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  1. Hey @HeatherG nice to hear from you again. I'm trying to hold on and fight these demons ... The fact that someone is lonely but not alone is disturbing ... Anyways I hope you have a good day
  2. Hi @20YearsandCounting ... Thanks for replying .. I'm not doing that good... Holding on ... How are you doing? @HeatherG thanks .. How are u doing? Sorry to both I still don't know how to use this site very well :p this is why I'm writing this in the same comment or idk
  3. Hi @20YearsandCounting ... Thanks for replying .. I'm not doing that good... Holding on ... How are you doing?
  4. Hey I'm very sorry about what happened to you, few years ago (6) I met a someone and I fell in love with them, nothing official happened no marriage no anything, they broke up on me a year and a half ago... I was damaged, suicidal and I didn't know how to survive, I started cutting my skin. I threw myself under a train and if it wasn't for a guy that took me away from it I would have been dead, I think we all deserve to happy, the thing that made me survive was finally accepting the fact that pain is only temporary, I loved that person, but they didn't why would I ruin my life because of someone who didn't want my love even tho I gave everything, virginity, money, everything! My family were not a single bit supportive, I met a man who is a shrink he listened to me and taught that. Life isn't fair, we deserve to love ourselves the way we gave it away to someone who's not worth it... I now met someone else and I'm not secure but still I know they like me a lot .. And I'm finally accepting myself ... We were not put in this life just to live it and die , life is not exam, if we make a mistake we can fix or move on and we're not angels we're huamns . love yourself my friend and you will see that this is simple, she wants to leave let he leave, you will be sad for a while, and then u might meet someone who's better ... Love yourself accept yourself! We all deserve love and peace.
  5. hello everyone, first I'm Nemsay, it's a nickname as you can see, I have some paranoia and trust issues... I'm 22, depressed, lesbian and I suffer anxiety... I'm an English teacher (still a trainee) I'm joining you because I feel alone, and I'm not liking my current situation .... Thank you for reading. Best Regards to each one reading.
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