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  1. my mum is an alcoholic and when i was young me and my sister went into foster care. in all of my previous schools i was bullied for that, when i started secondary school someone made a rumour that my mum was dead and i went along with it because i thought it was the perfect excuse to not talk about her. now everyone knows and no one forgets, it is getting harder to hide the fact that she isn't dead. i find it really hard to make friends and the people that i hang out with are 1 girl and 2 boys i really like the girl and both of the boys bully me, i cant make any other friends so i cant hang out with anyone else. i recently moved in with another family member because i had problems with my dad. i constantly feel down and i don't know what to do. i look up my symptoms and it said i may have depression. i dont know what to do and i am seriously considering suicide please help me.
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