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  1. I would like to stop taking care of people who don't care about me.
  2. Yeah same here, if I don't pay someone to listen no one will listen. But I don't mind therapists listening, they do offer me some kindness and comfort. I'm sorry you're dealing with no one listening. You deserve for people to listen and I hope you connect with them soon.
  3. like crap, but i have my nephew studying the constitution and I still think I'm a worthless pile of garbage. Mom really did a number on me huh? Whatever.
  4. I'm so sorry for your loss, if you ever want to talk please DM me?  :console:

  5. Is it okay to ask why you don't have a follow button?  Cause I like your posts.  Have a lovely day 🙂

    1. lonelyforeigner


      Thank you 🙂 Looks like it wasn't enabled, it should work now. Take care,


    2. HeatherG


      Awesome!  Thank u!!  🙂

  6. Lying is not connected to depression. When I allowed a boyfriend to mistreat me, I sought therapy to learn why I allowed the mistreatment. I learn it wasn't about him, it was about me. I send you hugs, and peace of mind.
  7. didn't knock myself off today .. No I'm not in any danger, just a lousy day.
  8. mad at myself. so much to do and I don't have any energy to get things done. Nothing worse than disappointing myself.
  9. I thought I sent this, but I wanted to say that I needed that cry. Never apologize for having feelings, it's what makes us human beings. And trust me you'll never be a bigger expect in crying than me! Just ask my family!! lol. And remember when you feel, it means you're human so in a twisted way you're more of a human being than most people.
  10. Yes this hurts like hell!! WTH! I don't even know where or how to start, this post has me crying. God knows I know heartbreak, but, what you wrote was extraordinary. I've never been speechless, my friend, and I don't know what to say other then to say I'm here, we're here. Please just DM if you need to, just tell us how we can be there--let us know. Let me know. And I am so sorry this happened.
  11. Got my nephew to read and write about the Constitution, 27 Amendments..
  12. Jeremiah, Actually it's not boring, I like reading everyone's good night messages. I'm not in a family that does loving conversations so on here, I get the love and concern. It's 1:20 am where I am. Everyone slept tight, sleep peacefully.
  13. This is a good thread!! Goodnight to my DF family, and good morning to my DF family--those who see a sun already rising. BTW @evalynn I'm still wide awake too.
  14. At this moment eat a really big delicious deli sandwich. My needs are small, lol I made the sandwich. Really yummy!!
  15. Fall is here. Yippee! It's crisp and cool outside, finally!
  16. NBA season started, preseason. Trying to get excited about it, Minnesota vs GS (Golden State) are playing.. Meh
  17. Please, please MarkintheDark are you taking any time for you? Making sure YOU are okay? Please do that.
  18. @June322 I keep going in there too and no one is in there. Nice to know I'm not the only person who wouldn't mind a chat sometimes, thanks June322 and Kogent5.
  19. like the worst parent/aunt ever. My nephew was with me and when he got out of Uber he fell and his knee is all bloody. My guilt is behind horrible. He cried, and my guilt is like..
  20. Welcome to DF. It's a warm and very friendly place. No judgments. Really kind, supportive people.
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