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  1. Anti psych meds are nothing to sneeze about........my psych suggested it at our last session but I flatly refused. These are very, very strong, aggressive drugs. She wants to put me on it and calls it a "mood stabilizer"...............anything labeled anti psychotic scares the bejesus outta me. Surely there must be something less stimulating with better results.
  2. I'm on my second try at Wellbutrin, but this time, it has been added to Prozac, which I have been on for years but made me feel lethargic, etc. The Wellbutrin was added to increase motivation and energy levels. Well, it's doing the same thing it did to me when I was just taking Wellbutrin about 20 yrs. ago to help with quitting smoking. It made my depression worse and my anxiety levels are through the roof, even though it's combined with Prozac! I stopped taking it (which I do not advise) but my psych at the time when I first took it, allowed me to discontinue it immediately and put me right back on Prozac with no side effects. So, I stopped taking it about a week ago, and see the psych next week. I still am jittery, nervous, irritable, but not as bad as before. You may need an SSRI, which contains serotonin, instead of dopamine, which is what Wellbutrin is...not all ADs are the same.
  3. Oh God, yes!!!! It's been a little over a year since my ex narc and I broke up and I have really bad PTSD as well. The emotional abuse is as painful as anything physical. We were only living together 3 months, but he was my first boyfriend back in school so we had a history together. He made me feel as though I was his first and only true love and soulmate and that we should have married each other instead of who we did. He had an agenda in mind, which didn't include me.......he lured me in because he wanted out of his miserable marriage, but he only lived with me long enough to let the divorce take place.............he treated me horribly the day after he moved in and it got worse, until I finally let him have it and threw him out..................a few months later, I found out that he had already met and MARRIED someone else. He is 63, has 4 adult kids and 7 grandkids......he still thinks he's a teenager.
  4. Well since this post, it went downhill from there and I threw him out in Feb.2017. He has already married someone else he met online in October 2017. I realize now, the man was a narcissist, but I never fully understood what it meant until I researched it. He never planned to stay with me........I was a "transitional target", someone who he could move in with temporarily until he found someone else.
  5. Hi all, Long time no post. I visited a new pysch cause the old one is no longer in network. Anyway, I told her on 40 mg. of Prozac and although I am functioning, concentrating, etc., I feel blah. I've gained about 20 lbs. in the last 2 years. Been on Prozac many years and it always worked for me. However, I feel fatigued, lack motivation. She is upping the Prozac to 60 mg. and adding Wellbutrin XL 150 mg. to be taken together, daily. I expressed my concern about my experience with Wellbutrin about 10 yrs. ago when I was trying to quit smoking. My psych at the time weaned me off the Prozac and put me on Wellbutrin exclusively. About a month in, not only did I not lose my craving for nicotine but I ended up spiraling into a bad depression, crying nonstop for no reason and having severe anxiety attacks. The psych understood this and said that is why she is upping the Prozac to counteract any effects from the Wellbutrin. She seems to think it would give me a good boost and may even lose some weight. Has anyone taken two ADs of different classifications and what were your experiences on them? Thank you for any input. Laura
  6. Hello all, Longtime member with current issues. The love of my life, my childhood sweetheart, has moved in with me. So, what's wrong? I am in Texas and he moved from New Jersey....we are an older couple, me being divorced a little over a year and he's going through one right now. We had been in touch for years on Face Book and it became evident we had strong feelings for each other once we admitted to each other that we were having marital problems. I divorced first and moved into my own smaller duplex with my disabled son, who has Down's. I flew up to see him in July and we stayed at a hotel for a weekend. It was then it was evident we wanted to be with each other. We spoke and texted every day until he finally moved down in November. Now the issue. He has four adult children and seven grandchildren. The holidays were rough and he was very short tempered, moody and depressed, a complete 180 from when he first moved down. I had told him repeatedly before he made the decision to move, if this was what he really wanted, as he would be giving up everyone and everything he has ever known. We were both born and raised in the Bronx and went to grammar school together. He ended up moving to Jersey when we were teenagers and I eventually settled in Texas. I know how hard it is to make that "move" as I moved away from everything I've ever known when I moved to Texas. He told me he has been miserable and the holidays were gut wrenching without his grandchildren. Maybe the full force and impact of the move didn't hit til the holidays came? I mean, he knew what he was getting into and knew it would be rough but now I am crying every day since the holiday week and beyond, because his attitude and personality have totally changed from the caring, loving person he's been thus far. He's not abusive, but he is very head strong and to the point of being bluntfully truthful, then tells me I'm being too sensitive! I told him, "must you be so blunt, telling me my dinner was awful, or whatever it is?" He replied with, "I'll never lie to you, I'm me, and I am honest". My Dad always said if you can't say anything nice, then don't say anything at all. What I'm trying to ask, is do you think this will eventually work out? The man cooks, cleans, and helps tremendously with my disabled son, as his brother in law has Down's and so does one of his grandchildren. They say actions speak louder than words and I do appreciate everything he's doing for me, but this sudden mood change is beginning to make me anxious and depressed. Any words of wisdom? Should I be patient and wait til the New Year holiday is over and see what happens? He knows that he can fly up and visit the kids anytime and they also Skype and do Hang Out. Thanks for any input. Laura
  7. I much prefer texting, emailing or talking online on messenger. Why IS that? My poor brother, who died of cancer two years ago, could never understand why I never wanted to talk on the phone. He hated the internet chats and texting and always wanted to hear my voice. Now, what I wouldn't give to talk to him on the phone and hear HIS voice again! :verysad3:
