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  1. Happy Holidays, and Have a Wonderful New Year's 🙂

  2. I think that bravado I spilled out saying I'll battle in 2020 to get my life on track--well that's gone.  Took 1 day for me to realize, or wonder if it's all left up to fate?  Guess I'll find out.  😒

  3. Yes, give the meds time..

    And I cannot thank you enough for being so kind..:hugs:

  4. It's been a year. 

    Hope everyone is OK.

  5. Might be a couple months before I log back in, just wanted to say thank you to everyone.  Your love is appreciated.

  6. Thank you everybody for your kind words and warm wishes, and my comment regarding God/Jesus calling me is -- faith has taken a beating.  Just would like to know/feel that God loves me and He cares, ya know? 

    Everyone take care.

    1. salparadise6132


      Hugs, Heather!!!

  7. My mom passed.  Gonna be off site for awhile.  If God/Jesus pick up when you call, can you ask Them to call me.

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    2. Hertz


      Sorry for your loss 😥

    3. salparadise6132


      So Sorry Heather!  So so sorry!  My deepest sympathies! 

    4. JD4010



      Oh damn. I'm very sorry. My deepest, heart-felt condolences. Message me any time if you need to.


  8. Hertz, I hope you're alright?

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    2. AnxietyGirl74


      Hi. I hope things are going a little better for you. I’m glad your anxiety has dropped. I hope you have found the right meds and gotten them adjusted. I just had to get an adjustment last weekend. I am sorry I haven’t been on earlier.

    3. Hertz


      Hello AnxietyGirl, thanks for the support. I have found a med combo and dosage that's helpful so I think the adjustment phase is over. It doesn't solve everything but at least I can function. I hope your latest adjustment will help.

    4. AnxietyGirl74


      Thank you. I think I need my lithium level upped because I feel the mania side of me coming out more than usual. I've called my psychiatrist's office and spoken with his receptionist about it but unfortunately I have to count on her to speak with him about it. 

      My OCD is a little worse with the Prozac being halted but he had said that the serotonin would be too high with the busier and prozac to with the prozac at 80 mg so I guess it's a give and take. In all my anxiety is much better. It's a good feeling. 

      I just hope that she gets with him about the lithium soon because the manic symptoms are really hard to fight and like I found some stuff I got today that I don't even remember ordering. Very frustrating.


  9. is it just me, cause I can't do DMs-- system keeps knocking me out and then I can't log back in?  I have to wait a while.  Like, what's going on?

    1. salparadise6132


      Hi Heather.  So Glad so have you show up in my notices!  Haven't seen you much - then again, I'm not on as much as I used to be.  DM issues? - not even sure what the means LOL.  I am old.  Does this mean you can't post on the Forum?  

      I sure hope you, and you're nephew, are well - other than this bit of technological frustration!


  10. Okay the frustration in trying to post back to someone.  Site keeps knocking me out..

    1. JD4010


      Sometimes the database has hickups I think. Same happens to me on occasion.

  11. Lord Jesus, Holy Father, Holy Spirit, I am Amazed.

    1. HeatherG


      Faith sure gets knocked around, alot..

  12. Sometimes you just want something kind or reassuring being said to you-- not the words "I don't know what to say."  Geez.

  13. I'm so sorry for your loss, if you ever want to talk please DM me?  :console:

  14. Is it okay to ask why you don't have a follow button?  Cause I like your posts.  Have a lovely day 🙂

    1. lonelyforeigner


      Thank you 🙂 Looks like it wasn't enabled, it should work now. Take care,


    2. HeatherG


      Awesome!  Thank u!!  🙂

  15. You're so kind and thoughtful, I just wanna send u a (((hug)))

    1. sober4life


      Thank you so much I'm in desperate need of hugs right now.  I'm going through a rough time.  I'm always here if you need me.:hugs:

    2. HeatherG


      Sweetie I so know that feeling, and know, if u ever wanna talk just DM me.  I'm here, we're here 4 u. 🙂

  16. :hugs:You're not alone.  I'm sorry what you're going through. 

  17. Just thought I'd leave a (((hug)))  🙂

  18. Hey there, thought I'd post a big warm hug on your page (((hugs)))

  19. Stevie!  She's so beautiful.  Your profile pic makes me happy.. 🙂

  20. Are you okay?  I hope so 🙂

  21. You're a lovely human being.  Don't let anyone tell you otherwise 🙂

    1. salparadise6132


      Thank you, Heather!!!  Hugs!

  22. Hey dude!  Nice pic and nice cat!! 🙂 

    1. Tilted


      Nice looking cat! The feline is also quite distinguished....

    2. JD4010


      Hahaha. Yeah, I thought it was time for a reveal after all of these years. No shame in it at all...

      That feline is Tika. She is an acrocat. She will jump from the floor right up onto my shoulders. It's kinda painful because she digs in with her claws, but I don't mind. She and her sister are such sweeties.

  23. Sending hugs, and a hello.. 🙂

    1. salparadise6132


      Back at you, Heather!!!!  Hope you're well!  😊

    2. HeatherG
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