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  1. Honestly it’s kind of odd for things to be getting worse 3-4 months in. Although Prozac is probably the slowest acting (and longest acting SSRI). Prozac alters REM sleep so it can cause nightmares/vivid dreams. Although it’s kinda odd for it to suddenly start to cause more vivid and violent dreams. Are you perhaps under more stress as of recent? If so dreams can get even crazier when stressed. As for the “voice in your head yelling at you in an angry way” the first thing is have you always had that voice in your head, or is that a new thing that started from Prozac alone? The main concern is you said it seems to be angry and you cannot control it. Generally the goal when taking an SSRI like Prozac is to calm your thoughts down, not do the opposite. In some people Prozac can cause anger and violence which is not a good thing. Normally you are suppose to stop or switch meds if it causes those issues. But it’s hard to generalize without knowing more information.
  2. Yup that’s a possible side effect from Zoloft or any SSRI. There are some studies that say that up to 20% of people who take an SSRI can have tremors. Since SSRIS are altering sertonin reuptake which means it’s basically altering millions of chemical messages.... So yeah that’s why it side effects go from A-Z as it’s doing a lot to your body/CNS and brain. But yours sounds pretty severe if it’s non-stop and causing total insomnia. What about tonight did it get better or worse? You definitely are having quite a few side effects from the Zoloft (not surprisingly being your first SSRI) which definitely sucks but those are quite common side effects. So the severity and length of time would be the most important thing.
  3. Did it ever go away or did you go back on mirtazapine? Mirtazapine is a VERY potent antihistamine. Some would argue that at low doses such as 7.5mg it mainly acts as a very strong anti-histamine - with very little AD properties. That’s why the higher the mirtazapine dose generally the less sedation it gives (for most people). So at 7.5mg it’s a weak antidepressant acting as a potent antihistamine. But at say 30-45mg it’s a potent antidepressant with moderate to strong noradrenaline action. Which is why for most people the higher doses cause less sedation. So it being such a potent antihistamine that means when stopping/trying to get off it, that itching/allergy type of symptoms would be normal. As it’s like taking a “super strong Benadryl” daily for a long time then suddenly stopping. Your body is used to mirtazapine constantly giving its antihistamine action, so cutting back or stopping it can have a rebound effect. You don’t have to be allergy prone either for a rebound effect.
  4. Not a good idea to double dose in one day since your side effects are pretty harsh. For Zoloft since it’s half-life is around 24-26 hours (going off memory) then yeah, just take 1 in morning, then next day just wait until night to take it. You are too early into it to experience and WD effects, or have to worry about it not being at a “constant plasma level”. Or even better take the “morning dose” in the afternoon. Then next day switch over to night only. Also being your first SSRI that explains the med sensitivity. I used to be ultra med sensitive, I was at one point scared to take even tyneol or Advil for headache. On my first SSRI (first med ever really) I had tons of side effects like you. My head felt full, foggy, nauseous, dizzy, and more. I didn’t have the ear pressure, though. I tried to post a few links of people who complained of ear pressure but it was taken down. It’s a rare side effect... Hopefully it goes away. If not I would ask to be switched to something else, but that’s me.
  5. I would change it to night. That doesn’t make the side effects will go away though, just maybe the fatigue won’t be as bad - maybe. Have you ever taken any other antidepressant or SSRI prior to Zoloft? As for the full feeling in your ears that is a rare side effect, it’s possible though for Zoloft to cause it. Humming noise also is odd, possible but odd. Zoloft and other SSRI meds have been used off-label (rarely) to treat Tinnitus... BUT... There have been a few reports of Zoloft actually causing Tinnitus in very rare cases. As Serotonin is involved in auditory input. There is many other receptor subtypes within the auditory system, all which Sertonin can directly or indirectly affect. I know it just makes it very complicated. That why SSRI’s can cause almost every side effect from A-Z... Sertonin is also in the cochlea (basically inner ear which sends nerve impulses). So Zoloft can change perception and processing of auditory stimuli - including sensitivity of auditory stimuli - either directly or indirectly by hitting other receptors. So it is capable of causing those side effects but it’s pretty rare. Online I found a few other complaints that matched yours (fullness feeling in ear) but unfortunately no update on the outcome. I tried to post links in my last post but my post said “hidden” so I’m assuming I cannot post links here. I also found a few others online but that’s about it. So it’s definitely not common, but you are not the only one. The extremely complex nature of SSRI meds unfortunately can cause this. If I was you I would first start taking it at night to see if fatigue or any of that improves. Then see how the other side effects go from there if they remain, or get worse, or hopefully go away. If it gets worse I think you should ask to be switched. As it’s a rare side effect to begin with so if it was getting worse that is just kinda odd or *possibly* a bad sign, IMO.