  8. I've posted in another topic about my bad experience with a doctor 2 wks. ago that kicked off a series of full blown panic attacks and constant anxiety. I am on BP meds but I really feel it is white coat syndrome, although this eye doctor who saw me wanted me to go to the ER because my BP was so high! Told him I am already on meds for that and that I get panicky during any doctor visit. He seemed to be satsified with that answer, but I cried and was shaking all the way home. I have a monitor at home and never had a problem with it but now I have built up such a phobia about it, that I won't go near it. Suffered from major depressive episodes throughout my lifetime and panic disorder. Currently on Prozac and Xanax, as needed. My best friend is coming down next Wed. to attend my son's graduation next Sat. She is his godmother. I have a high school reunion next month and I have to fly to NYC to attend that. Have another trip in September to attend my niece's wedding. I don't know how to cope and I can't get into my pdoc until AFTER my friend leaves and my son graduates! I have never had an episode in front of my friend, although she does know about my depressions and anxiety, but we live far away and talking on the phone is a lot different than talking in person and having her see me this way! I am so upset I had my BP taken! I had no idea this was going to happen for an eye exam! I immediately began to panic and told the nurse that I have very high readings when I visit a doctor's office. She took it anyway and when the doctor came into the room, he made her take it again....of course, still sky high. What gets me is that my readings were just as high at the doctor's office that initially put me on BP meds and he knows that I get freaked out about it. I didn't go into a panic when I left his office! Why did this eye exam freak me out? It's almost 3 weeks since I've had the appt. and I can't stop thinking and obsessing over what the eye doctor said about wanting me to go to the ER! I feel as though this has triggered me into another episode and I cannot have this happen now, not with everything going on! No matter how many years I've suffered from anxiety and panic attacks, when they come back, it always feels like the first time and that this time is for real and that I am going to die of a heart attack! Help!
  9. My latest bout began when my eye doctor told me my BP reading was so high that he wanted me to go to the ER! Sorry if I mentioned this before....I am under BP management and my BP readings are always high at any doctor's office, they were even high when my doctor initially put me on BP meds but he didn't scare me like this damned eye doctor did....been having major anxiety and bouts of panic attacks in between. To the person being in the wedding, I feel for you! My best friend is coming down next week for my son's graduation and even though I am excited, I just hope I will be able to function when she is here. To top that off, I have several plane trips to make in the next few months and the fear of being away from my safe place at home is starting to freak me out. I was all over this until a few weeks when everything spiraled out of control. Can't see therapist until the 22nd, I need to get over this.
  10. Anyone forgetful when they are feeling anxious??? Sometimes, one of my sons or hubby will say something to me, and I'm like, "what did you say?" or they will tell me to do something and I agree, then I forget to do it! Forget where my keys and cell phone are, like, right after I put them down, I'm going "*** are they?" I know it's my nerves because your brain gets fuzzy and right now I can't even make a simple decision of what to cook for dinner because I am physically and mentally exhausted from this damned anxiety.
  11. I live in tornado alley, TX, and we had a bad series of tornadoes hit the D/FW area early April. It was on national news.....there was even a video of semi's being lifted into the air. My hubby was out of town, kids were in school.....me and the dog and a bottle of alcohol went into the guest bathroom and rode it out. Luckily, just a little hail and torrential rains hit our area, but I, too, am deathly afraid of bad storms. I panic immediately and get instant diarrhea (I know, TMI!). If you don't drink, I suggest taking some anti-anxiety meds, if you have some and ride it out. You will be fine!
  12. Hi all, the Xanax works within 30 minutes to an hour but I still can't help obsessing over this HBP issue! Never had a problem with anxiety in two years until that eye doctor scared the s*** out of me! I have been taking BP meds for two years now and feeling fine on it, until I hit the doctor's office....he even upped my dose in January from 20 mg. to 40mg just from the reading in the office! I guess I must have HBP because if I didn't, wouldn't my pressure drop to a low level when I'm not stressed out? This is all driving me crazy and I cannot focus on anything else. I go about my day, trying to keep up with my normal routine and when I walk the dog or go work out, I forget everything. Plus, if I was having HBP symptoms instead of anxiety, I wouldn't be able to do any cardio, right? I don't get dizzy, lightheaded or out of breath when I exercise.....quite the contrary, I feel great doing it and for a while afterwards.
  13. Reading and researching more and more about Klonopin. Now taking Xanax 0.25 mg. but I need to take at least 2 or 3 tablets for really bad panic and anxiety. My doctor only prescribed 30, one a day, and at the rate I'm going, I'll be running out in less than 2 weeks. My question, what are s/e's of Klonopin? I love Xanax but I find that my anxiety returns after a few hours....I'm reading like Klonopin is longer lasting and maybe it's better taking that in the long run?
  14. I am getting worse, and cannot get in to see my pdoc for 3 weeks! The receptionist assured me that if I ran out of meds, they would refill them. I can't get this BP phobia out of my head, it's ALL I think about! I am working out and that is the only activity that seems to calm me, although temporarily. I can't sit still (but I can if I'm asking for help!) and I feel as though my situation with my BP will never be accurately diagnosed because of my severe anxiety. In other words, as long as I am in panic mode, it will always be a high reading and I am terrified of what this is doing to my body physically. I keep thinking I'm gonna drop dead any moment but this has been 12 days since I had that awful eye exam, so if it were truly HBP, I think I would've already stroked out by now. The Xanax does calm me, but it's only 0.25 mg. per tablet and I have to take at least 2 or 3 every couple of hours or I cannot function. Advice, please!!!
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