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  1. I've been there, wow have I. Looking back, I think I had to go through it -- I guess everybody goes through a heartbreak like the one you're feeling. But, for someone who maybe prone to depression or is super sensitive, or for whatever reason it is something you can't let go, then being in therapy is the best thing you can do. I'm not a professional at all in anyway, just a member on this site that hopes what I've gone through can help someone else. I believe in therapy, I've had a bond with a therapist who truly showed me that I mattered. This is crucial. I've seen that someone like me, I feel unloved and empty so that one person who I needed to love me, when he couldn't or wouldn't, or stopped--it felt like my heart was physically ripped out. Like, him not loving me affected my happiness. I look back, and I don't know what stopped the pain. But journaling, therapy, I just kept getting up and moving forward (I see as I look back), and one day the pain and longing went away.
  2. ID Channel. mayem, missing, ********... 'Disappeared' is gut wrenching. I wanna watch NFL but haven't found that favorite team yet.
  3. Wondering what happens in life when there's nothing to look forward to? Nothing positive, cause I can darn sure bet something negative will happen.. I feel kinda dreary? Empty. Wow on the road to numb.. I use to be optimistic and a dreamer. Really hopeful, I shoulda stayed away from my family. They k*l-l dreams.
  4. Surfing the 'net, happy that I have a new pair of glasses. Small things we are grateful for?
  5. Welcome to DF! This site has kinda been my second family and second home. I've met such kind, warm welcoming people. Actually my family doesn't understand the struggles and suffering that come with depression and anxieties--people here understand. Thank you for sharing your story. And no, you are not alone.
  6. I need to work on NOT being so angry over ignorant people. But oh they bug me.
  7. I know that world too well.. I'm selfish saying this or maybe I'm not--but can you hang in there with us? I LOVE music, and these clips moved and touched me. I too have felt like an alien from another planet, been treated like one by my own family. I've given up trying to connect with humans, but I'm still here cause a young nephew depends on me. And on here, I'm accepted, shown kindness, love, friendship. Thank YOU so much, and I'm sorry you're struggling, I know that pain and all I can offer is hugs, compassion, I hope one day our pain is lifted (at least subsides). Take care. Wait you like Lord of the Rings too?
  8. Welcome and hugs, I read (your post) you nurse pets/animals back to health and life. Takes a kind soul to do that. Hope to get to know ya on here.
  9. Thank you for taking care of our little furry creatures! I do hope the recovery won't be as excruciating as their telling you. Yes please keep in touch with us. I wish you the best
  10. When I go in there, solo too..
  11. Okay wow, I DM'd you. Check up above for the envelope and click. Not sure if I helped, but honey no one should hate themselves or believe their people haven't created anything. You're getting your news from the media, and they have their agendas..
  12. 20Years, How'd you make your obsession and this CO actually help you? Did you realize it was helping, how did you find a way to make it work for you? Usually obsession is seen as a negative word so to make it work for you is kinda extraordinary. My CO brings the anxiety so how is it your CO calms the anxieties? Most of us (okay I'll speak for me) find that the CO is a distraction, it hurts, it's makes us sad, there's no ups to it because we can't control the obsessing and it's not a regular crush anymore--that's why it's moved to an obsession. Take care..
  13. You're not a freak, you're a human being and this is called being triggered. Most people on this site, including myself, deal with being triggered and trying to not be triggered. You have to give yourself a break, and be gentle with yourself. I would have done the same thing you did--blocked them. You have a right to protect yourself, keep yourself safe and look out for YOU, okay? When I first saw my CO had a gf, if I even saw a little of her my heart would physically hurt, like, beyond emotional, it was physical. I get it, I think we get it. We understand. Let me know how you're doing, DM me anytime.
  14. That's gotta be the sweetest idea! Thank you Jeremiah! I'm already up so I hope everyone has a lovely day. At night, may our dreams be comforting and peaceful
  15. Hi Connie, Yes Welcome to DF! I've found so many warm, welcoming and understanding people on this site. I believe you will too. :)
  16. I hope your day, this weekend, gets better. I agree I wish social media was obsolete. It's an absolute trigger. Feel better (((hugs)))
  17. 97 with a humidity of 103 103 people! Hello Fall, anytime now
  18. Well I was gonna write that I walked to the ATM and ordered myself two chicken caesar salads, and a pizza for my nephew. But YOU'RE post here is mind blowingly phenomenal. I hope you're mom appreciates you, or at least sees what you're doing for her, or at least says thank you?? Where is the emoji for someone going WOW!? Yes please take care of your needs.. and eat And stop smoking
  19. My nephew turned 13 recently, and the back talk is crushing. All this flipping week. Then my soulless mom. They will be the end of me. On stop of obsessing? Like, I hope a giant meteor comes and just destroys the house with me in it (but I don't want anything bad to happen to my nephew). Mom, idc. But, all I wanted was a sandwich from Au Bon Pain, the salmon and cucumber, that woulda made the day special, but Uber was running behind. I wish I was mean and could really curse. I sound stupid..
  20. Hi Kathryn, Welcome to DF! I'm so sorry you're struggling, and I do understand how you're feeling. Your life mirrors mine a little bit. I've tried working and school, and I have a young nephew I'm taking care of--yes dear the load can be and feels completely overwhelming. But you've come to a wonderful site. I've met so many wonderful, kind and caring people here. I've been a member for a year now, and it's an amazing place here. I send hugs
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