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  1. It takes quite some effort and luck for me to leave the house.I am grateful that my family has a business and let me have a place to work in.Much more fortunate to no need to find a job,even though It's not the greatest job.
  2. Rather than staying at home,I am less depress when I am outside with friends playing football or go to work at our family shop.Yesterday before I go I was very bored needing to travel to the sports club,but glad I did because I was less depress when I see them.I am aiming to replicate that again and feel happy
  3. Yea,will continue exercising.I am also into soccer,it's a form of exercising with social involve
  4. I think my mental health problem is mainly cause by my lack of social.I would recover more if I have had stable friendship and good friends.I have family supports,so it's not all bad.I go to work also,though my dad always tell me to return earlier so I didn't do a lot of job in truth
  5. It's definitely working for me...just have some issue with side effect like weight gain ect,tomorrow I will be going for a long walk with the meetup group just to socialize and relax
  6. I am on Olanzapine 20mg,which is the highest official dose of this drug.I am clearer in head nowadays and I have gain more patient after training.I already discontinued my workout but will get back to exercise when I need it.Now my life is simple which is just work,relax,sleep and eat.I reckon that I will grow fat and up in size but it doesn't matter as long as I continue and get my work done.i will not let negative thinking get in my way for recovery from my illnesses
  7. She always calls us and we don't like to receive her call,I guess I cannot control what she wants to do but I have the right to protect myself.I have done my part and I don't suppose to face so many negative emotion as I have listened to my psychiatrist now.I don't want to get unfair treatment from her and I want to live my own life and hope I listen and see her lesser as possible.
  8. My relationship with one of my aunt is not good.I have actually block her HP number,so I won't be receiving her call.She is a trouble maker in our family and many don't like her.I am actually not very likeable because of my quiet personality that won't shine,I really hope to become a little likeable so that I won't be excluded during meeting of family.
  9. I cannot hold a conversion more then five sentences,usually I blank out because I can't concentrate and lack purposes.I can speak though but just a few words,I am on psych meds,it doesn't affect my speaking or conversation
  10. Good idea,I dont workout at the gym.Might as well take it at the park,do some slow jogging.The only issue exercising at the park is some people are noisy at the basketball court.They are shouting so I rather don't go
  11. Used to go to work for 12hours and then I go back home to workout for 1.5hours.It lasted for 4 years but I am still depressed,so now I try to leave a moderate lifestyle,meaning will skip the workout and relax instead.
  12. I jog on park where I am familiar but now I keep on giving myself excuses not to run at the park anymore,I think I should still go jog wherever possible because I am gaining ALOT of weight and still eating a lot
  13. I am staying relax and being a little clever to pass my day
  14. No,it's my name in short form.I have been diagnosed since my late teen.I thought I will be alright after I turn adulthood but it seems my hope was wrong.I am nearing 30 and yet to recover
  15. Now I am put on psych meds I can get to sleep.The problem is I don't go to work now and spend all my day lurking at the PS console.For the past week I been not doing anything productive at all and just game all the way.I know I can't continue such lifestyle,need to pickup some motivation to do better things than gaming...
  16. I am on the same situation on you.age 20-27 only had 1 girlfriend whom I been with for three months,now I don't even know if she can consider my GF.Now I can't even imagine falling in love because it seems impossible,I used to be a hard worker,just can't find the purpose anymore.
  17. Just booked a 7 day room on airbnb,it will be in a place nearby my parent house.I book it as I want to see if I will feel better without living in my parent place... i have been living with my parents since I was born,although I did leave home to a nanny house for 3 years and also to a tutor house for 2 years,by that I still live in my parents house for 20++ year.I seriously feel unwell living with them,I blame nobody but myself as I am already a Adult and they didn't limit my freedom.I hope my stay will bring some positive changes to my life a little.
  18. Don't be lazy and work for your own money.There is no such thing as free lunch in this world

  19. I took mirtazapine for 2 years and have somewhat positive experience,although I take it with combination of antipsychotic but I have got to say this medication is excellent for sleep.The best dosage for sleep,is 30mg,I remember the highest official dosage would be around 45mg.Good meds overall!
  20. You are somewhat spot on.I repeat the task of unboxing and plugging the power but only to think if I should play it...in the end after 6-8 same repetition then I manage to put my hand on the console and play it.
  21. My new life goal is to stay healthy and hope that I live past 70,I haven't made plan for it but now I changed my goal.I don't want to be very rich,just average pay will get by me alone.This is my plan for 2 years then I see if I can get into a relationship these 2 years before I hit 30.
  22. I am a avid gamer,but when I am home from work I keep on struggling to choose between playing playstation 4(which I just bought) or PC(3 years but still working).I repeat the action 7-10 times of unboxing and keep it inside the box again...what is happening to me,i wonder if this repeated action is a OCD?
  23. Hey,it's 4AM here and I cannot get to sleep.I want to know if my diagnosis is actually schiz,because I remember from the root that I am actually more of depression than schiz,I need antidepressant more than anti-psch,please comment its been a few weeks since I have good sleep routine...
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