  6. Unfortunately that is normal. Is this your first time taking an SSRI? If so that’s very normal. As for it being non-sedating? Not true. Generally speaking, Zoloft and Prozac are *generally* more activating/energizing in some people. Why? Mainly since Prozac and Zoloft slightly hit noradrenaline and possibly dopamine (but mainly serotonin). In some people even a little touch to noradrenaline can give them energy. For others it doesn’t, as 99% of Zoloft is hitting Sertonin. Sertonin plays a major role in sleep, it’s actually needed for sleep. Sertonin converts into melatonin, the sleep hormone. Now too little serotonin can cause fatigue, and too much can cause fatigue. When taking Zoloft (or any SSRI) it’s altering literally millions of serotonin receptors, so depending on your current brain chemistry it could make you tired, or energized. That’s why when Doctors say “this SSRI wont make you tired” they are WRONG and they shouldn’t make statements like that. If the med makes you tired: take it at bed. If it gives you energy then take it at morning. That’s literally the only time I would say it’s “okay” to ignore your doctor’s advice if they don’t listen. As some doctors truly believe Prozac/Effexor/Zoloft is stimulating for everyone so to always take it in morning - which is just plain wrong. Everyone reacts differently. My first two antidepressant experiences: FIRST experience: 1 Lexapro (forgot dosage I was only 16-17) I took it around evening time. Went out, felt normal. Went to bed, then woke up and vomited. I had a major phobia/fear of vommmiting back then so I immediately quit. SECOND experience: Took 1 pill Zoloft (I’m assuming 50mg it was when I was 17-19) I felt nauseous and felt like you said “foggy head”. I ended up stopping after 1 pill. I would say I felt very similar to how you explained. Unfortunately I quit after that 1 pill and never tried again until 10+ years later, and now I’m not med sensitive anymore so I didn’t really experience many side effects besides anxiety levels changing up and down was one I noticed. Although after 4 weeks or so that mostly went away. Also I had the chills on and off which took a few weeks to go away. That was well OVER 10 years ago. I was super med sensitive back then. Now I’m not med sensitive at all. Like I could probably just take a Prozac pill randomly and not feel a thing.... Right now I’m on 150mg Zoloft. Started on 50mg for 1 day, then 100mg 2nd day, then up to 150mg by 7th day..... Yup... But I only went that high as I previously was on Lexapro 30mg (10mg above max dose) so yeah. After 10+ years of research I am CONFIDENT I am low on sertonin (which SSRI’S like Zoloft help) so I stuck with them, and told myself I would even if I had side effects. Luckily I haven’t had many. I also remember getting Brand Name Zoloft and for whatever reason it didn’t make me naseous like the generic did - I’m guessing the extra fillers in the generic. But it gave me that foggy head/weird feeling so I quit also after 1 pill...Unfortunately. Which I believe would have went away if I gave it time, but I quit early. Also: anxiety CAN get worse. Yup, it sucks big time. Try your best to NOT take Dizepam... If you must take it, take the smallest dose. NEVER, EVER TAKE IT LONG TERM (Dizepam). I was put on Clonzepam back in 2009. Still to this day I cannot get off it, if I try I risk death due to major seizures. Benzo medications are EXTREMELY addictive and their withdrawals are the worst of ANY drug. They work wonders for anxiety but be sure careful and don’t let your body ever become dependent on them or you’ll be screwed like me. I am on a tamper plan and guess how long it is? 1.5 years. Yup, seriously. But if taken only as needed and not on a daily basis then they can be great. Sorry I typed out too much lol. LASTLY: if this is your first SSRI ever, then if after like a week on it, if the side effects are too much I’d ask to be switched... As Lexapro made me sick, and Zoloft made me feel like you did. Then when I was roughly 20-21 I was put on Prozac. I had very few side effects on it and it helped, but I for whatever reason quit taking it.... Now 10 years later here I am back to having to try them again.
