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  1. :hugs:Hi JD!  Just me sending a hello..

    1. JD4010


      Hey. Thanks for the hello. I hope you are doing well.

    2. HeatherG


      I'm okay, hey hope you're doing well.  🙂

  2. a tad inspired. gosh i hope i'm not jinxing this?
  3. Wow don't I know this feeling! What helped me, was a wonderful therapist and distance from those who were contributing to me feeling so down and low. Learning to remind myself that I'm not worthless, and this takes work and years. But it can be accomplished, and yeah it's hard. But worth it. And YOU ARE WORTH IT. Even when you don't feel that way, even when so many things seem like their falling apart you are worth it. Take care, and be good to yourself.
  4. Kinda p***** off at my sh*tty mom. If you have a good mom hug her tight and be grateful, okay?
  5. Good for you! I think you might encourage me so thank you for posting this.
  6. To obsess again, that's my comfort zone. But it's just wasting life, time, my life. Not that there's anything to waste. But still. Love dreaming my life away.. *sarcasm*
  7. JessieJake, Hi. Thanks for posting. It took me YEARS, so many YEARS to not be destroyed over my unemotional mother. I spent years trying to get or gain her approval, to get her to be proud of me, to show me she believes in me and sees that I'm a good person -- worthy to her. It's never happened and for me it never will. And it took years to finally say, "I just don't care anymore about my mother's opinionS!" Took years to finally, feel it. To truly feel it. What helped me was staying in therapy, I had such a great caring and wonderful therapist. And when I say years in therapy for me it was years. So well worth it, because I could see how I was helping my mother destroy any confidence I had. If she wasn't excited or proud, I couldn't be. Now, her opinion means nothing. Now, that doesn't mean my feelings don't get hurt. I'm human. You're human. Give yourself a break my dear. BTW, your job sounds amazing, YOU sound amazing and please if this is what you want, hang in there. Please try to be proud of yourself. From what you wrote, you sound so amazing to me. I wish YOU could see and feel this way about yourself. Take care my dear. If I was your mom, I'd be so super proud of you!
  8. I wonder if it's weird to accept feeling numb..
  9. I know how you feel, I know this feeling very well. I send you hugs, and peaceful thoughts ..
  10. Hi Salparadise, how ya doin'? @JD4010 Hey JD, I like hearing about that fun you had with your daughter -- she's lucky :)
  11. All I can say is, I've embarrassed myself with crushes -- and I went into school the next day, and even if you can only do half a day I do hope you go in. Hold your head up high even if inside it's nothing but nerves and the worst feeling. This is ONE guy. ONE guy. And you're hurting yourself again? Oh honey, please stop. If you're going to hurt yourself, please call an emergency number or hospital -- don't hurt yourself. You know how much you mean to us on here. I'm trying to respond. And, last time you thought he wouldn't accept your (untold #) of friendship requests and he eventually did. Please breathe, this too shall pass. Every time you believe it's the end of the world, it hasn't been. It never is. It just feels that way. So hold on.
  12. Most passports photos I see come out kinda bad, weird, after awhile one laughs at it. I laughed at my passport photo, it's bad. But I laughed about it, don't stress yourself out if you don't have to -- ya know? Take it easy. As I always say, Breathe... Like how many people will see it except those people in airports who are going to check it and stamp it, right? These moments and situations, learn to make light of it because it's not a big deal. You're a beautiful person, you know it's what's on the inside that counts so don't do this to yourself, okay? Take care love :)
  13. @babyxgothxx Sound advice from @RiverLight !! Remember Babygirl, it's just one day. Know that you have here on DF, people who appreciate your friendship and kindness.
  14. Aw wow you are kind! So kind! I thank you! And you're right I have looked for a mom and dad in everyone and gotten myself in so much trouble, heart broken in millions of pieces over doing this. I stopped recently, I have learned my lesson but learned it the hard way. Okay love, I send many hugs and so much peace back to you -- I hope you will remain on this site as long as you need to. We're here, I'm here. There's so much nurturing, kindness, love, support, encouragement and friendship on this site. A mini family that doesn't hurt! Take care my friend, wonderful hearing for you. I send my love :)
  15. Hi June322 thank you for these words. I too read the initial first post and did not know what jm_okla was asking. I hope if jm_okla is seeking emotional support, kindness and good friends he will post again and let us know how he's doing. Anyone looking to move, most cities (as far as I know) have a chamber of commerce, visitor's guide, mayor's office, it takes a lot but just taking those first few steps and reaching out maybe someone will respond back from these offices -- offering some tips and advice on what their city is offering. Best of luck! BTW: lonelyforeigner is kind and thoughtful.
  16. Ha! Yeah you're right, this funky great song -- when the words are written out it sounds kinda dark and sinister! lol!
  17. Helped nephew with paper on US history, scanned his papers to his teachers, read their daily 15 webmails. Still webmailing...
  18. Hot strawberry tea with cream/sugar.
  19. "Midnight creeps so slowly into hearts of men who need more than they getDaylight deals a bad hand to a woman who has laid too many bets" Nisemono, your fault. You started it.
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