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  1. Evidently there was a "shortage" of the pill form of Haloperidol for the last two months. The three local pharmacies basically told me I was out of luck on refills. I have taken the 2 mg dosage for a few years now for maintenance as it helps the manias of BP1 that have risen through the years. So I bugged my MD (I cant afford a Pdoc anymore) about what I should turn to, or not turn to. Finally got a response and a Rx for liquid Haloperidol, dosage 2 ml or more as needed. Now first, I've never taken a liquid med besides cough syrup, so this was a new one. How fast will it absorb into my neuros? Whats the cost involved? Taste? Can I rip that childproof turney thing off of the dropper? To answer-the liquid is quite a bit faster in helping my mood swings which vary from wanting to hide in my bedroom, to full out rage. So that's a positive. Within 15 minutes I'm becoming more focused. Unless I think about thinking too much which in that case I go for another pipette. And if that becomes a moot point then I focus out of reality and debate the voices. I always win. Well, we win. Cost is another plus. A 15 mL bottle runs under $6 for a 15 day supply. Tastes like a warm gym sock stuffed into the back of the mouth for a second...metallic akin to blood in my mouth afterwards. Metallic 30 minutes later. Yes, the childproof thing can be defeated, but be responsible. If one has children then take caution. Take care everyone, follow your path and learn.
  2. Transplant waving at you!

  3. Back on meds...Propranolol, Losartan, Halodol, Zyprexa. So much for being off the wagon for over a year 👎

  4. Hi there. I was at the depths a few years back, and truthfully...it's always going to be with me no matter how many attempts I have tried in the past, losing both my career, life and friends during my many breakdowns...I always remember what a beautiful spirit in the guise of a caring social worker who visited me in the hospital said while balancing whether to send me to Western State or a more locally adept home. She told me that remember that this is just a moment in time, and it too shall pass. I did not let it soak into the grey matter at the time, but as the months turned to years passed she made a lot of sense. I tend to view life as pathways, and at times, more than I can count or want things become basically insurmountable, leaving both body and soul wanting what I cannot have. Then, I remember her words. And every day that I can wake up, breathe and try to live my life those tender thoughts gives strength. Keep on the path, you'll overcome the hurdles...but I've learned that you have to be kind to yourself. It's a constant and seemingly never-ending struggle, sometimes misfortunes compounded for years, even decades. But there's always something good waiting just around the next few steps. I wish nothing but the best for you. Be well. Tim
  5. Posting to a blog can be extremely helpful. It's one of the little steps that can boost you by just letting things out. Peace to your heart and soul
  6. Still going, trudge on!


  7. I'm always... tried. Nuff said.

  8. Hi Mark, gotcha on sleeping all day and night as I'm back on that depressive cycle again myself. Only thing that I can offer is a big hang in there. When you're at your lowest you did the right thing, we're here for you 25/7. Aways have, and always will.
  9. I keep hearing a knock on something, but of course nothing there.
  10. I hear bells. That is in one mind but the other is almost like chastising me for noticing the other. Really strange as its loud. Grounding time.
  11. Aieee Tapatalk defaults to the beginning and worse after reviewing my posts that I have replied to have a flipping ? at the end... Grr
  12. Mad Season-everything recorded boots included.
  13. Nice, ty for sharing. Currently I as usual am hearing a woman laughing while the crowd continues to laugh and chatter away. Trippy thing is this goes on after doing 10mg of zyprexa. Guess as long as the commands donot arise I'm good.
  14. Uh oh just looked at the honeydo list lol yeah right.
  15. Thinking about a huge deep fried burger on a toasted onion roll crowned with a haystack of red onion and Serrano chilies
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