  7. **10 YEARS LATER** Here I am back almost 10 years later. Original post in summer 2009, now posting again in fall 2018. Whoa. All the stuff that happened in the last 10 years is too much to mention. I have been on pain meds for neck/back pain, Adderall for almost a decade - but have stopped them both. Although they definitely have messed up my brain chemistry... Also my OCD has came back in full force, and I’m going to try SSRI meds again. I am currently on Zoloft 150mg. Only been on it for about 4 weeks though. I might have to switch off Zoloft as it seems to help my mood but doesn’t seem to be touching OCD much. May go up to 200mg if doctor wants me too. Or switch a different SSRI, which will cause my “test” to restart. But that’s okay. I am taking 1000mg to 1,500mg of L-Tryophan daily, in addition to the SSRI. Only been doing it for the past 3 days, so it’s too early too tell the results.. My main goal is to increase serotonin to hopefully reduce this horrible OCD. But I have a feeling this Zoloft isn’t the right SSRI, will find out soon... But: Even in the few days it seemed like the l-tryptophan helped. Either that or the Zoloft was suddenly kicking in better. Although the Zoloft seems to do hardly anything for my OCD, so the boost was very little. Likely will have to switch to a different SSRI or try 200mg Zoloft. Will try to update every few weeks or so and hopefully find the right SSRI to combine with l-tryptophan
  8. I hope you had a fantastic day :)

  9. I hope you have a fantastic day :)

  10. Okay, I've had Depression/Anxiety/OCD and ADD for the past 5 years or so. I finally decided to actually try medications just this year to see if they'd help.. Right now I've been on Prozac for 6 months now. Started at 20MG for about 2 months, went up to 40MG for about 3 months, and just the last few days I've been on 60MG a day of Prozac. I take it in the morning or after-noon if I wake up late. I'm also currently on Adderall for my ADD, and it's helped that quite a bit along with giving energy and mood increase which was great. Although that's worn off more-so, and it seems that I need a higher-dose for it to work, and that can end up causing anxiety. So it still works to help my ADD, just not as great as it was beforehand, and the mood/energy effects aren't really there anymore, or rather just very little. Because my depression wasn't as under-control as it should be (Prozac made an improvement, but I still feel depressed just not 24/7 as before). So I was going to be put on Remeron in addition to the Prozac and adderall. But then I started to research more and found one problem... Well, as of recent (like last few weeks or so) I've been VERY tired as of recent. Mostly during the day. Come late at night I almost seem to have more energy, it's weird. But I've been taking naps all the time during the day, sometimes those naps end up being 1-3 hours long. Then just the other day I slept from like 3PM until 6AM the next morning. So about 15 hours straight.. I don't know why i'm so exahusted! I'm not sure if it's the prozac, or what... It didn't notice this the first few months while on it. So after doing some research, I was considering asking my doctor this: To continue the Prozac 60MG (as it is still helping, but it could very well be causing my major fatigue), continue the Adderall as it still works too (just perhaps lower the dose), POSSIBLY add the Remeron on (although I fear that since I'm already majorly fatigued, if I went on Remeron I might end up sleeping 18 hours straight every-day. I don't want that to happen)... Or, I read some promosing things about adding PROVIGIL in addition to an SSRI to combat the major daytime fatigue. Do you think this would be a helpful option? I don't know what else to do. I just feel like sleeping all-day sometimes... I've never slept this much in my life before! The strange thing is just before this started, I actually was sleeping LESS than normal, getting 3-6 hours a night of slept. But felt fine. Then once I started to sleep 6+ hours of sleep the fatigue started to occur... Possibly related? I dunno. I've tried taking B-vitimain supplements that contain all the DV of each B vitimain, am taking Zinc, Mangenisum, drinking lots of water, having plenty of Vitimain C and all the other important vitimains - and haven't notice any improvement. Heck I can get one of those "energy vitimain loaded with vitimain C, etc" packets and put it into water, and not feel any energy boost. I used to beforehand, not anymore. Too much fatigue... Adderall only seems to help if I take the maxium dose, which I'd rather avoid doing (my doc lets me be flexiable with my dose), and if I take breaks from it. Would perhaps PROVIGIL be something that could help me? If I could be awake, alert, and not fatigued 24/7 then not only will my mood increase (therefore helping my depression) but I need not to be constantly tired all day because I'm starting a new job next week. I'm going to speak to my doctor about all of this, but I'd like to get some opinions beforehand so I can perhaps bring it up with my doctor.
