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  1. bots on this page.  how could someone mess with our home! ??  I'm so upset!  How are you dealing with this?  

    1. sober4life


      Well you said it right this was a safe place.  It's probably not even safe to be here anymore.

  2. But what can we do? I'm SOOOOO upset! This place is my second home, the home where I'm not hurt! This is IT for me. How can we battle this? And win? Please, anybody, let's get together. Or if we go to another place, let's just DM one another (giving the site) until we all meet up there. Please, people. Don't let this "thing" destroy our home. Please don't let him/them do that.
  3. Hi, sorry to bother you.

    Our forums topic has been hijacked and their creating more accts on here and just spamming this sacred site.  I'm really upset about this.  All they want is to create chaos and havoc.  All we want is this place to stay peaceful, caring and ours.  Whoever this is, is running rampant on here.  It's so unfair to people who come here because it was a safe place..

  4. Brother JD, thank you.  I thought I was going crazy when I logged in and find nonsense in the forums.  And their sitting and watching us.  Because when I tried to start new topics their right behind me to post another ridiculous topic.  I'm so mad at this.  I'll repeat, this is our sacred place!

    1. JD4010


      Yeah, I would sign up to be an administrator here but I can't get online all that often. Maybe we could start a group in some chat or email chain, if worse comes to worst.

  5. I wish I knew what was going on in the forums topics.. My health is a bit not right. I don't feel well. But at least I can post here/HERE. I liked when there were normal options in the forums, the games to play and stuff like this. Little creative topics, names from A to Z. Feels like someone not only hijacked this site/forums, but also is sitting and watching us because as soon as I typed in a different topic, minutes later it was taken off and replaced by another airlines, 800#, etcs. Wow, how awful must you feel and be to sit on a depressions forum and take up space that should be used for someone who is truly dealing with a mental health problems. The vileness. How low. Despicable. I hope they can be blocked but they'll find another way on here. THIS PLACE IS SACRED! THIS IS MY SECOND HOME THAT DOESN'T HURT ME. Good grief.
  6. Hi it's HeatherG How is everyone doing? Let's post after this and change the Topics area in the Forums. How was everyone's New Year? Any hopes, aspirations or dreams or, not so good start to the New Year. Mine's? Ugh. But I'm here.. Did anyone travel? Stay alone? Oh, how about Christmas, or "the holiday" (for those who don't celebrate Christmas). Has anyone gotten a lot of snow? Not one flake where I am in the upper Northeast. I no longer believe in new year's resolutions, but does anyone have things they're looking forward to? Or trying to stop? Or working on? Did anyone visit family? Anyone want to talk about the lonliness? I got so lonely, and I'm not that type, but I called a crisis line just for someone to say hello to me. I'll probably laugh about this later. I have a weird sense of humor. I'm not ashamed, it really felt nice. I speak a lot about finding a therapist, but, like now I can't find one. It's hard to match insurances or they're all booked up. But I'll keep trying, I think. I will. What did you all get for the holiday? Gifts. I received a book and perfume. I even bought myself a book and I haven't been able to read-read for YEARS. I love books. And I'm reading! Okay, well, I hope everyone is ok. I really do. Hey what's everyone watching on TV or movies? Or, talk about your favorite music. I haven't been able to listen to music lately. But I love learning about new music or old music. Can anyone tell me about Bach's Allegro? Violins in that music are mind blowing magnificent. Oh, bye for now.
  7. I think so many of us on here have sleep issues. And depression just adds to that misery. What we would give to have a great, snugly, good night's sleep! And @duck said it best, when I nap during the day I end up wide awake at night! Pain! So, that's how I feel right now. Drowsy, fatigued, tired, grumpy, and sort of hungry. I'm working on something so special, something that can change my life for the better but flippin exhaustion and depression have blocked me for months. But things will get better. They will.
  8. Hi Nightjar, I've never heard of the K in a sea of S here, lol. Take care.
  9. Hope you're ok.  :hugs:

  10. I joined a new church, and people there hug me!  They act happy when they see me!  People say hello to me!  They give free hugs!  I know you all understand me on here, so, I've never known love or kindness to be really free.  Ya know?  Like, I, honestly, use to hate church and despised going.  But now, Sundays, I get free hugs!  And I'm feeling more confident.  I'll keep ya updated.

    I send hugs to everyone on here.  Free hugs.  :hugs:

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