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  1. What kind of headphones? Always looking for super ones :)
  2. I never thought about it like that. Same here! I feel stuck at age 15, when I began noticing boys and they were running to the super-developed "puttin out" girls. Hope I said that tastefully??
  3. Cert. pc tech at the end of this year? Whoa hey Gerri820 that's AMAZING. Hello! Wow! You're moving ahead. Good for you Now, I hear you about your friend/sister , yes, it could feel awkward trying to confide in her. I know someone like that, and I stopped even saying I have a headache, fearing she'll moan and complain that I'm bringing her down. Are you going to look into talking to someone? Did we already go over that? Never feel I forgot or forget, since I'm not sleeping, barely eating, my memory is no longer sharp--I hate it. Use to pride myself on my memory. Anyway, you have an amazing Thursday, and a great weekend and drop me a line, alot. I check this site a couple times a day. I'm happy to listen. Take care of yourself and never wonder if you're worthy. You matter. :)
  4. Lonely but not alone, wow I get that!! Keep in touch, let us know how your days are. We're here, we'll be here. I wish you an amazing Thursday and weekend. I check this site a couple times a day. You have a wonderful day, too *hugs*
  5. Never feel bad for feeling bad. As a child who comes from a house filled with turmoil, I'm wondering if you could try some family therapy. This would help the children learn how to handle this separation, the anger, confusion, new man in the house. The therapy could help you with your anger (which is clearly understandable), and it can help your wife learn to maybe take it a little slower when bringing someone into the house (just my thoughts). A therapist would help you two to communicate with one another again. That you bring up the pain you know your children are feeling is commendable (my dad didn't give a bleep). Your heart is hurting, and a therapist can help sort out most of these issues and bring some clarity, peace, understanding back to the family. Therapy can rebuild trust, and bring back that sense of family even though there is a separation.
  6. utterly defeated by my obsessive thoughts, like, I'm so fricked up and there's no hope--I can't control my own mind and that's a flippin shame.
  7. Thank you for posting. I don't feel so alone with my unwavering celebrity obsession.
  8. Allow me to say I have a great doctor, I've met two. My first one I had for 20 years, when he retired, within his hospital I met a young one just starting and she was accepting new patient. She's fabulous. Are there horrible ones? Yes, my mom keeps meeting them. I've never been lucky but maybe on this one, I am. And you can meet a great one but it means you may meet more bad ones before a good one comes along. If this family doctor can help, I sure hope so. You deserve a great doctor. :)
  9. Gosh I understand your struggles. And the last thing you probably want to hear is for you to take it easy on yourself. You're blaming yourself, adding in the guilty, worry, stress, and this decision that nobody has a right to judge you on--Nobody. Are you seeing anyone for your condition, anorexia? Also this depression you're experiencing, even though you have a wonderful boyfriend (I'm glad), he's there for love and support but a therapist separate to handle these thoughts that are plaguing you, this self-doubt, anger, disappointment, all these things that run around in our heads and they keep us feeling down. Allow yourself some relief by talking to a therapist. Someone genuine, kind, supportive, who understands these issues and can help advise, nurture, encourage you and help you see how wonderful YOU are. This decision about your pregnancy does not define who you are, don't let anybody tell you otherwise. Problems with food don't define who you are. Be gentle with yourself, find a therapist and allow some healing to start. Take care.
  10. But rhyl, you might need to really see a doctor. Don't give up, not when you might really need to see one and there are such great doctors out there. I know the bad ones might make you give up, but don't. Not when a great one can give you some answers??
  11. I'm pretending. I'm also accepting crumbs from life, ya know, not really living just here and not getting anything that I "need." I can't believe I"m this miserable and it scares me but yes i'm this miserable.
  12. Yes I understand, reporting him could open up a can of worms. Maybe in the future, you can slip an anonymous note out there on him when they think you've forgotten about this. I hope you get a really good doc, one who'll help you and do right by you. Take care *hugs*
  13. I would run so fast. I'd also report this so-called doctor. whoa geez I didn't think people still actually thought like this, well, the zealots but wow, that's some holy crap on a cracker. You deserve a proper diagnosis and to be respected, listened to and heard. I'm actually speechless here.
  14. Zombiees4life, Not sure if you hung around to see someone responded to you on here . Actually it's brave to eat in any restaurant by yourself, I end up feeling awkward and taking the food home and it's of course cold by the time I get there. Anyway, when you struggle with depression for this long it will feel like your normal, when it's not normal to feel this way. Depression is a liar, masked, betrayer, and it's why we go to therapy to unravel what's real, true, and factual. This is not YOU. You're only 25, you have plenty of time to find your truth and find happiness. But you can't do it alone. I wouldn't go to facebook for friends or to reach out. I scheduled a psychologist for myself. You can schedule a therapist and see how it goes and I promise you, if you find a genuine one who is real, going to invest in you emotionally, listen, and dig at where all this is coming from--you will feel relief but it's never instant, never overnight. But oh the joy of leaving an office and you get a mountain off your back. I always come home feeling a little bit of relief. Like, someone cares about me. Please try this. I signed on here because I'm at the end of my rope. It took a little bit for someone to respond to me. A nice person responded. Then another and another. Please hang in there, and see your tomorrows don't have to mirror your yesterdays.
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