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  1. I feel like a piece of crap. Kinda waiting for my health to break, if I'm hospitalized I bet I'll get a breather. If lucky, die. whatever.
  2. Good to hear you're doing ok. I spend way to much time still obsessing. My CO has a movie out and it's big and it's just, too much. I can't even. I cant. Anyway, great to hear from you. Just knowing, I'm not alone. Thanks a bunch :)
  3. Kinda bad to horrible, but today I did some writing and editing and boom, I just feel like, the obsession is waning enough and it's not constant in my head, so, fingers crossed that I do more writing and editing and feel productive and not like a piece of nothing--whew! Thank you for asking, I appreciate your kindness :) How are you doing?????? *hugs*
  4. @HopelessRomantic2011, Whew, I needed to read this thread. I thank everyone for being open and honest. Hugs to everyone, also. Peace, H
  5. Remember these words YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Okay? You are not alone. Lots of support on this website, and all around you it just means getting out--and personally I know how hard it is to just leave the house. But I have to see my therapist, or I won't see the new year (I'll be ok tho, I guess). Please allow me to say I'm moved by your words about being a mom, and I respect the baby fever. But I know in your heart, you want to be in a good healthy stable place, with a strong solid supportive partner, before you bring a child into this world. That's all I can say about that. Ok, yes, I too love being in a baby store and seeing all the little pinks and blues *smile*... Wow red states aren't helping? Geez, how insensitive (and I know because I'm from a red state). And you're moving to a red state? Ouch :( I don't know where to start, maybe within that state there has to be some community centers, churches or organizations, you might have to google and hope their listing..?? Yes that's why I want to get back to work, because I truly miss that healthcare package. With my package, it did always cover mental health/therapy tho. Usually a move can open up all kinds of new things, new people, new opportunities, contact maybe a chamber of commerce and see what their listing?? Honey as you may lose people who don't understand depression, you are gaining a whole community of people like us who do care, who want to help, who are supportive and deeply want to see you happy and healthy. Keep in touch..
  6. Hope the weekend treats you well. Thank you for the follow *hugs*. Let me know how your upcoming week goes. U take care hon. :)
  7. Yep you can follow people on here. I'll follow you. Friday's weather is nice (east coast weather). I'm looking forward to next week, hoping to get some things in order. School just starting for you? I think once you meet that therapist, you'll learn tips on new friends, handling new loves, handling classes, handling anxieties, all kinds of coping and living life skills. Life becomes more clear. It's hard to find clarity sometimes, least for me it's hard. Okay, you have a nice weekend, ok? :) I hope Friday treats you well. *hugs* G
  8. You are so sweet *hugs*. Keep in touch and let me know when you've found a therapist. Hope Thursday is a great day for you.
  9. Dolphin2013. Thank you for the hug. I really need that right now. I appreciate your kindness. :)
  10. I'm so sorry to hear that. I send my prayers to you and to your friend. Let me know how things go..
  11. Hope things work themselves out.. Is your friend going to be alright? I hope so :)
  12. Are you dealing with depression? And please, 30 years old, kinda give yourself a break here. That's very young. I think a therapist could help you break out of this cycle, or at least help you be motivated and take that first step. Something is causing you to not go outside, don't beat yourself up about it. In fact, being angry at yourself and disappointed just makes you feel worse, right? So, look up some nearby therapist, explain how you are feeling and see if they can give you a consultation (then meet weekly which will get you out of the house). If you're not insured, look up city agencies or community centers that offer free therapy/counseling. Maybe even someone who specializes in employment. I do agree bringing a child into this situation wouldn't be a good idea. Maybe that's not baby fever but your fever to get out there and live your life. I wish you all the best, and I believe with a therapist, you'll be taking that first step. *hugs*
  13. Kinda sick. dizzy. see doc tomorrow and i know i'm gonna get a flippin lecture. THIS CANNOT BE LIFE.
  14. Anytime hon. Yes I do wish I'd gotten therapy at the beginning of my problems, and stuck with it. Over the years I've cut my hair for all kinds of reasons, none very good reasons--and I always end up deeply regretting the cut. Yes I do know the pain of feeling like, no one is there and no one cares or listens. Big hugs right back at'cha. I hope your Wednesday is treating you well. I hope my responses have been helpful, and encouraging. Thank you right back at'cha. :) *hugs*
  15. my brother who treats our mother like she's his cook, personal assistant, grocery shopper, bill payer, bill writer, laundress, Oh she's fine with all this *growl*
  16. You sound like such a kind human being. You would benefit so much from therapy. And I do want you to enjoy being in college with all those college experiences, not have anxieties ruining your day/time there. Thank you--Please don't cut your hair, I did it, I've done it, and it takes a while to grow back and not to mention--longer hair is easier to deal with (least for me it is, pull it back in a ponytail). Yes I think we're stronger than we know, but sometimes I don't feel that strong at all. Yes you should be enjoying college. My Sunday was okay, thank you. And hugs right back'atcha :)
  17. Whoa a college guidance counselor was dismissive, making assumptions it's just about a boy? Hmm. I'm not feeling that. And honey it was so long ago when a boy I liked took advantage, thank you for your kind words but I'm okay. Way in the past. Yes guys can be jerks but so can girls. I'm not that strong, at all, I go seek help, whether a therapists or psychologists. I don't stop until I know the person I'm seeking help from can and will help me. Yes please talk to a therapist and make sure nothing else is going on inside of you. Also, she/he should help you reach out to friends, join a sorority, be friends with both guys and girls and have your college experience be the most fulfilling time of your life right now. These are those years where you build connections and contacts and lifelong friends. Since you've felt depressed for years, why not look into what's going on and have a therapist help you? It'll be the best thing you've ever done for yourself. You take care, and be good to yourself *hugs*. Have a lovely Sunday.
  18. Thanks hon. I'm googling, they sound awesome! :)
  19. Thanks, yep, sounds like the school I went to. And guys do love a chase, then they catch the girl (she's now into him), but the pursuit is over and he's bored...and he's o.u.t. LOL. Guys, their a funny bunch! :0
  20. Sound of Music soundtrack (Julie Andrews singing)
  21. You sound completely normal, with some issues of insecurities that most young people have and I'm assuming most young people are suppose to feel some uncertainties? First, I would reach out to a guidance counselor about the way you feel. you could just use some time with a therapist to see if you're dealing with depression. One of my biggest mistakes was believing that getting a boyfriend or a boy to notice when I felt so insecure--believing a boy noticing me will make me feel better or feel pretty. In fact, it was easy for that boy to take advantage because I was so super insecure. If this happens, please don't beat yourself up about it. I did, and it just made things so bad. But you, have a chance to feel better on your own, get yourself together before you are together with someone else. Talk to a therapist. Please. Reach out to your guidance counselor, every college kid is assigned one (last I heard). Reach out to your family? A pastor? Family doctor? What you are feeling is normal, but it shouldn't make you this unhappy. These are precious years, enjoy them. You deserve to be happy
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