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  1. Anyone here on pain medications like morphine together with antidepressants?
  2. Probably a reaction. I have seen it from a bee sting or other insects. There is a $5 cream called "antibite". But I would see a doc to be on a safe side.
  3. While I hate mice/rats, I still think hamsters are cute.
  4. @museumgirl Meaning of life is to enjoy it. To enjoy every little thing. Going shopping and watch a movie makes a day beautiful. BUT NOT FOR ME AND YOU AND MANY OTHERS HERE. We have no happiness in anything and nothing matters to us, nothing makes us happy so I don't know what am I living for. @Epictetus I agree and disagree with you. You sound as a really kind man. I also look not to hurt a fly, feed rabbits that are running around the street, try to calm others when they are distressed either online or in real life. BUT I still get no joy for my day. There is no endorphin and dopamine in my brain. I don't feel things. I had one day where i felt good for a few hours so I said to myself Im going to get a leather jacket and some more new clothes but soon after I lost interest and wouldn't/couldn't go if it was for free. Sux
  5. I don't know what a good morning feels like, literally. I always blamed depression but recently I learned it could be a sleep disorder similar to "non-24" or some optic-neurological disorder. all I can to is request some testings. Nothing helps. I get out of bed like a very sick patient form ICU, both mentally and physically. I wish I investigated this 20 years ago.
  6. Im glad you have control over your job. Today I woke up at 19:30. Oh God im screwed
  7. I just found out that I very likely have a non-24. NON-24 is a sleeping disorder that effects every person uniquely but the point is all people have to sleep mostly during the day and stay awake at night. It affects mostly blind people but it can happen to sighted people as well. It can cause/worsen depression. The bad news is it cannot be cured but may be somewhat treated. But knowing it is not just me and hating my self, blaming myself help me a bit. My body clock doesn't work properly and just another illness to accept.
  8. The thing is you still need to attach your smartphone to it. I think its OK for younger people to play with it but I see nothing wrong with using my regular watch and my smartphone separate. If you set a smartwatch for texts or emails, its a big no-no if you are driving or in loud place if you use calls. Too small for everything as well. Standalone watch is OK but then you still need charging it. IMO it is unnecessary luxury.
  9. I have been thru those problems. Paranoia, suspicion and fear can lead to hate. My "problems" were also mostly about foreignes even though I am one. It lasted several years until I built self confidence and now I don't feel paranoid nor do I hate anyone. I have no fear. So some CBT would help you, ask doctor about benzos. It will pass. BTW don't approach anyone nor be rude, no one likes that. Do your best to control your fear because there is nothing to fear when you think about it but I know your judgement is clouded and it's hard. Keep in mind that no one is after you, there are so many people so why you?
  10. My brother is 30 and never had one either. There is nothing wrong with him physically and girls have wanted to date him but his mental illness is too strong for that.
  11. Reading your post I can relate 95%. I would add that Im under stress a lot. And 10 years older than you bothers the hell out of me. Right now I got a bad headache so can't even type. Hope we can get out of this hole somehow.
  12. I saw my therapist last week and I told her my current fear was waiting for some important medical results. I told her thats what eating me inside out and I would like some advice how to cope until results come. You know what she said? "Yeah, it would make things harder for you if you got cancer". I couldn't believe it. If somebody asked me how to cope i would at least say watch a movie, go out, try not to think. And she is a "professional" and was totally unhelpful. But that was my first session. I will see how she behaves tomorrow. I believe even in the first session if I had an urgent issue she should have talk about it for 5 minutes instead about telling me what I already know like "if you think about negative try to think about what you did positive" etc... And they also tend to take long time talking nonsense just so you keep coming longer. If she is not helpful fire her.
  13. There is no much deference between lexapro and celexa. Some patients get celexa instead of lexapro because of their insurance. However, some say that lexapro is little better for anxiety. When you take new medication for the first 2-3 weeks all you get is side effects, then the meds kick in. Most of side effects go away, some stay. So I would give it 2 months and if no help I would stop. I myself wanna get off celexa after 10 years but not sure what to take instead.
