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  1. Good luck salparadise6132, good for you. Definitely something to cheer about! I hope she calls you back :)
  2. Yes, after that initial sting I saw it for what it was and that's a psychologist just being honest with me. I lined up two for next week so one of them surely shouldn't feel that my problems are so complex, I guess?
  3. Thank you, I am trying that. Thank you for your information on OCD (I was not aware) about how it's making this extra hard on me. I'm trying my best to see another therapist. I appreciate you responding. Thanks so much :)
  4. I would suggest going to see a therapist in person. You'll receive more perspective and clarity on what's happened. It's heartbreaking reading your post. I am so sorry you are hurting. I do hope some healing happens, seeing a professional does help. And with all broken hearts, it takes time to heal. Also reach out to friends you have.
  5. flippin bummed. A psychologist called me back and said she's kinda booked but wanted to hear my problems/issues to see if she can help (and squeeze me into her schedule). I named them, and, she's referring me onto other agencies because my problems are "too complex" for her. Like, bleep bleep!--Since I cleaned up the language hope it's still PG13.. But man, when a psychologist is saying too complex it's like seriously, I can't be that messed up except, yep, I am. Too many problems for her. Gosh I hate finding help.
  6. Good question. I signed onto here over my celeb obsession. My depression/anxieties are severe, and something this guy did in an interview was so sweet and kind and like POP, it hooked me and for the life of me I can't unhook myself. I guess my answer is yes. I posted to an old post.. still navigating my way around here. So nice to know I'm not alone. But gosh I want out of this obsession, it's like its immobilized me.
  7. I'm going through the same exact thing right now. I hope these are some comforting words. Because I can't snap out of it. I tell myself not to google, but I end up googling. I can say that I was able to snap out of one of my celebrity crushes a couple years ago. I don't believe these crushes last forever. But the intensity is what's so scary about it. Like, why can't I control my own mind? Yep I do feel pathetic and I'm signing to see another therapist because too much time, emotions, attention is spent on this celebrity. Realizing all dreams don't come true is very hard. I think I'm going into my third or fourth week. It's truly horrifying and I wish I could understand what's going on with me and my mind.
  8. I think everyone's probably saying don't put all your eggs in one basket, right? I have a tendency to do this. And I'll mess it up all the time. Mental health can be a nightmare on relationships. Your age, you're so young, please if there's one thing I wish someone, anyone, would have taught me is for me to be kind to myself. You're hard on you. I'm scheduling to see a therapist again, because right now is really hard. You're going through a lot here, so take it easy on yourself.
  9. Hi MissBee23, Welcome! I haven't been on here too long. There's not alot of back and forth so be patient with everyone (least that's my assessment, I could be wrong). But those who have been kind to me mean alot. I too had the most dreadful coworker and I handled it wrong, so I can't help there but I'm happy to listen, I hope we can all help one another on here. Take care. -Heather
  10. My two cents, insecurity in a man is not a turnoff. And it is very hard out there, not just for you but for women too. As you can see how people are posting to you. And women I know aren't looking for the perfect package, most just want a nice stable guy--and unfortunately those aren't the ones you've met. But they are out there. I hope when you meet her, that you are ready to then deal with being in a relationship because that's hard work in and of itself. I hope you'll spend valuable time getting comfortable with yourself. Whenever people ask me where to meet nice people I say church, libraries, work, gyms, through friends and family. I wish you the best. :)
  11. I sent a message to a therapist yesterday, today I'm waiting for her to call me back. Waiting waiting :/
  12. Aw CoolCat7, you've got an adorable pic of a cat, love it! And thank you for the hugs, many hugs to you too! You made my night! Have a good night :) -Heather
  13. Thank you JD4010. Yes, being on here is a comfort. Thank you for your reply :)
  14. I hate feeling either God has given up on me, or is sick or me, doesn't exist or worse He doesn't find me worthy or important. I don't blame Him. But it's hard to hold on right now because I'm just bleeping up what life I have left and it's affecting others so negatively. I'm like this worthless pile of cow manure. I can't get it right. Yep, I'll be calling my therapist and scheduling, again. Geez.
  15. I can only tell you what worked for me. First, I too had a disastrous first relationship. Morbidly horrible, I can't even talk about it. But what did help me was distance and time. These two took some of the sting off because I didn't have to see him (he was friends with my brother and kept coming around like I didn't matter anymore and like we were never a couple). I could even hear him saying, "It's so good to not be in a relationship anymore." I was dying inside. Time? That was the healer. But while time is going by you've got to shed those tears (cry it out), tears for you, tears for a broken heart, tears that yea, it hurt that I allowed myself to be mistreated when all signs told me he wasn't right for me (I told myself I won't let it happen again). But give yourself a break honey, we ALL do this, we ALL pick the wrong one. I wouldn't try dating afterwards even though you want to find someone to be in love with. I learned I didn't love me and until I do, i'm not dating at all. I've got too many emotional issues. I poured myself into working, a new place, books and MUSIC. I wrote, watched movies and after awhile I didn't feel that hurt anymore. it did take awhile. I hope you have friends to lean on. I didn't. And I hope my reply to you is kind, helpful in some way. I do know what a broken heart feels like. If the pain is unbearable, talk to a therapist. And Be kind to yourself. --Heather
  16. Thank you. salparadise6132. There's so much wrong I could write four volumes of misery. But just hearing from people on here, like you, is a comfort. *hugs* --Heather
  17. I can relate. But I stopped trying to get my family to care, well, I guess in a way I'm always still trying to please them and care for them and hope some of that will come back to me. it's not. It won't. I completely understand how you feel. I'm not the favorite in my family. And they completely minimize and dismiss my depression and mental health issues. My mom is like, "Well if you don't think you're depressed it'll go away." Imagine hearing that. I'm called overly sensitive too. I agree with weareinfinite about making friends. But for me, making friends is so super hard.
  18. I was on Xanax for 20 years and just got off it late last year. I have a good doc who gradually got me off it, but geez the side effects from getting off it and being on it that long is hard. On Xanax, I was able to carve out maybe 4 hours sleep. Now that I'm off it, I cannot sleep at all. Everything is way off. --Heather
  19. Hi Epictetus, Thank you so much for responding. I was trying to connect to the already established thread on here but new to navigating and couldn't find it. Just posting on here has been a reprieve for me. I believe, I hope I can snap out of this sooner than later. If not, I do agree, going back to therapy will help. But I sure hope I don't have to go back. Anyway, thanks again for replying. I'm really grateful this website is here. And your words are not poor, they are appreciated :)
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