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  1. RavenMidori

    What can I do..?

    "It's better to be hurt than to hurt others." -K.-ken
  2. Today I realized to what extent I want to destroy myself. I egg on my friends to hit me, cut my skin and today I punched a wall until my knuckles bled. What is happening to me... I don't know if I even care enough to find out. I deserve much worse than what I've done so far.
  3. I, myself, have taken Lexapro for a short time until it made me suicidal, then I moved to the natural remedies. I began with St.John's Wort 3 times a days, two capsules each time and when that didn't help as much as truly needed we moved up to 5-HTP High Potency. One capsule a day and it seems to help quite a bit, if I remember to take it.