  11. Hey, I've been doing this treatment on and off actually since I last posted, I ran out of 5-HTP and just recently bought a new bottle. I'm now getting back to taking it on a daily basis, 50MG of 5HTP. Like those articles you read, I believe what they are saying is entirely true - SSRI'S can deplete sertonin levels over time, and since SSRI'S don't create serotonin, then how is it suppose to work effectively in a person who is low in serotonin? 5HTP will be the building block you need to make Prozac more effective. I wish you luck and let me know how it goes.. Also, serotonin may or may not be your reason for depression - I guess we won't know until you've given it a long enough trial. If it fails though, I'd highly recommend Wellbutrin in ADDITION to an SSRI. The Wellbutrin is a dopamine and norepinephrine, with almost no action on serotonin, therefore completely safe to take both at the same time and doctors often do. In my personal opinion, the neurotransmitters roles plays as follows: Serotonin - Impacts mood, sleep, and if OCD or Anxiety is the problem then an SSRI would be the best choice. Dopamine - I believe this is more the "happy chemical" in the brain more-so then serotonin is. While they both do impact mood, dopamine is more the pleasureable, happy feeling you get. If your dopamine levels are low then it'll be simply be harder to feel happy. My doctor put me on Adderall just a few months ago to help my ADD. Adderall works by releasing dopamine and norepinephrine, so it's NOT like a reuptake inhibitor - it isn't simply reusing old serotonin or dopamine like an SSRI or Wellbutrin would do, but rather it actually releases them (meaning quick onset of action). Ever since being on Adderall, especially the first few days, my mood increased MAJORLY. I just felt happy. I enjoyed things more. I had energy, motivation, and just a happy mood overall. This was because of my dopamine levels being higher, which probably meant that I was low on dopamine too, along with being low on serotonin. Eventually though your body becomes used to the medications effects, and you'll no longer get that same feeling anymore. Although I've been taking l-tyrosine along with Magnesium and it's helping reduce tolerance along with helping replenish dopamine, thus causing the medication not to "poop out" on me yet. The thing is Adderall is only prescribed for ADD. So if you have ADD and depression, then an SSRI in combination with it could provide great results - helping with ADD, mood, and energy levels.
  12. I've had this exact same problem for 5 YEARS NOW. To the point where I've became extremely depressed, suicidal, and it completely ruined and changed my life. It first happened when I was 16. I fall into "romantic attachments" with someone, and I think of them constantly 24/7 and cannot stop thinking about them. It also causes me anxiety when I think about them, so that only makes it worse. All I want to do is just BE WITH THEM, love them and have them love me back, and just that's all. I become so "in love" and SUPER attached to other people. But it's not just anyone - only if I actually fall for them and get attached. Problem is that can happen quite easily... All that has to happen is that person has to show some interest in me back, or at least make me believe I have a chance with them, and I can literally get attached even after meeting them for the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd time, and often-times I'm already attached at that point! I also have to find them attractive... So it's basically a romantic realtionship kind of attachment. I couldn't handle constantly thinking of the person I loved, knowing they didn't love me back, and the pain was so overwhelming and in my head 24/7 that I nearly commited suicide twice. Luckily I made it through... Fast-forward to today, still going through this problem. So far I've had 6 romantic attachments to people in the past five years. I finally realized that yes, I will eventually get over it, and end up falling for someone else, but the problem is I DON'T WANT TO FALL SO DEEPLY FOR OTHERS! It's ruining my life and making me depressed.. At first I thought "I'll never get over it.." but now after it's happened 6 times to me, at least I know I'll get over it, the problem is it's an endless cycle and the emotional pain is just a rollercoaster. So I finally went to a pshychatrist earlier this year to discuss this problem. He told me that I had many signs of low sertonin (and if you research it online, low sertonin is linked tp people becoming attached to their lovers easier). So I've now been on Prozac 40MG for almost 6 months now. It's helped SOME-WHAT. My last attachment I had, I got over it in about 2 weeks. Which was amazing for me - before prozac it probably would have taken me months and months to get over it. I also noticed that I don't get as "deeply" sad or think about it 24/7 anymore. It still does cross my mind a lot and still bother me, but I guess just not AS bad.... So my doc now wants to increase my prozac to 60MG so that he says "this should entirely help stop your obessive thinking when it comes to getting attached to another person so easily". So I will see how that goes, and hope it works!
  13. UPDATE: I just started this treatment a little over an hour ago. I took a 50MG dose of 5HTP. I took my normal 40MG of Prozac probably around afternoon or so. Just about 5 minutes ago I started to all of a sudden laugh at almost anything my friend was saying to me over instant messaging. I was laughing really easily.... I feel really happy, but almost like an artifical happy. My head feels some-what foggy, but it could be because the entire time I was "worrying" about possible side-effects, so it could just be in my head because I keep thinking about it or perhaps it's a real side effect. But this is definetly going to show that the 5HTP is in fact having an effect. Now whether it's going to work postively for me or negatively for me, I guess I'm gona need probably about a week or so to start to hopefully notice some difference. Then as time goes by and it becomes 2, 3, and 4 weeks, I should have a much better conclusion.
