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  1. Does the Pain in the World disturb you?

    well kid survivor2011 you like to stir the pan don't ya think? yeah bother me to laurynen Cat stupid and savage not all humans a phone call would have opted BEST in my book what species are you? obturator can you help me place this call? I bet you cause plenty of strife with your life
  2. Does the Pain in the World disturb you?

    most movies are little interest to me. too, although one documentary recent I do not know why I like it so- on pygmies in the congo. I guess because they live primitive. by primitive I mean with no electricity and plumbing and big box stores. no mortgage bills. they are full of superstitions like not being under the jungle leaves in a rain storm and lots of drumming and dancing for every reason possible. the man filming and learning about them made a statement about how they could identify over 3000 plants, edibles, animals, insects. etc. what do they know about the pain in the world I couldn't say... but during the documentary one guide was taking the visitor someplace and was bitten by a snake. he became worried that this would be some superstitious thing and would stop the journey. the pygmy man knew to put on tourniquet on lower leg and then go into the jungle and machete some bark and leaves to draw the poison. they as a group have removed themselves from the world so to speak. or maybe they never came out into the civilized world but seem very advanced to me. not creating suffering for others nor worrying about it like they need to solve the worlds problems by converting people into a variety of beliefs like I see some religions do creating more havoc.imo..just living their lives as tribal people. eventually one of the pygmies came to tell the visitor that a very dark man with a machine gun was spying on them.....and he fled through the night in fear of being killed as he had to bribe his way with his filming equipment into the country at whatever entry point. there is real suffering in the world. disease, famine, pow's, genocide....I don't think god is to blame to end suffering.... I do not have answers. I am removed from most news of the world. I do feel sadness over some of my personal journey thus far on the planet and my moods and life circumstances. I feel sensitive at times but at other times I do not feel sensitive. I feel responsible for turmoil in my mind and body though. I admire plenty of people. I think some that I might admire would be doctors without borders or something like that.....successful doctors who go to foreign countries to operate on cleft palates or cataracts....making a real difference. just the same as knocking on a neighbors door and offering them a lemon pie after knee surgery.
  3. Being a recluse

    there is nothing wrong with recluse. some people have to do that to replenish themselves.
  4. Honestly! Have you ever turned to alcohol?

    oil and water do not mix same for depression an alcohol. alcohol is a depressant. not much of a story just my experiences booze makes me sad
  5. What do you follow?

    I saw the shooting star recent. so don't be telling me anything from 6 years ago blurring into my experience. I was with my nephew. he was happy to see the night sky as was myself in a dark field of a nursery picking up my son at his girldfriends home. an onminipotent god is not going to whisper sweet nothings to someone else that can whisper them to me in lingo like the dingo ate my baby..meryl strep and advertise about don't wait for the drawing. yeah. spIRITS pst. let her have the surfboard
  6. Lets share jokes?

    I enjoyed the names of the four owls it made me smile thank you
  7. Lets share jokes?

    what do they do when it is still cold after they light the candle? they light the other end too! hence we have burning the candle at both ends.....:--) and after chocolate.... after that the -cashmere blanket.... after that.....AHOOOOOOOO! ........HoootHoooot! an owl echos in the distance...
  8. Lets share jokes?

    there was an old fellow named Green, who grew so abnormally lean, and flat, and compressed, that his back touched his chest, and sideways he couldn't be seen.
  9. "actions speak louder than words" is this spoken from someone who usually dominates in conversation? lets get specific about what actions you are talkin'bout. is that so? in every account I have witnessed some unusual actions. not opening the can of worms in a forum or anywhere else for that matter. my time is limited on forums because reading them upsets my psyche most of the time. but I can give my son some good advice based on your input today. some ammunition to qwell his heart and to stand tall. based on his current situation. you can't talk to people about love from the eyes of a parent if you not had the real experience of parenting. how could you and most likely you have not I would imagine the majority of folks who are not parents are stingy because they have never set their life aside for anyone its a life long commitment if someone can bamboozle you with your same dictate- you probably fall in love. what is your definition of cheating? and I do not mean websters mind you don't take this personally. I am just venting from my tongue as I remind myself of innocuous gum flapping and leg flapping- road to nowhere love songs don't mean anything and tears do not care who cry them
  10. Did you learn anything today?

    sprinkling in a little religion--eh?
  11. Did you learn anything today?

    was the lab work performed by a Labrador retriever? ha ha did you read the joke from the other thread? stress is driving in a car and lots of traffic and the urge to need to use the bathroom and then locating a bathroom before an accident(s) happen. stress is not having money to pay bills stress is where someone played a hoax on you by putting something scary under the steps inside the closet for you to find that leaves you ill at ease and then your mind plays games over and over preparing for battle. stress contains my middle initials and that is even more stressful stress is realizing you don't have skills to operate a home and have no money to call professionals very often and that you will learn the hard way stress is always pointing a finger at me
  12. I am not sure how you are going to manage to locate any answers of depth in a public forum. What is your truth first.
  13. Apology?

    I have a sister that annoys me. I try really hard to stay open in communicating with her style of personality. It will not be an easy post to describe much of myself or her for that matter. She sends a text blathering about this relationship that ended. She is actually a really smart person in an academic way-but for some reason she has a very blind spot. She professes Christianity and goes to church and prays and etc etc. but she finds these men and gets in fairly significant long term relationships...but they don't ever seem to even be step 1 christian so in the end she can't seem to continue on. why would she not pre qualify dating exclusively Christian men to begin with? I mean if you were interested in going to a gym everyday of the week and working out until perfection would you date an overweight couch potato and get much satisfaction> NO and is it likely to be frustrating to try to convince and change the lifestyle of this person in the name of love? She has never gotten along well with my mother. both parties wounded. when you are from a large family and you have the potential to shine but there is not the energy to place attention on you- will you build resentment because you may have succeeded had they driven you to gymnastics without groveling? so my sister has this pattern of changing her phone number. not kidding about 25 times in ten years. and when she has a tizz she likes to control the talking by not talking and blocks the number or changes the number. ousting the family. well it is no punishment believe me. so she text and group messages a few of the family members about the demise of the relationship(who cares? and I could have seen that coming} and I have NO TIME to get involved with her drama reality tv program. and then she has a debate with my mother they keep falling into the same trap again and again and again..... do we not recognize this? so she blathers in this group text where we cannot respond to this group text stating so and then later goes off to a few of us regarding our mother. and then APOLOGIZES for ranting then continues ranting.......... so apologize only if you recognize that you have remorse and the wherewithal to be taking a new route....a route requiring stepping in not your lonely tracks but in ones that are well trodden. :-) or keep on wolfing
  14. Does the Pain in the World disturb you?

    I am up with a stomach ache. no I do not like what I wrote. things are not funny to me. although we have humor at times how do I intend to deal with the worlds suffering? seems like a very big notion that I have to deal with it////the world I guess I can only rely on comforting words like from Gandhi " like be the change you wish to see in the world." Do everyday I take baby steps. pulling up my boot straps and trudging on. I like to watch people, reactions, motives, and I find it a very difficult place indeed. this world. and I guess I watch it unfold as best I can given my set of cicumstances
  15. Does the Pain in the World disturb you?

    well it disturbs me-yes