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  1. well that is nearly a month ago so I hope it has continued :) the nausea did not last long for me.
  2. that's a helluva dose to start with .. how are you doing with it? Max might be 80 in the US but here they don't prescribe above 60 and rarely that .. I was only on 60 very briefly and my doc would not allow it for longer. What are you being treated for?
  3. me too .. I mean, i like it here but I'd like to broaden my horizons. Am reading a lot of travel books right now .. don't have the money to do it myself and prolly not mentally ready either but I can dream!
  4. well that is really cool! sorry to take so long to get back to you I've been really busy this week. Keep updating us?
  5. You could try taking it at night .. nothing to lose :) Unfortunately the sleepiness is still a really big problem for me and i've been on it two years. how are you doing otherwise?
  6. Lyle thanks for sharing that! It's always good to learn that it can be done.
  7. Yes i have the dreams .. i quite like them though. I have recurrent dreams and i seem to dream far more each night than I used to. Sometimes I prefer the dream world to the waking one frankly :(
  8. Josephine


    Tricia, I gather that prozac sometimes takes longer than other drugs to start working but it's worth it when it does!
  9. Sounds like a good weekend :). I've never been to Torquay .. look out for Fawlty Towers, won't you? ;)
  10. Josephine


    Actually that rings a very vague bell from another SSRI I was on but can't remember which. It went away in the end, in any case. How are you doing now?
  11. I really must take it up again .. haven't done it for a few months. Coincidentally I found a bag of unstitched squares up in our loft earlier today :)
  12. I knit but only scarves and blankets and stuff.. I've tried following patterns but it never seems to work, heh. To date I've made three patchwork blankets .. they look pretty amateurish I confess but they're still good to throw over your duvet in winter!
  13. I've never heard of any effects. Sorry you're suffering :(
  14. Lizzy I hope you're having a good time! Let us know how it went when you get back :)
  15. Hi Mynah! I don't think I could travel on my own .. I am a lot better than I was a cpl years ago (when the idea of even a day trip would have terrified me) but still not quite that well. I was thinking of persuading my boyfriend to go with me, if he can get the time off :). Yeah it's cool to think and dream about it, even if it doesn't happen this summer. I might pop and get some travel brochures sometime this week and just make a list of places I'd like to see.. obviously that's not likely to happen this summer when I will be on a tight budget and will have to take anything cheap that's going, but one can plan an exotic itinerary anyway :)
  16. steve hi, yes the nausea should go away over time. I know all these start up effects really suck but please believe me, this drug is worth it when they go away and you start to feel better! It really has changed my life.
  17. Cat Pen how are you doing now? I notice you've just made 50 posts .. this means you can see the forum cafe now!! Look under the road to recovery forum..
  18. Hiya Tricia! I understand the nervousness.. I was scared silly when i went on prozac (had already tried it twice before and stopped it early on cos I was so scared). And yeah it seemed weird to me too that anxiety was a potential side effect when that was what I was on it for in the first place. I can tell you though that it has made a tremendous difference to me and i just wish I had stayed on it sooner. My anxiety isn't totally cured but it's WAY more manageable than it was and I feel generally more, I dunno, optimistic (despite still having the occasional bad day). Hope you've found the last few days okay .. let us know how you're doing??
  19. Josephine


    I didn't experience it personally but it sounds like it's probably fairly normal :). If it doesn't go away then I would see your doc. How are you doing now?
  20. I have also found that prozac gives me less side effects than any other ADs did .. apart from Remeron but that didn't work. Also, it is licensed to treat some conditions - bulimia, for example - that other SSRIs aren't licensed for. Although they are the same group of drug, people may react totally differently to different SSRIs.
  21. This summer - well and last summer too but had no money at all then - will be the first time in I can't remember how long that I've felt actually well enough to go on holiday, and, my schedule with this work placement (STILL not started but I am seeing them again tomorrow to discuss start dates) permitting, I would really like to get away somewhere this summer. I will get a little bit of extra money for doing the placement - not wages but 'expensive' and I reckon I could prolly save a cpl hundred by mid summer if i am frugal. Not sure where I want to go though!! We can fly to Europe for virtually nothing - literally sometimes; there are airlines that offer flights for a pound and all you pay is the taxes. And if you're not fussy where you go I reckon you can see two or three countries, staying at campsites or youth hostels, for a very small amount of money. Anyone else going on holiday this summer and anyone got any recommendations as to where to go, or good holiday stories? C'mon, let's cheer ourselves up!! :D
  22. Hiya Tricia welcome! How is everyone doing right now?
  23. Starman, i am glad you have found such a friend .. could you share more about your situation with us? :)
  24. oh wait sorry i think you need 50 posts before you can view it :(. Erm .. well there's something to look forward to, anyway :D
  25. CatPen welcome to the forums! Please feel free to look around and try out some of the more lighthearted forums on here as well (the cafe for instance). And do keep us posted on your progress :)
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