  14. Here is something I wanted to also add, I did more research online and found this article regarding low sertonin levels and SSRI in combination with 5HTP. The article reads: "We hypothesize that SSRIs are not fully effective because they affect only serotonin reuptake, not serotonin synthesis, and that effective treatment must address both uptake and synthesis. 5-Hydroxytryptophan (5-HTP) effectively increases central nervous system synthesis of serotonin. It is the immediate precursor of serotonin and is widely available as a dietary supplement, which is well absorbed after an oral dose. Several double-blind studies have shown 5-HTP to be effective in the treatment of nondrug-induced depression. We hypothesize that patients who become depressed on IFN will respond to the synergistic combination of SSRIs plus 5-HTP." Auteur(s) / Author(s) TURNER Erick H. ; BLACKWELL Aaron D. ------------------- Now I know the article mentions IFN - IFN is therapy to treat certain cancers, viral infections, etc. IFN therapy can lower serotonin levels. But the fact that they mention IFN therapy doesn't even matter - because it doesn't matter if your serotonin levels are low from depression or IFN therapy - either way your serotonin is low. The important things from the article, that is, in regards serotonin, is the goal and idea of how to raise serotonin levels regardless of how it was caused. This combination of 5HTP and SSRI may be just whats needed in order to restore and raise serotonin levels that are truly low in some people. I myself actually may start this combination within a few days and see how it goes. I was planning on taking 50MG of 5HTP once daily, in addition to my 40MG of Prozac. If I can perhaps find some lower doses of 5HTP, such as 25MG, then I will take that instead twice per day. After a few weeks, or perhaps even sooner I should hopefully notice some results and reduction in OCD and depression. Or, if the sertonin syndrome risk scare is as big as everyone makes it out to be, perhaps I'll have to stop taking 5HTP after a few days due to sertoin overload, and at least I'd be able to confirm whether the combination works or doesn't work. Since there are literally no reports of serotonin syndrome caused by 5HTP alone, and very little studies done on SSRI's in combination with 5HTP, and still no reports of serotonin syndrome from combining an SSRI+5HTP. So I'm not sure why the risk is listed, if there's never been any reports or really studies on the combination of the two. I mean I could perhaps understand if the person already has normal serotonin levels and then they took 5HTP+ an SSRI, then yes, serotonin syndrome could happen. But if you are truly low on serotonin, then I think the risk could perhaps be over-done. My doctor belives I have low serotonin levels with the way I describe my symptoms to him. I also did my own research, and have nearly every symptom of extremely low sertonin. Although after I began taking Prozac, all those low sertonin symptoms started to improve, but only some-what. They aren't improved enough, which is why I'm considering adding 5HTP (at a very low dose) into the mix.
  15. Yes, true, but also that brings up another point. Taking SSRI's can also have the same problems. Some people will have problems with metabolism of SSRI's, it not being broken down properly, and many other possible factors that can lead to an SSRI not working in one person. There is also the chance that the person on the SSRI isn't in fact low on sertonin, but rather on perhaps dopamine or norephrine (the two other most important "mood" or "happy" chemicals as some call in the brain). Either way, both an SSRI and 5HTP both can have that exact same problem - so I don't believe 5HTP is any less likely to work for that reason, as an SSRI is just as likely to encounter the same problem just depending on the person. Now let's assume the person can properly metabolism and use both an SSRI and 5HTP. (I'd say majority of healthy people/and or younger people shouldn't really have a problem with this), then this combo could in fact be a great mix, IF the person is very low on Sertonin. This combo would definetly only be possibly used on someone with very low sertonin levels, as anyone who already naturally has average or above-average sertonin levels, then this combo could indeed cause a sertonin overload. Also about the 5HTP being flushed out of the body too quickly before they could really have an effect - I know that 5HTP is broken down quickly in the body and put to use, but if you're on a daily SSRI (especially one like Prozac with it's very long half-life. Prozac peaks at 6-8 hours after dose, and you can often even miss a day or two and not even feel any effects from missing the dose to it's long half-life. I've personally missed 1-2 days in a row when on Prozac, and didn't feel any effects.), then it shouldn't be a problem. It'd imagine it'd even be better if you could perhaps space out the 5HTP or Tryptophan to two doses per day - so instead of taking one dose of 50MG 5HTP daily, try to take 25MG of 5HTP twice daily. That would make more sertonin be avaiable through-out the day for the SSRI's to work with.
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