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  1. A marriage therapist could help sort a lot of these issues out. In my humble opinion.
  2. Welcome TkC! I hope your cat feels better. I would also like to know (if you don't mind) if and when the Lexapro kicks in, if you are feeling better? What's the weather like in Sydney right now? Take care :)
  3. Anyone know about the power of prayer, is there power in prayer, does prayer work. Is God there? Is He mad at me? What'd I do wrong? I'm exhausted.
  4. @salparadise6132 @CoolCat7 Thanks so much everyone. Thanks for the hugs Salparadise6132 and CC. CC, much luck with going back full time, I know it's scary but it's also incredible--I'm proud of you. Hey, Don't forget to keep writing :)
  5. Beautiful work. Beautiful writing. Thank you for letting us read your work.
  6. Oh my gosh I'm so sorry. I send my thoughts and prayers to him.
  7. I hear ya, I really do. For me I would suck it up and move out and be broke but at least it's (it'll be) my place and I have my peace. My sister maybe moving in, and I'm already on the look to see where I can go and who I might be able to rent a room from. I completely understand how you feel. Is there anyway to have a carpenter nail up a wall and give you some extra space/privacy in your mom's house?? We brought/got a carpenter in to adjust a room to try to give me some space and privacy, it's worked so far. But if my siblings come back, it's not going to work.
  8. I get hugs on this site, I luv this site! Hugs right back'atcha! How are you and how's your friend? Shout out to @KidSurvivor2011 who is having a very hard time. Major hugs to Kid. *hugs!*
  9. Okay I can understand that. Keep in touch? I gotta go but I'll check back in a couple hours. Remember you matter. Lots of hugs, luv, peace -Heather
  10. Depression's going to feel even more intense then. Me too, for now. Can you make plans to call a therapist Monday? Or even sending a message to some this weekend, let them know how you're feeling. You matter, you just don't feel or believe that right now. You're on a lot of people's minds on here. People have you in their thoughts on here. That means something even if you can't feel or believe that right now. Will you call someone on Monday or try now or this weekend? Please?
  11. Yes I can't call those hotlines myself either. I don't know if this counts or helps at all BUT, I know the feeling of lonely, I was crying for the last two days over this feeling. Do you have a therapist?
  12. I'm going through the same exact thing! But for me, I don't care about a savings--I've always lived in an apartment and been left with only enough to pay for transportation and groceries. And this is because I hate living with people. You might have to make this decision, and looking now for a place, a tiny one that's safe and the tenants aren't all crazies--this might be your only option. I dont know. Unfortunately, for now is this the option for you? I know all this sucks, but our sanity and not being around your bro and his gf and you mentioned a dog is coming?????? Oh my gosh!
  13. Oh gosh kid I"m so sorry. Do you need to call someone or a hotline?
  14. Well I should be ashamed to say I've gone longer without showering ! I showered today because, well, it was bad . I was in there for a long time. DO NOT beat yourself up over this. You're doing the best that you can at this time with what you've got. Remind yourself this. You're doing the best that you can at this time with what you've got!
  15. Misophonia. I learn a lot on here. Thanks everyone.
  16. Here's what happened to me. My brother is a nightmare, doesn't sound like yours so I'm just saying that's how it feels if my brother moved back in. When I had to live with him, it was impossible so I rented a room from a church lady friend and lived there for about 8 months. Actually wasn't too bad. From there at that time I was working, and I found a studio aptmnt, not too bad. Now I'm back in mom's house, and if a sibling wanted to move back in it would be horrible--just like you my life would change and I would suffer. So I'm Going back into therapy to find a way to stabilize myself, and get back to some kind/type of job so I can find another studio aptmnt and move out. Yes this is almost impossible, but not entirely impossible, ya know? As long as you're in your parents house your brother will probably come and go, and bring his girlfriend with him. Sometime ago, I walked downstairs in my mom's house and found my brother's baby mama with their baby in the living room! (Twice this happened, two babies mama's, my brother is a dog). I ended up getting along with her/them and the baby was adorable, but yes I freaked OUT because I'm in my mother's house and since it's hers she doesn't have to tell me whose coming or moving in. I hate living with my mother, I hate not having my own place again. But I'm battling like a mad woman to get back on track and get back to some type of stable work, and back to my own place. I can't stand living with other people. NO you're not selfish.
  17. Ya got me smilin, so thank you. Weeks get harder and harder. Hard to not want to stay on the tracks, ya know? I send you hugs :)
  18. Dude for you or for me? If we're both on the tracks, I'll push you out of harm's way.
  19. Light at the end of the tunnel is still an incoming train
  20. Your post made me cry, not a bad thing. All I can say is I wish someone hugs and holds you. Until you can feel Love again... I hope you'll check here again, repost to where rainingviolets suggests. And hear us. You're here for a reason. For a valid reason. Please continue talking to us.
  21. Hope your checking for messages. I send my hellos and hugs. Hope you check back in. We're here! *hugs*
  22. My g.d. mother! you f***ed up my life and now you're f***ed up but now I'm flippin responsible for someone else's child and you messed me up so bad. I'll die never knowing true love, a partner, normal friends, work, life, living, you ensured I'll never know anything that makes life worth living. Now you suffer, and I don't gloat but I sure say you f** in got karma coming to you. you know, to not know love, someone to bring me flowers, a dinner date, what is that? You ensured me just going outside would frighten me, nothing is safe to me. and now I rot away. And to God watching, wow, thanks (sarcasm!) tried to clean up the curse words, sorry.
  23. HSN (voices are soothing, I don't buy anything) I WAS appreciating calm voices on the weather channel but it keeps showing the president and his inappropriate comments on something. I did watch CWs The Flash yesterday, nice. I miss quality tv. Now I'm just listening to music. Trying to find new music, or maybe just cruise with Elvis . :/
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