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  1. I have been taking Niacin for 2 months now. I was on 25mg dexedrine 2x daily for 2 years. When I tried to wean off I found myself in way more severe depression, anxiety and depersonalization. I thought I will never get off the drug. But when I started Niacin 500mg once a day I tapered down the dexedrine to 9mg 2x day. And instead of feeling worse due to withdrawal my depression lifted. However, the last few days have been real bad. The dexedrine did it's part, I should have never taken it. Two nights ago I took 750mg of Niacin and I felt 90% better. But today it has not been that good so I don't know if I felt better because of Niacin. But overall I am satisfied because it helped me reduce a lot of dexedrine and made me feel better. I take only single dose because I couldn't find out if it is immediate or sustained release. But I will order some IR and try it 2 or 3 times a day. If one does not have severe liver problems or diabetes, I would suggest to try it. The "flush" version seems to work better. I read on pubmed a patient with severe bipolar disorder weaned off 11 drugs he was taking thanks to Niacin and was in complete remission as long as he took it. When they tried him to go without it, within 2 days he would relapse.
  2. Only a shill can talk about reptilians. I don't buy that. I don't know about PRC/PPC but I know (youtube it) that Putin said "US leaders are just puppets and their bosses are the ones in black tuxedos with black or dark blue ties". Whatever he meant by that. When it comes to economy you can't be more wrong. Amazon made 40-60 billion dollars only this year, more than ever before. 50 richest men in USA own between 400-700 trillion dollars which means 50 men are richer than 136 million people. That is not a conspiracy that's on the news. Those 50 people are richer than all the governments in the world combined. So some get richer from the pandemic, and it is only the rich, other billionaires or multi millionaires do not care about recessions or economic collapses.
  3. And why do you think I started this topic? It is my fear, part of my mental illness no matter what kind of illness it is. Some members agree some don't with the fear I have but you seem to be the only one to complain about even talking about it. If it bothers you simply avoid it. It's not like I brought this up as a fact or for debate. It is health related to me and I seek help where I can. Instead of putting down the link which can possibly help reduce my fears you tell me to "google plandemic" Debunked or not, someone sensitive to it shouldn't search about it. It's like telling a hypochondriac "google about your symptoms" That is if you care about someone, as you say. Treating this issue of mine can be done by psychotherapy - and it helps when people on a health forum give me some rational explanation that refuse the theory. Maybe it came out to you that I posted this as a part of my obsession so I came here to debate. Maybe I started my thread wrong. But that's not my attention. Just like everyone else on this forum, I am looking for help and offer it when/if I can.
  4. I have appointment on Monday. I think the course will run 4 weeks. From what I saw on YT it says "1 out of 3 people will be practically cured, one somewhat helped and one no help". But it has no side effects.
  5. I think it is fear talking out of you. I can put down 5 things that no one can even attempt to refute. I don't like conspiracy "theories" and I don't follow David Icke or the shill Alex Jones. It's just the obvious things that I would rather get answers to than spread it.
  6. Hey I would like to agree with you. You may be right. You sure are right about "illiterati" It would help me to understand how come back in April when covid cases were several times less than now, when we had about few hundred cases total in the whole city, they put a "nurse" on TV from a hospital that I live near by and she was crying her guts out how she sees people dieing every day. She was in tears and said it was a true horror. However, a few days later I went there and it was just as usual. I asked a nurse how many covid patients they have, she said she thinks ONE. Why are they "postponing" surgeries due to covid and letting people die from way more dangerous diseases? Why the media doesn't show the protests all over Europe? You can argue because they don't won't it to happen here and more but that's what media is for, right? Despite the fact that all human beings could fit in the state of Texas and each family have a house with a yard, they still claim that the earth is overpopulated, that we already leave on it's reserves and the depopulation is necessary? I can agree that there should be rules about earth population control but not like in China. Over there if you have more than 1 child you go to jail. If you type "us money twin towers" on FB you will find a video that I still would like someone to explain to me how is that possible? (They won't let me copy/paste, the 12 min video, you can ignore the religious part) Lockdowns **** economy. You need a lockdown when the benefits overweight the risk. Some developing countries said if they go to another lockdown they will economically collapse and there will be no pensions, child benefits, income and so on. Even developed countries are at risk. How many people are gonna starve? People are against it, people would rather let the virus spread and let it run it's course than die from hunger and other diseases. And I have to correct you. There has been less deaths this year by this date than last year or any year before. That is a fact. I won't even go into why they offer people money to say that their loved once died from covid, and thinks like that. I really hope that I am just paranoid and there is no cruel conspiracies. PS. Someone mentioned aliens. Truth mixed with lies is way more dangerous than straight truth or straight lies. "People who choose safety instead of freedom, end up with neither one"....quote from a US president...
