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  1. On 9/8/2022 at 10:41 PM, Liliah said:

    Hello Zagor,

    I took Parnate for several years. It is the only antidepressant that ever really worked for me. I did experience some mild hypotension fairly routinely and had to be mindful of that, but it was ease to manage. I am a strict vegetarian who often eats vegan, so following the low tyramine diet was simple. Let me know what questions you have and I will do my best to answer!

    Hi Liliah. I desperately wanna try it but is it true that it can be hard on the heart? Thats actually my main concern.  

  2. On 7/24/2022 at 7:56 PM, Extremebeginner said:

    I agree. I’m in Canada and thought I might get better help under our medicare program. 
    However, here are a few factual realities of our so called free system.

    you will get briefly admitted to a psychiatric hospital, but will be discharged within days if you are not a present threat to yourself or others. Some hospital emergency rooms are presently closed due to staff shortages. Yes -closed-

    rehab is for the wealthy only.
    you will get drugs prescribed which you need insurance to pay for.

    you will get a recommendation for therapy, but the waiting list for subsidised is over a year. Private therapy, if you can actually find an open therapist, is between 120 and 150$ an hour.

    so if you have TRD in Canada you are basically better of working as much as you can, until you lose that job, and get another job or pray that you win the lottery. For me I am supposed to get therapy twice a week, but am currently at twice a month, if there is any cash left.

    Can you get therapy through any community organization? I managed to get it through Islamic Services and they are paying $150 on my behalf every week. I used to wait for province appointed subsided therapy and after about a year later I got someone who had no idea how to help me. So not only is waiting time too long but you risk to get an inexperienced one. 

  3. 40 minutes ago, Emu567 said:


    im a 26 year old student from wales . I have been hearing voices for the past 3 years they are loud derogatory and nasty.

    I’m also suffering from apathy and anhedonia . I feel completely emotionless and unable to feel any motivation. This is not normal for me . I cant feel happy so what’s the point of doing anything if you can’t feel happy or pleasure ? 
    I’m really struggling to motivate myself to do basic things like eat, wash or go out . 
    I’ve recently moved into a new house and I need to set it up but I feel too brain damaged .

    the discomfort underneath my scalp and in my head is unbearable . It is an unbearable burning feeling and an absence of pleasure . I cannot live with the constant discomfort . It is causing me mental anguish and depression and agitation . It is terrible for my mental health and relationships and motivation . It is worse on the left side of my brain . It feels like someone has deliberately gone into my brain and damaged it .

    the voices have been saying I don’t deserve pleasure and they’ve done this to punish me - to harm me 

    this makes me more distressed . I don’t know how long I can carry on with this discomfort 

    I've had some burning sensation in my brain as well as my limbs. It would come and go but it was really unbearable. I am on a few medications and I don't know if it went away on its own or because of some meds. If it was any drug that helped it was probably suboxone.

    Don't give up. Have you done brain MRI? 

  4. On 7/13/2022 at 7:10 AM, sober4life said:

    How does a normal person wake up tomorrow and not worry about war and a disease that could **** us all?  There is no way.  The best thing I can tell you is you're not alone.  We all feel the same way you do.  We're all afraid and have no idea how things are going to go.

    I understand. But normal people have "normal" fears. They don't go into a distress mode whenever they hear scary news 😞 

  5. 10 hours ago, ladysmurf said:

    there's always new stuff coming out, but it's really hard to keep being hopeful when you've struggled with this for so long...i am lucky i have a good support system. i have met along the years others who are treatment-resistant too in my inpatient stays so i've  kept in touch with a few people. also i am considering joining an online support group. i recently signed up for a study that is happening too that's for those who are treatment-resistant and if all goes well i will start that soon. if i can provide some information to the field that might help others not suffer as much as i have and even help me i'm fine with that.

    That's good. My biggest problem for the last 2 years which has actually made me feel much worse is my brother's suffering. It's so hard to watch him suffer and nothing is helping. Everyday stress since we are living together. I could move out but I can't leave him being so sick despite it's negative effects on me.

    And I wish I could make some friends in real life it would be real helpful when I feel OK but I don't even know where to make any. I did try online then I backed up because it seemed odd to me.

  6. One of my huge problems is fears of unknown. I went through chronic distress because of covid. Now I fear the war potentially escalating. Huge fears of family tragedy. Fear one of those events might force me run out of my meds and go off cold turkey which would be horrible. That's why I avoid reading news and stuff even though I miss searching web and facebook.

    I know I am waaaaay more likely to die and suffer from a natural disease or something unrelated but the obsessing fears are too strong.

    If anyone had fears like I do and managed to control them please do tell how. Even a good book would be helpful or a good therapist but I just can't find anything.

  7. 7 hours ago, Extremebeginner said:

    Benzodiazepine will stabilise you, comes in many forms all require a prescription. They work on anxiety quickly, like 30 minutes….. to give you a chance to figure out something else…..

    i use Clonemazepan but others are available depending where you are

    Benzos have caused me to feel worse. I was taking it for 15 years in high doses and now there is nothing to help me for withdrawal.

