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  1. Did they tell you that your breasts are the reason they broke off the relationship with you? It's entirely possible that they could have a different reason and just never expressed it. Body positivity is hard, but it's possible. Small breasts can be attractive, and often times a personality can overcome an unattractive exterior. Take this from someone who needed this advice 2 years ago, work on your personality before you work on your physical attractiveness. -KylePD
  2. Yeah dude that sucks. Sometimes knowing when to break off a relationship is more important than continuing it.
  3. Perhaps you could watch YouTube outside? I used to do that when I was depressed as little(r) kid, and it was actually quite refreshing. I would watch Empire Strikes Back in the snow so I could feel like I was on Hoth. I guess I did have a sort of secluded yard, so I don't know if that makes a difference. Either way, just being near an open window can do good things for you. Often times vitamin D deficiency can lead to depression.
  4. (Some) People with depression are very good at hiding it. It's not abnormal for you not to have realized that he was still struggling.
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    Professionals aren't easy to trust, but they know what they're doing.
  6. It's not your fault things turned out the way they did. As people, we like to think that we can handle our issues on our own. It's often unfathomable that we might be out of our own control and need to tell people about what is happening in our lives. You're the last person that looks to be at fault in this situation. The first is your brother. I'm sorry that this happened to you, but the fact that you made it to the age you're at now is proof that you are able to overcome it.
  7. When I was deep into my latest depressive episode I was fearful of medicine because I didn't want to give up my cynical view of the world. I was being an *****. Having a unique point of view is not worth all the hurt and pain that you go through during depression. I think I was just used to it at that point in my life. Kyle P. D.
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    I just have recently started medication for my depression and also have gotten over a major depressive episode. I just wanted to note down my observations so that they might help someone. It seems that when I am depressed I over think everything. Everything that could be perceived as slightly annoying is now the end of the world and makes me mad to the umpteenth degree. The thing about depression for me is that it makes me focus where I shouldn't. I think that some things are important when really they are not. I've had a new stepdad for the past 2 years and I try so hard not to dislike him. He's a real extravert and a bit of a know-it-all, but he still loves me and cares for me. But when I go into a depression I only see the parts that are bad and I can't even conceive of recognizing the good. I try really hard to appreciate him but it doesn't always come naturally. I think that the best thing anyone can do is to act impulsively on ways that will force you to get along. Don't think about how you want to get along, just do it. Thanks for letting me vent, Kyle P. D.
  9. You know how sometimes you'll lose something and you don't find it for a week, but then as soon as you stop looking you find it? In my experience Thats how relationships work. If you stop seeking a romantic partner or relationships in general they will come to you.
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