  7. There was a guy on YT who said that he is a pedophile but he would never act on it. Another guy, to become "cool" made a video and said that guy should **** himself immediately. Well, most people are ignorant. I won't go into what have you done but everyone has done something in their lives that they aren't proud of, more or less. Especially if mental illness was in play (and young age as seems to be in your case). I am always on the victims side but if the accused/guilty person has regretted it, wouldn't repeat it and is seeking treatment then I would treat that person just like anyone else. However, I notice you complain about being mistreated which is totally wrong but I haven't noticed that you said that you also feel bad about (if there is any) the victims. Maybe that's something you only share with your therapist but whatever the case is, based on your post, get more help. Get all the help you can. Living in a "hide" not only worsens your obvious agoraphobia-like situation but can lead to severe depression and anxiety where your current problem would be nothing to compare with it. TC
  8. The UN. I read it was organized by Rothchilds. Every country is a UN member and they do as told.
  9. No such intention. But people write what they think. On my "covid" thread some have added to my fears so what can I do? Complain to the mods if you want.
  10. I deal with it by: Not going on FB. Not reading any news at all. Blocked all media channels on YT (media is evil). Told my family not to watch/talk about plandemic in front of me. Only when I have to go out I will deal with it. Getting a therapist.
  11. I am not going to spread much the conspiracy any further here but I will say just a few things. If you go to facebook and type "us money twin towers" and watch the first several minutes of the 12something minute video, your mind will be blown. Like sober4life said all these measures make sense but postponing surgeries because of it? Right here in Canada. In my homeland (The Balkans) the government said if we go to another lockdown no more pensions, disability, child support etc. But on their TV they put videos from hospitals around the world.Why? To enforce a lockdown. This is a fact. Having nothing and being happy is truth mixed with lies. That is worse than whole truth or whole lies. Greatest psychologists are behind this - theory. The vaccines, if they ever approve them, they said one will not be enough. So that means a person who gets a vaccine still has to practice distancing and wear a mask (air forbidden). In some poor countries they say who refuses a vaccine will get no pension and so on. Some say if you want to travel, vaccine first. So there are some contradictions here too but if truth is mixed with lies that's most dangerous. Anyway, I hope this is all wrong what I learned. I came to this forum to get some help for these fears after all. If I were healthier I wouldn't care what will happen because I am not alone but my mental illness is torturing me because of this.
  12. Unless the p(l)andemic is a project made to destroy us, especially the sick and the poor then... It will for the most part be gone through the vaccines next year. Every pandemic lasts for a long time. Even when the vaccine is there, more than one dose is required. But once it is ready, people will get back to work, pretty much everything will be open again. Only the distancing and masks will remain for 2-3 years. (I have read about it) But IMO this winter and part of the spring will be the hardest. Then they will vaccine the elderly, health care workers and eventually everyone else. I don't know what is going to happen about those who reject the vaccine. To OP. I am affected by this as well. I made a thread about it. But imagine you went to jail for 2-3 years. That would be worse. You are still young. It is us older people who are literally wasting our time. But if it is a project then God help us.