  8. 15 hours ago, sober4life said:

    Well that's the reason none of it works for us anymore.  We don't trust them.  We don't believe any of it will work anymore.  That's all it ever is.  If you believe it works it works which means none of it actually does work.  It's just like a placebo effect.

    I disagree. Many people with full faith try everything and anything and if they are treatment resistant no help for them.

  9. 3 hours ago, ladysmurf said:

    You can do TMS for depression and anxiety. Talk to a bunch of places that offer TMS nearby you if you are interested in doing it... TMS is done both for depression/anxiety. Personally I didn't have any success with it, neither did any of the people I met. I've only met 1 person who had success with it.  Both my anxiety and depression are bad, I don't take any medication for them because nothing works.  Have you looked into natural supplements? Sometimes those help people, yoga, meditation, exercise, therapy, ...I think it just comes down to what helps you individually when you are treatment-resistant, because we all benefit from different things.

    I have tried natural supplements such as nootropics. Many of them but nothing worked. Never tried Yoga , therapy nor anything like that mainly because I need something to stabilize me a bit. I was explained that TMS works different on 1 side of the brain like left side is for anxiety and right side for depression or vice versa but they are very hesitant to do the anxiety side unless I pay outof my pocket which I can't afford. I might try MAOIs and TMS (anyway) but vegus nerve can cause severe anxiety but they cut down on mental health care in my province. IDK what to say I truly despise psychiatrists or 99% of them but unfortunatelly I still need them even though I don't like nor trust them.  

  10. On 7/10/2022 at 12:20 PM, ladysmurf said:

    hey, I've taken MAOI's but they didn't do anything either. They made me feel worse..

    Not sure about Vagus Nerve.. I font think i could even afford it...I just wrote it for those who are struggling..

    Also Namenda is something people are using for depression/ anxiety it didn't do much for me...I had a bad experience with it.

    What has helped you if anything?

    My problem is firstly anxiety and I would literally rate it 12/10. They wanna send me for TMS but as they say to the side of the brain for depression not anxiety. I'd like some meds for extreme anxiety but don't know what to take. I feel im in distress mode 247

  11. I also am lonely. I have no real life friends nor could I handle any right now. I talk to my family only. For me time goes crazy fast that literally scares me and I think that's in part because I'm so lonely and have the same routine. Sleep, laptop, sleep.

  12. has anyone recovered from long term ed caused by antidepressants? My problem started 15 years ago. Never been off meds. I think I have chronic pelvic pain syndrome as well so I don't know how much that effects but I am just curious can you regain sexual health if you stop the meds after many years.

  13. This old anti depressant (MAOI) has the highest rating for anti depressant meds after Nardil (Nardil is being discontinued due to shortage). Many doctors are reluctant to prescribe these type of meds because they cause low blood pressure but if you watch your diet and have no heart issues it is said to be fine. My brother and I would like to try it but I would like some feedback if I can get from anyone taking it?

  14. On 4/4/2022 at 12:11 PM, runninghope said:

    Had this problem for 20 years now, will try to explain it. I hope you can give me some advices. 

    1) I am sleepy with low motivation all day and evening. I want to lie on bed, curl in a ball and wait. I could sleep for 15 hours if alarm didnt wake me up. It is extremely hard for me to wake up, whether its 8 am, 10 am, 1 pm or 3pm. 
    2) When it is time to sleep, like midnight, 1am or 2am and i get into bed, i get extremely restless, nervous and anxious. I feel like a hyperactive kid that has been tied up to bed. Its pure agony that i cant even explain. During day i could close my eyes and just make plans and think about things. At night when its sleep time i cant do that, i get extremely restless and anxious and nervous. 
    3) I take 5mg Zyprexa (Olanzapine) 3 hours before sleep, doctor gave it to me to help me sleep (dont have any psychotic ilness otherwise). I fall asleep alright now, but now i could sleep 15 hours, no matter if i sleep 7 or 12 hours, its hard to wake up and i remain sleepy. Without the pill, i can never fall asleep before 5 am, which means i cant wake up before 12:00. I am on different types of antidepressants for all those 20 years. 

    I tried more or less everything. Tried coffe, tried no coffe.  I have lots of dreams, i dream every night, could write a book about it.  Wondering if this is the reason i am always so sleepy ? Another interesting thing. If i wake up before 11 am, my back hurts (had operation a while back). Even if i sleep for 12 hours, or 7 hours, my back will hurt if its before 11 am. I have no idea why it matters when i wake up and not how long i sleep. Even pain pill wont help me. I am trying to get a new job and this sleepiness thing is really blowing my chances and making my life hell. Please help me if you can. 

    Have you tried a sleep specialist? They often work hand in hand with your shrink.

    I too could sleep fpr 20 hours and yet force myself to bed. Sleeping disorders can boost up depression a lot and wise versa.

