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  1. Did you know Disney/ABC is hiring screenwriters? Every May, until June 7th I believe, they open a big casting call for writers/scripts/TV screenwriters. Just FYI. That's all I know..
  2. I don't feel like, I've accomplished. You know? That pat yourself on your back. Or, am I being too hard on myself. Yeah, I see I'm not the only one with severe mood swings. But I rarely ever feel that overwhelming joy, happy feeling. Ugh, what if I do accomplish and then I don't feel happy? AHHHHHHH! I need my spaceship to come get me now. LOL.
  3. Why can't I write more than one chapter? What's wrong with my mind or brain?
  4. Are you okay Evalynn?  We miss you!  We wonder and hope are you okay?

  5. I wonder about her too! I think I even once left a message on her page "miss you"? I really hope she's okay! She, like you, adds to that comfy family feeling on here. @evalynn
  6. JD! Hello! Thank you. Yes I love kittens. I'd like to adopt one, one day. Blind leading the blind? I know that feeling. But, she's lucky to have someone who understands, ya know? Brother, always nice hearing from you. 🙂
  7. Which end? I'm probably lost. LOL! Your words are so sweet. Thank YOU!!
  8. Every day that's not bad, seems meh. All the days are the same. I know, the virus. I should have been more gracious I guess in 2019 but my mom passed away that year. Maybe I should have been grateful in 2018. The normality I miss so much. But this depression. God, what's it all about? So today? Ugh. But it's nice being back on here. I AM SO GRATEFUL FOR ALL OF YOU. I really am. I don't think you all know what you mean to me. I wish you did. You're my virtual family, a loving family, who always shows me kindness. I thank you!!
  9. really nice outside. cool, breezy. but i'm not going out there! people are out there. Ugh. 😑
  10. I haven’t been on here for awhile. I hope the rest of my life won’t be spent, searching for that ever elusive inner peace. I told, ask God, what do you want from me. Waiting for his answer..
  11. Ok. I’m comfort eating. so, I’m eating crap. High levels of salt grease sugars. saw doc this week, ugh. I’m tired.
  12. Cabin on a mountain. Wait, if I could purchase PEACE. Yes, peace. To feel safe. sorry, I want all 3. cabin peace safety
  13. I want to let go of being so disappointed in myself!
  14. My heart breaks reading your post. Wow, how people can be so cruel. This is the year to get to know YOU. Find your worth, because YOU are worthy and don't you dare let anyone tell you differently. Loving yourself takes work, I wish someone had told me this years ago. Once you like, love yourself, you won't let anyone abuse you. As far as that job, yes it's SO hard to find employment right now. But the boyfriend's family, and the fact you have your own place can be a blessing--but the boyfriend living at home with parents that verbally abuse you? You can ask yourself why you're dealing with this, why not decide that if you can't walk through the front door--that home isn't worth visiting. Even if you're boyfriend loves you, please say to yourself, "Why am I going through a doggy door?" "Why would I listen to someone tell me that my job isn't a good job?" "Why do I listen to people judge me? I went through ALL of that, and today, no more. Never again. You sound like a lovely person, so start treating yourself like that.
  15. When I started liking myself, approving of myself, thinking highly of myself--I did not need the validation of anybody else. Hey, this took me years! Because I use to live by everybody else's approval or rejection--this just aggravated my depression. You're seeking outside approval, which will keep you down. Upset. You have a husband, baby, I hope some family and some good friends. You may never get an answer on why you've been rejected, do you want to spend your life wondering why, when they probably aren't thinking of you. Hey, sounds harsh, but this was told to me and I still didn't get it. You sound sensitive and I love that--this world needs sensitive people. But sensitive people wear their hearts on their sleeves and we, you, always get hurt. And that hurt lingers. The best revenge is to be happy. I don't know if you're near maybe a therapist to help boost your self-esteem. I speak to mine every week. And yes, swim, read, write, puzzles, play with your baby, spend time one on one with the hubby when the baby naps. And speak with us, reach out to healthy friends! They won't just block you and not tell you why. Real friends act like real friends. Stay lovely, and I wish you the best! And sending virtual hugs! 🙂
  16. I'm so sorry for your loss. I send **hugs**
  17. I'm very sorry for your loss. ***hugs***
  18. I hope you get a lot of thank you's.  But I don't think you get enough thank you's.  🙂

    🙏    :Coopclapping:

    1. Lindsay


      That was so sweet of you, @HeatherG !

      I just saw this, I have been so busy.  I wish I did get more response.

      Thank you so much!  Stay Safe:flowers:



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