  13. I don't fear the virus much but I have read A LOT that it is not a pandemic but a PLANdemic. I read how they are using this virus, whether it is a lab made or not, to destroy the economy and destroy us mentally and physically. In some poorer countries they say if they do another lock-down, people will get no pensions, no disability, no social assistance and most will lose job income too. There are massive protests in Italy, Spain etc but our media is hiding it. In my country they are postponing surgeries because of it. So people will be dying from much more deadly diseases than covid. I know the best person to talk about this is a counsellor. But I don't have one yet so I gotta share it here. It kills me to live like this. USA will be locked down too if Biden wins, Trump is opposing it but who knows what he will do too if he wins. I am also getting off dexedrine and suboxone which make things worse and I need peace in my life not stress. I am in distress. I wish I was not scared. I wish the conspiracy is not true. I wish it is not winter on the doorstep. I hate winters and here they last upto 8 months. Even if I found something to do in winter this corona thing is ruining everything.
  14. So even if I don't submit to the urge of eating I would still gain weight?
  15. If a certain medication causes weight gain is it because they make you hungrier or is it something else? I want to try Mirtazapine for amphetamine withdrawal but depression as well. However that is #1 antidepressant that causes weight gain. I would follow a strict diet and exercise (if my physical problem is solved) in order not to gain weight but I have read that people did all this and still added lbs.
  16. I plan to take it for dexedrine withdrawal because there was a pilot study done on it and seems it helped although I don't know what dose they used. Also im worried about weight gain from it
  17. Anyone gets anxiety that they feel in their body? (restlessness for example) That has been one of my major problems for decades and I can;t find anything to help me. It feels like electricity in my limbs and brain. Most severe attacks happen if I am in distress but often happens out of nowhere. Doctors say psychedelic drugs will help but they don't. Anyone?
  18. Sometimes medications can make it worse instead of making you feel better. Especially if you take many. Talk to your doctors about that.
  19. Self confidence and self esteem is what you need. And of course dressing nice too. They say when a girl observes a guy (physically) she first notices your shoes and hair. Also wearing a smile instead of looking like a fugitive is essential. When I was young I never approached a girl and thought no girl likes me. But after I matured a bit I realized that one of the most important things is your attitude. (The way you behave, have some humour etc) I know many people who had no muscles nor were they that good looking but still they had a lot of success with women.
  20. Wow. For a patient with psychosis or a severe depression it might be a good place to stay especially if they are suicidal. But I have read many horror stories about it and to sum it up they say "In a psych ward they punish you for being mentally ill". But my fear is something else. If I was taken off my drugs cold turkey I doubt I would survive. At very least I would lose my mind. My meds are not meant to be quit cold turkey but they can do whatever they want to you. Even if you get yourself admitted voluntarily they can still keep you as long as they deem necessary.
  21. Has anyone here been admitted to a mental hospital (voluntarily or not)? If I ever end up there I am curious if they give you your medications that you were taking before being admitted. I have heard some people had to go cold turkey in a psych work from their meds as well as other horror stories.
  22. Today is day 3 where I decreased my dexedrine to 20 mg 2xday. I get bouts of depression but manageable so far. As for "age" issue I am getting to see a therapist next week for $55 per session on a sliding scale. I also have a free therapist appointment end of the month so will see which one is better. I am in dilemma if I should switch to prozac from trentellix and my quack shrink said it is upto me.
  23. I have same problem for almost 2 years. But I have a "reason". I am 42 and in my sick brain it seems ancient. NOTHING matters to me except my fears. But if you are younger my advice would be, do what you can so at least if you have money you can use it to get better if nothing else. Don't give up
  24. Hey Tymothi On one hand it helps a bit to know that I am not alone but on the other it makes me sad because of what you are going through. I know very well how it is when you can't work, no friends, are divorced and will never again get married. Same here. My brother is very sick even though he is only 32 and my parents are old and sick. The future scares me. I wanted to learn something. To make a career in something that I like to do but am being told I won't enjoy the fruit because by the time I learn it I will be around 50. (If I was younger I would learn to develop apps). But if it is gonna take me 8 years to master it from scratch, not worth it, I THINK. Even though at 50 I might say I wish I did it. Anyway my main problem is the depression and other mental issues that I cannot describe. I blame the drugs. In 3 weeks I have an appointment with a counselor/therapist so I hope he will help me at least a bit to get rid of these fears and paranoias.
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