  14. @tiredlilone Sorry about my miss-spelling where I said "sorry about your loss of suffering" I meant sorry about your loss AND suffering. Also when I meant to say that is a common symptom of depression I wrote that is common "depression of depression" lol. I was sleepy when I replied. The only other thing helps me when I calm down, when I don't have stress. Trying to ignore it, trying to think of something, some say watching tv episodes helps. It is hard. I went for a coffee with a friend the other day and I felt like I am in a movie. Or like that is not real. My stress was high because I felt anxious. There is no magic pill for this. It goes away with time in most people. Sometimes it can last for years and rarely, like in my case, it is permanent. If you smoked w.e.e.d that could be a cause. If you go to this forum www.dpselfhelp.com there's a lot of info about it there. Many people come there and complain about how you described yourself. I used to be a member but I kinda got used to this so..... Buy yeah, that forum might help you because I have seen posts how some people got healed. I will focus on it again once I take care of some other things in my life that are priority. Good Luck PS. Almost forgot. As @Epictetus said, the cause my be physical. Check your thyroid, did you have any head trauma?, complete blood count etc.
  15. What good brings you to be "the best" at everything in a long term? Just be who you are. I used to be addicted to video games (wwe online) and i was pretty good but there was a couple of people I could never beat. It made me angry then I realized so what good do I get even if I am better than them. Right now I dressy pretty normal. As long as my clothes are clean, my hair not weird, it's all good. Sure I see guys all perfect body, cool cars etc but I don't care. I cared when I was in High School. And those who are the best at something suck at 99% other things. BE YOURSELF.
  16. HI. Sorry about your loss of suffering. Most of us here have anhedonia (loss in interests) but there are other things called "detached from reality" of depersonalization and derealization. I have all of it. I can't feel things much, sometimes at all. Brain fogged. I used to love soccer now when I watch it I feel its a dream. My son and my family loves me but I cannot feel their love therefore I cannot return the love the way I should or I like to. That's a common depression of depression but also of anxiety. Memory is very poor. i don't know if you are taking and meds but combo of celexa and klonopin used to help me somewhat.
  17. I have been "treating" depression with alcohol before doctor gave me opioids for severe injury and I would feel good when I get the booze buzz but I'd feel like crap later or the next day usually. Right now I am not allowed to drink due to medication I take but maybe that was one thing that helped at times. Overall it is better to treat depression without alcohol because it is a depressant and can lead to severe alcoholism. But some people surely turn to alcohol/drugs because of their depression.
  18. Like others recommended..CBT is the best option. Also too much medications may make things worse. If you are religious talk to someone because in religion destiny is destiny. It was meant to be that way no matter what. Keep in mind that your mind cannot think about 2 things at the same time. If you try to think about something else and your mind drives you to think about that memory you keep trying to think about something else. I know guilt can eat you inside out but you cannot change what happened. Those who have knowledge about this kinda mental torture and know what exactly happened can make you recover. (CBT/Psychologyst)
  19. I went through it as well. I know how you feel. I will write more later.
  20. A man comes home from a business trip and asks his dog did his wife talked to other men? Bark once is answer is no and bark twice if it is yes. Man: Did any man come over? Dog: Woof, Woof Man: Did my wife kiss him? Dog: Woof, Woof Man: Well did you see them do anything? Dog: Woof, Woof Man: (all angry) Well what else did you see, what did they do??? Dog: Ahooooooooooooooo!!!!!
  21. Find a part time job that you like. That way you wont be bored but still not working your ass off and making a bit of money. Working a job that you don't like and are not happy with is a torture. My 2 main jobs in the past were painting and metal work. Metal work paid better but painting was more fun. Right now Im not in shape to work any of those jobs so I will look for a PT delivery or security because they are easy.
  22. I learned that my abd. ultrasound is normal. Lab work normal. x-ray normal. Now next step is find a way too look into my GI parts. What is stress? @LifeDream777 What did you learn?
  23. @ladysmurf Thats so true. When I was feeling better I quit my old forums. If I returned and say I feel better it wont help fellow forum members. Also if I keep reading sad stories my depression may worsen again. Thats how I am. But everyone is different though, I agree.
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