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  1. Thank you! I appreciate your input! I will definitely speak to my Dr and demand to have blood work done. I do have regular blood work done for other reasons to check for a basics. (CBC) Complete Blood Counts have been done often, for various reasons (pre-surgical testing) but I'm not sure if my liver is checked with these tests. I also have blood work done every six months to check my Synthroid levels, as I take Synthroid daily, since I had my thyroid removed years ago due to cancer.
  2. Yes, I am concerned with my liver. I used to always get blood work but since my old Dr. retired, my new Dr said the dose I am on is too small to get blood work done. I am on 600 mg per day. My mom died young of liver cancer (age 62) that is why I am concerned. What are your thoughts?
  3. You are being very helpful to me! I appreciate your honest answer! I must hear all reply's carefully because I am still very scared of having a relapse. Thank you for your honesty as it definitely brings me back to reality. I agree we are not licensed but we have experienced the day to day existence of feeling broken and looking for a new hopeful beginning. Thank you for your reply!
  4. I was diagnosed with Bi Polar at age 23 after my first child was born. I experienced both mania and then depression and was put on Lithium, Prozac and Tofranil, as well as psychotherapy. I did well for many years with some small bouts of both. Seventeen years later, after going on Phen Phen for 6 months (lost 60lbs), I experienced mania, asked for a divorce from a loveless marriage, and then was hospitalized for the crash after the mania, for suicidal ideation. (Some have told me the Phen Phen depleted my serotonin level which caused this). I was prescribed to continue with Lithium and Prozac and Effexor XR was added, to bring me out of the depression. I was hospitalized for a few weeks and then became an outpatient for a few more weeks. Afterwards, I returned to work teaching, and I have done really well and have not had any episodes since that time. I am now happily retired after teaching for 30 years (age 61) and I'm considering working with a Dr. to decrease my meds (and possibly get off them completely). I HATE taking my meds and am concerned about my liver (meds from 1982 -2021) and how it will be effected after all these years. Since I have a lot less stress being retired, I think this may be the time. My current Dr. who maintains my meds does NOT agree that I should reduce or go off my meds. He states, "Why would you want to chance going off your meds, since all has been well? Do you want to take that chance?). I clearly understand his point but would like to see what others have to say about this. Do I find a Dr. who will decrease my meds or just leave things as they are? Your input will be greatly appreciated! Thank You!! Stephanie
  5. Hello, New to this site and I am looking to make some new friends...
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