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  1. You got 2 replies above and excellent advises. Check your medical like thyroid, testosterone etc...I got low T but have no energy to go to the doctor to give me the needle even though I got the meds. Seeing a therapist is essential. Don't jump into antidepressants right away. Do talk therapy and natural ways to treat your issues. See how it goes. GL
  2. Although the topic is non related, I also feel like crap and have my appointment with shrink tomorrow (today) and will ask for med change. I was fine while on Serzone but it discotinued in Canada long ago. IDK what med to take tomorrow. Maybe prozac. I need other meds than ssri's but right now I take some drugs that are interacting.
  3. There's star Bucks at the hospital there and plenty of nurses lol. I should go to whyte ave haven't been there in a long time but going alone is less likely to meet someone. My friends are either married or have other interests.
  4. Prescribed, no, but suggested. However my brother was prescribed a book I think it is called fears, phobias and anxiety or something like that. He even borrowed it to his friend who used it and liked it. I bought a few books off amazon and one of them truly helps to reduce stress and the other one helped me treat my TMJ disorder.
  5. huh sorry I quoted the wrong post. IDC about timmies in the east coast but IDC about them anyway. The only thing about UofA location is it often times has a long lineup.
  6. Just want to see if anyone relates. I have NO libidi and can't hold an E but also due to so called chronic pelvic pain syndrome I have pain and numbness. I will never get married again and Im still under 40. I lost hope that I will ever have a sex life again. My recent bloodwork showed low T and doctor gave me some med to go to get injections but I don't even want to go. I know it won't help. If I at least had no depression and anxiety then OK but I am screwed.
  7. Starbucks? You dumped the timmies? lol BTW its raining today how could you go whyte ave man?
  8. There must be some sort of help. Call social services and ask them where can you get help. You should start with psychotherapy because of all that stress. I know is some states it is harder than in others. Wheere do you live?
  9. I am not going to mention any specific religion but I know people who are feeling much better because of their deep faith. They believe their prayers are answered and they cope easier. In the survey I have seen it has very positive outcome for depression. One deeply religious guy is treating his schizophrenia very well with the help of his religion. I think OCD has lowest rating though. But if a person doesn't believe in God or doesn't do prayers, it won't help.
  10. Thats how our brains work. Once in high school I heard a song that goes like "Im 25 years old etc..." and I went like brrrr...25....too old. When I was 29 I asked on a bodybuilding forum am I too old to start gym. People laughed at me. Now in my mid 30s I really do have a problem with my age and will se a therapist about it. You OP are simply too young to feel that way.
  11. I know that whoever tells you that you are not ugly or not having body disorder you won't believe them. My brother was certain he has fish odor syndrome even though he never smelled bad and almost killed himself because of that. He ordered online some mini towels that take dirt off cuz he just like you would bleed cleaning himself. I can just suggest you find a good psychologist and psychiatrist. Whenever you feel like talking we will talk to you on this forum. You are not alone.
  12. I just happened to talk to my shrink about that exact issue a couple months ago. I told him how I had it during childhood and early adulthood. Psychotherapy is the best way to deal with it. Mine just went away because I had to focus too much on other things like dep/anx. BTW...for childhood it is normal. many kids daydream. Even adults if it doesn'r bothers them according to my doc.
  13. My brother has almost identical problem as you. The only difference is he didn't cut (but did pinch a lot) and his OCD is much worse. He was in his teens when it all slowly started. He spends 95% time in his bedroom. So I know how you feel. Stay strong and talk to us like SkraM said.
  14. Some shrinks prescribe books to their patients. Yes, reading can help.
  15. You should blame yourself only when you do something on purpose. How can you feel guilty and hate yourself when you have this illness. It's like if you had no arms and cannot hold your grandchild. Would it be your fault? Stay strong.
  16. I am also a depression/anxiety veteran. Had my ups and downs. If this forums allows private messages you can PM me and you can talk to me.
  17. Have you talked to your doctor about Nardil? Also some doctor will prescribe non-AD which still helps for depression.
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