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  1. When I was on abilify, I couldn't find a real answer to my question in OP. Update after four years: yes it's possible to go back to normal. It took me about a year and a half to become to be normal again; to be able to read, focus etc. I have a very good diet too, so it helped way faster I think. If anyone reads this and feel suicidal, my post will be here. I
  2. Quick update: I have been off abilify for 5 weeks now and I see no changes in my focus / concentration. I still cannot read properly. From what I read permanent brain damage is not uncommon.
  3. I didn't take it for 7 days and I can tell you that I was still feeling the same as on abilify if not worst
  4. You are able to concentrate, you don't have akathisia or always feel like you need to do something.
  5. I don't feel good on abilify. I used to be able to read now I can't because of it.
  6. Hi, Has anyone stopped abilify for months or years and feel like he is back to his normal self?
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