
  13. I get gloomy also when the weather outside is gloomy, cloudy,rainy etc. It is usually sunny where I live.Never cold for more than a few days. It effects me so, I replaced all the most used lights in my home with the new "daylight" light bulbs. They are a much whiter lite than the warm slightly yellow lite of the normal bulb. They are in along with the curly light bulbs and the package will have "daylight" on it usually 19-23watt at Lowes and Home Depot. Hope this helps some of you too.
  14. Went to a meeting on Prison Ministry that lasted several hours. Inspiring and Encouraging despite my gloominess today.
  15. A bit of Gloom on a gloomy winter day. Maybe the sun will break thru in a little while to bring out of the gloominess. Yet I know we cannot live by feelings, they are temporary and aren't permanent.
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