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  1. well I do not golf. but I have broken out a club when someone lied to me and cheated in relationship. one time very violent. smashing window and lamp and headed for the car. lots of trouble with one particular boss as well. arguing over a roll of tape(trivial) after in one years time she had complete profit on my labor. what a bi***! my technique that I have discovered recent late one night was humor. I am not funny but I can be inside myself not in front of people. so watching something like kate Mckinnon skit with ryan gosling on SNL doing alien abduction interviews helps me a lot. melissa macarthy is another hilarious but silly. Kate is very funny and her characters take me away from my gripping misery. watch it and then see if you can then spoof your boss..you have to think of ways to laugh about that person causing you anger. kinda of like giving a speech and imagining everyone naked in the room. anger is poison this is my best fun advice. I have other serious recommendations. the tongue is a sharp weapon indeed. quit the job
  2. bat house and great horned owl box for nesting and observation
  3. I think your psychologist is incorrect on the matters of the heavier animal and survival sentence.(or becoming prey to much heavier....) pidgeon hole mentality imo plenty of small "things" are deadly. so her/his reference is incorrect. that is my problem with someone elses thinking. not picking on psychologists though...just scrutinizing thoughts that make me go...?
  4. maybe you don't have to say hello. this is how I perceive you. ok hanging on by the moon and an astronaut. I want it as whalebone scrimshaw and an Inuit. :-)
  5. thank you for the reminder however it was not stated by me in any intention to be mean spirited. it was asked in a way that was fueled with some intensity because I want one single answer!! and someone HERE knows it. it was desperation. is there a time that we remind people of joy and possibility- over an over?
  6. I will respond from my perspective because of simple similarities. I will say there IS good in people. It is as simple as things you might do in your daily life to bring it about. Kindness by my mother: we went to have soup and salad at dinner and she thought about our neighbor who is 90. She lives alone and her husband passed away this passed year. My mother was kind enough to think about asking her to join us on our next outing and bought her a big quart of soup for her. It made me feel goodness toward my mother who usually grates on my nerves because her stance is one of constant perspective that the world is happening in her mind and that is therefor the way the world is.....no need to drag religion into it but her stance is that her way is THE ONLY way... I felt goodness taking the soup and dropping it off at this old lady's door. So maybe you can agree with me that there IS some goodness by even this small example I have shared above. There IS goodness. I could make a list of a lot of goodness if it would make you feel better. Goodness in my life and my encounters. It is easy to be bombarded by images that don't align with your own and if it is water over the damn by now---stop thinking about it. It is not happening any longer. If you have problems at the store that sells booze...certainly there are other places of employment that will give you some peace. be the change you want to see in the world is a great simple quote by Gandhi. Show me some goodness in YOU wishing you better days
  7. I have a nice song for you and anyone else as well. its a real risk for me to post it at this forum because I mean nothing insincere. I think it is beautiful and brings tears to my eyes when I hear it. I heard it with my son the other morning and I could not hold them back and I grabbed his leg and squeezed his kneecap. music can be helpful at times.other times no. its artist: Logic and ft. alessia cara and Khalid ....I don't want to be alive ( I think that is title) good night shamdan
  8. shamdan- I can relate with you very well. My best advise and I hope that I am allowed as another forum dweller to make suggestions. what works for me: notice moments where things are ok. and keep noticing. another strange phenomenon for me was realizing how quickly plants perk up with water! So I am thinking how crucial water drinking is! sounds trivial.. in difficult depression. hoping the best for you
  9. I do not think I ever started in the correct box. and not to be mean or rude....I am not so sure when it says we can help...just what exactly will take place. call me a skeptic. so first hello and maybe its ok post a little pick me up from a few very down days. work is bizarre and people are cheap as hell while I work my ass off....details later music can be soothing and at times it is just background noise. tuned into this one yesterday..... you will have to search for it yourself because I do not do so well on computers. it was classical harmonica virtuoso Bonfiglio-Villa Lobos Harmonica concerto- what I like about it. I had no idea there was such a thing in music with harmonica and it is so light and peppy. the video I pulled up is images of maybe some historic buildings in Europe....similar to Sistine chapel but no... Germany maybe.... but joyful. I posted it some other forum but no one has anything that appeals to me much. something fun for you too(anyone who cares to look it up and listen) let me know if you like it .
  10. inflammation is the culprit
  11. oil and water do not mix same for depression an alcohol. alcohol is a depressant. not much of a story just my experiences booze makes me sad
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