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  1. I am also very old. I will be turning 40 in early June. Just like Arthur I cannot help my family. Not because of money but because of my depression. I have libido issues and haven't had a woman in a decade. Stuck in this stupid city with nowhere to go. No friends. I can't even have them. I prefer to be alone until I feel better. If I ever do. Now I have physical problems and gained crazy weight. If I was at least 30 I would feel much better.
  2. There is 99.9% chance I will not be with a woman again.
  3. Zagor


    I made an appointmwnt with a therapist. $35 per session and the remaining $195 is paid by my insurance. How long on average does it take to start seeing benefits from CBT for depression n anxiety?
  4. Zagor


    I understand your frustration. I went through hell of stress when I was working. I was self employes for a while and that helped my declining health for a bit caused by work. I changed many jobs. The best advice I can give you is find a job that you like if possible. People go on disability for having anxiety. It all depends upon where you live. Waiting time is long but after I burned out from work I went on welfare until my disability app was approved.
  5. Atra thank you for your support. You are trying to calm me down while you are going through health issues your self. Thanks a lot. I ended up in ER again yesterday. The doctor upon exam said he thinks it is due to my medication taper. I wanted to leave but he insisted that I stay for blood work. On the end he didnt change his opinion. Well I still got turtle-back belly and pain. I went to Walmart and had to use one of those electric carts. When it comes to age I will just leave it at "if I get mentally normal maybe age will not matter".
  6. Zagor


    OK. What about if you are old, like myself, does it pay of to have a therapist? Also, some depression and or anxiety comes from nowhere. Just pure chemical imbalance. I have read that for "mental illness" medications only help about 20-40% and 40-60% + helps CBT. (for those who do get relief) but, according to one scientific journal I read is that CBT is completely useless for severe "depression". However, now that I have nothing to lose, except some money, I will go and see one. I saw one a year ago only for one session and never went back because of her qualifications which were different than I thought. But I really want first hand experience on when I cannot get out of bed and having a therapist.
  7. This age might be OK from someone else's point of view. I mean I missed a lot since 24 years old (and 12-19) and now chasing even physical health problems is horrific for me. If I was at least now mentally healthy I would say OK life is good and so on. I know it is out of my control but if I could not worry about everything that's out of my control I would be quite healthy. This is day 4 where I look like a barrel around my waist. It hurts. The doctors I saw had 2 different opinions. The "family guy" had no opinion just said it is constipation while a much better doctor at emergency room examined me but also wasn't sure why I got fluid in my small intestine. Could be a certain med. It's been about 2 years that I couldn't piss properly which came on suddenly and we thought it is due to a medication I take for pain even though I was suspicious how did it came all of a sudden? Now I can't do it at all nor do I get any urge to. Can't eat or drink. Can't lay on left or right side. Thanks for support Lucian and Mr BH
  8. I have severe depression and anxiety. Also recently I found out I have water retention but seems like it is benign according to the doctor. How is it benign when I cannot urinate? Stress is through the roof. I worry about my sick family who mean everything to me. Oh and I am too old Im 39 almost 40. I am hopeless and helpless.
  9. @Maxx55 How about having private health issues and not dating for 10 years?
  10. Zagor


    I am on disability. Long Term. I am also allowed to earn $1950 without losing any disability $$ but in this condition I cannot do any job. Also, people say yherapy helps. How can any therapy be helpful if you have depression and are bed ridden? What is it that they can tell you to feel better?
  11. First off there are people called asexuals who live without sex. But healthy people have sex for obvious reasons. Sick people who have such medical problem learn to live without it.
  12. no, just warts which i eliminated. but there are many different types of HPV
  13. Yesterday all day I couldn't feel anything or love anyone. That emotional numbness. How can I be not to love my kid? My mother? At least the ability to cry came back
  14. You said if anyone has similar illnesses to write them down. I said I could write a book. Doctors and pharmacy make more money when you treat symptoms rather than the cause. But in psychiatry it is hard to know what causes what. Stress causes fear and fear causes stress.
  15. @ItsNeverEnough I hope you get better soon. Do you really want me to write all my illnesses lol? I think I could write a small book. BTW you aint middle aged. I would **** to be 30.
  16. I was diagnosed with the same diseases as you wrote plus severe and constant depersonalization since I was 12 some. So I started getting diagnosed in 1992. The depression was very severe for about last 7 months and it suddenly lifted about 2-3 weeks ago. I went 3 times to ER. The only medication I changed was dexedrine for adderall. Dexedrine works only couple of months for some people while minority gets lucky. Hap you might ask your doctor about it. The reason I am telling you this is because you are not alone and that there is hope.
  17. My shrink wanted me to do it. I asked for ketamine. He said if ECT doesn't work I can go on ketamine because ketamine is not yet approved here. I refused and had to find another psychiatrist. @extendedrelease How is ketamine working for you aside from money. I have heard it's like cure for depression. @extendedrelease
  18. huh I had those side effects too. Switching to Lexapro didn't help. I feel irritable as I type right now. I don't know what medication to try. I have been on effexor only longer than 2 weeks, all other meds I quit after couple of days. @Floor2017 Almost every AD, besides wellbutrin will make your little wiener useless
  19. Im on lexapro but I think it has more side effects than celexa such as irritability
  20. What do you mean it sounds scary Jesies mom? It does NOT. OP you are going skiing so it means you are physically fit. Headaches are very common. They will see what causes neck pain, if it shows. Brain Tumors are usually found randomly when doctors look for something else or when there are obvious symptoms. I have an abd. CT scan in 1 week and am also very worried. I had one in July last year and it showed some things that they say needs a scan repeat in 3 months but I couldn't do it before. I can only distract myself
  21. I have HPV. My doctor told me 70% of young people have it. For women it is a little more dangerous.
  22. How do you find a partner who is not into sex?
  23. sober4life kudos for being so optimistic. sad in grand rapids you are not the only one who suffers and I hope that helps you. I am in hell too. My depression is trestment resistent. Maybe because I am taking some drug for pain and cannot get off of it and I think it makes me worse. I have depression and anxiety combo, ocd, some ptsd, depersonalization, phobias, physical symptoms that sometimes really are hard to take. I have some symptoms of depression and anxiety that I cannot even describe but are pretty mentally painful. I tried canabis but it made it 100 times worse. I have some brain damage and even though the doctor said chances are not big it could be multiple sclerosis. But whatever it is it might be contributing to my health. I also have fibermygia and pelvic chronic pain. There is more. I am on long term disability. I am also 39 years old. It is hard for me to leave the house and within the last several months everything got much much worse. However I hope that I will beat some of the major problems and be able to function normally. I surely won't give up. There was times when I was doing better, got married, did sports etc. I am relatively young and shouldn't give up. It is hard now. It will be hard tomorrow but after every storm the sun comes. We just have to beat it through the storms. My hardest problem will be to taper off this pain killer. I tried once and after one week I was hammered with an acure depression on top of my regular that I couldn't literally leave the bed for several days. My doctor reccomended that I go to hospital for about a month but whats good about it? I just heard horror stories although I don't believe them much. What is the point in being in a psych ward? I would do ECT but because of this brain damage I am too scared. I aam trully suffering 10/10. But I got hope.
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