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  1. The only thing that really help me was work or staying busy.Sitting around doing nothing just made me wost,but that's me.
  2. I suggest you start walking.Maybe a little more each day.Drink plenty of water and cut out junk food.Good luck!
  3. I'm afraid to make friends.Afraid i'll only let then down.I'm not very dependale.But my dogs like me!
  4. I've got the same problem.Sold my old home of 29 years.Bought a much nicer home but miss the old one.Time will heal it.We keep nothing.
  5. This stuff did nothing for me.Sexual fantasy for a week or two.It can cause cancer and is addictive.I quit it a year ago and will never go back.If you are taking it you are hooked.
  6. We have a family thing at Christmas.All is well but I feel no joy.
  7. I lay off the meds a couple of days before sex.Then back on.But I'm a male.
  8. I been using the Lex. off and on 15 years.Thats a hard question.For me no,but we are all different.I would try it and see.
  9. Did a slow taper 10 years ago.After I took none I was dizzy for a month.Had to start back up as depression has been beating me down for years now.I will be on ad's the rest of my life.I tried.
  10. Always good to hear positive results.Glad for you!
  11. Seems the only ones who will give you support are those who have the same problem.Strange when depressed we do everything that makes us feel worst.Hope today is better for you! Your not alone!
  12. Hello to all been awhile since I posted.I quit Lexapro in 07.Did a slow taper for a few months.When down to hardly any I quit.Ok next I was dizzy-headed for a month.Well here it is 11 years and I may have to start up again.Yes depression has reared its ugly head all week to the point of having to start up again.I actually have had a decent day.Best to all!
  13. Yes always.Just don't don't start thinking your not good enough or anything negative.Religion is supposed to give hope,love,fellowship with others,support,forgiveness,and on and on.God fills a void in your life that drugs and booze were filling.With out God there is a big hole in my chest with the wind rushing thru.
  14. You should only fear God if your living in sin me thinks.Do good,repent and turn to him not away then he will heal you and love you as his child.
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