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  1. There is plenty of things to do to get better but do we try any of them? You keep doing what your doing you keep getting what your getting.I accept that depression will always be in me.I watch my thinking and know when i lie to myself and when i tell the truth to myself.
  2. I'm bad,things are bad and the world is bad.Thats how the depressed mind thinks.Try to not think about the past and don't repeat the same mistakes.
  3. I've learned no one wants to be around a negative person so you lose company.Instead of saying negative things just be "light" not negative not positive.Put on a fake smile and act out a little positive vibes.They won't notice your faking it and will enjoy your company more.Who knows it may become a good thing for you.
  4. When your reputation is ruined me thinks the best thing is to move to a near by town where no one knows you.If you do don't tell anyone about your past then start over.Thats what i did when i messed up.
  5. After 30 or 40 years i've learned to live with it.I quit meds but take if i feel very very bad till it passes.Taking care of yourself and staying busy really helps.I've learned to not let my mind race from one thing to the other or monkee mind as its been called.Read all you can about depression.What works for me may not work for you.Quit trying to run or cover your depression with such things as buying junk.drugs and even sex.Make yourself smile around others as no one wants a negative,gloomy person around them.Good luck!
  6. If you sit and lay around you will feel worst.If you get up move you will feel better.Your choice!
  7. 40 is still young.I started all over at 40.Divorced,lost my home,my job and completely at the end of my rope with depression.With in 6 months it was completely better.I'm 65 now and consider the diasters of life a learning experience.Your situation will change.All things have to change.Best of the furture to you!
  8. Thank you for the advise.The book I speak about says nothing about the Buddist way of life only the inter workings of depression which is spot on.
  9. Bought it off ebay used a long time ago for 3 or 4 bucks.Please give it a look its spot on!
  10. Oops! The Zen path thru depression by Philip Martin.
  11. This little book has given me the best understanding on depression I've ever read.It has changed my life.Its not about religion.Please consider buying it.Had to share this,what have you got to lose?
  12. After over 30 years of this I've learned that sitting or laying around only makes it worst.I have a choice either get moving around or sit around and feel terrible.Maybe take baby steps.Walk a few more minutes each day.I know it tough.
  13. I make myself talk about positive,happy things around others.This keeps you in the conversation.Why would you want to bring them down buy saying sad,negative things? Put on that fake face,it works for me!
  14. I've found out the hard way people DO NOT want to hear negative talk.I know it helps to vent but they will find a way to get away from you.You don't want that do you? If you seek a solution ask the question maybe get an answer then move to something funny or ask them how they are doing or other topics about THEM not you.
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