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  1. Hi A346ubw, My input may not be sound, but I am more than willing to try to help by offering advice. You may not be able to forgive yourself now, but within time, you might be able to forgive yourself but should be able to forget or wade through those emotions and regrets/mistakes. I have had, and made, countless regrets and mistakes in my past that I've more, or less, had to forgive and forget over the years. I guess you could say I buried them (but I still confronted the ones I could). There are a few that made me lose sleep, become extremely depressed and shamed. I couldn't confront those few and lost nearly everything in life; because I let it affect me to that extent. When I had the chance (and the services were free), I talked with a therapist about what happened. It helped me a bit; he provided a list of exercises for me to work on to help me cope, and it worked. If you need that list, I can dig it up and offer it up to you (but your therapist might already have provided it). Like you, I lost concentration, my appetite, weight, sleep, became anxious and was distant. And, five years later, I've nearly fully healed from my experience(s). As HippieChick mentioned, try asking yourself some questions, like the therapist might have already done, "Do I regret the choice or event? If so, why? Was it a fluke or was it truly my fault? What can I do to make it better? If there is nothing, what can I do to make myself feel better? If there still is nothing, can I talk to the other(s) involved? Do they feel guilty?" When you've been able to confront what happened, you may realize that it's not as bad as you may feel it is; if you need to cry, cry. Expressing the emotions you feel are key to opening up and healing. It might even help to free that guilt you have. Be strong. You've got it in you and it's apparent because you've messaged us here at this forum. We are here to help you and we will support you, if you need it.
  2. Thank you, Deb! Not yet, but was planning on it. I was just prescribed some medication, some anti-depressants at a very low dosage. So, they shouldn't affect my mood; at least, that's what I was told. - TBICG
  3. Not really sure what to say except, hi. I hope everyone is doing well, here. I joined because I was researching whether or not I'm actively depressed or have symptoms of it. I feel like I do. I'm not looking for attention, but rather, information and relate-able experiences and ways to cope or get better, from others. I'm in my latter 20's and recently suffered from a multitude of injuries involving my brain, head and body. I don't know or recall if I had depression before my accident, but honestly feel like I'm suffering from it now. Thank you for having me on this forum.
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