  15. Even though I am on disability I am allowed to earn some money. This Wednesday I am supposed to start as a parcel delivery driver. Haven't been working in ages. Little exited but little scared because it's hard to push depression away. Plus sleeping disorder which I gotta control. Let's hope it works out. 

  16. 10 hours ago, surfcaster said:

    it seems i exercise by walking 3 to 4 miles a day and work around the yard and house just to maintain current weight, i do ok eating all day, then when night comes and i'm not busy i snack too much, if i could just not snack.

    I suppose you take meds that gain weight?

  17. After losing a few lbs for the last 3 months I ate too much sweet and junk foods. I didn't even notice I was back at my peak 2 weeks ago. It is better to be overweight but healthy than sick and skinny but the reason what added to my weight gain is not my medication for depression but sleeping pills. For the last 2-3 months I also was taking 3-4 times a week mirtazapine and chlorpromazine to help me fall asleep. I believe that boosted my weight gain.

    So from tomorrow I am stopping those and will try to deal with my sleeping disorder in other ways. Also I wanna do some light exercise such as swimming, walking, etc...

    But I have a question or two. If you take drugs that cause weight gain, can they cause extra weight even if you avoid fat foods or even if you have low appetite?

    Also, if you are on such drugs (because I still take suboxone and klonopin) can you lose weight still if you exercise?

    Many people are stuck between obesity and depression (or other mental illness). They find meds that help them but gain too much weight and if they stop then they go right back into depression. In some cases the obesity makes people more depressed. I am very overweight but thanks to my height it is easier for me than for others many who have this problem.


  18. 3 hours ago, nojoy said:


    Even with a referral from your medical doctor, you can't see a gastroenterologist for this procedure?  I hope you get help soon. I know this is making daily life hard & spending every day going to the ER & waiting to be seen is worse.

    The way it works here is complicated. Doctors are very reluctant to send you to a GI  if they do it has to be specific otherwise GI will refuse it like it happened in my case. Waiting times are at least 1 year, partially because it is free and partialy because of covid. But I did manage to get it done yesterday. It is weird how you can have scary symptoms and negative test results.

    IDK which is better or worse. Free health care but long waiting times or expensive hc but having to pay. The latter one is better if you have money but if you don't it's tough. I have friends and family in the states and some can't get treated because they can't afford and here no worries about pay but you can die due to waiting. 

  19. I know this is not an easy or even a good question but due to my physical symptoms I need a gastroscopy. My doctor agrees but there's only the referral he can do and told me to keep going to ER every day until they probably get tired of me and get it done. I was there on Friday they refused it.

    But how can I can go daily when I am soooo depressed and am getting scared of rejections it's like they don't believe me or something. But going daily or almost every day is the only way to get it done cuz they don't have private ones.

  20. The checking with lights annoyed him a lot. But they have to do it if a patient is trying to self harm they are to intervene. When you have a serious sleeping disorder it's extra hard.

    One day he felt really like ending it and went to the desk and told them that. He expected something to calm him down as I would but they gave him a piece of paper to fill out like why you shouldn't do it, reasons to live etc....I know they have their tactics it's been done by professionals but when they are underfunded they can't be much helpful. A friend of mine was in such a hospital in Germany and the difference is huge but still not perfect.

  21. On 11/7/2021 at 12:46 AM, semicolon said:

    Does anyone else believe that their life is meant to be a bad? im agnostic but what if reincarnation is real and in my past life i was a bad person so now in this life i am meant to suffer? if that is true i really hope this isnt a long life. 

    I also can't find the point of this life. Sometimes to the point where my therapist calls it "existential crisis".

  22. 8 hours ago, Jeshu said:

    i found that doctors in general are not helpful, it is really about finding one that can be trusted to help. i have been a psych wards many times but did everything to make sure they would discharge me as quick as possible. Some patients are kept their against their will for months.

    i found that my chronic insomnia was best helped with a low dosage of Mirtazapine, as this AD  makes people very sleepy in low dosages, and together with NAC also helps fight the depression.

    Only 7.5 mg is needed to get a good night sleep on that stuff, it works far better than sleepers and is not addictive.


    Get your brother on Mirtazapine as soon as possible, it works wonders getting people to sleep. Sleep is the biggest problem struggling against mental illness.

    Mirtazapine is a good pill for insomnia. But he tried it last year (Either 7.5 or 15 mg) and it knocked him out in a negative way. It kinda made him extremely drowsy but couldn't fall asleep. A very bad feeling. But whatever caused his inability to sleep in June 2020, be it the amphetamines he took or something else, body chemistry changes. For example, 3 months ago he couldn't even tolerate low dose of melatonin but now he can. He couldn't tolerate seroquel at all, now he can in low doses. So trying Mirtazapine even at 3mg might be a good idea. It angers me the most the fact that I am too sick myself to intensify my search for some sleep solutions for him and makes me feel guilty because when I feel a little better I get thoughts that I can do more. But when Im down then I know I can't. He is now is the "catch 22" position, another hospitalization could ruin him permanently psychologically because chances are he would and up in psych ICU mostly due to sleep deprivation, but at home he doesn't have the care he would have in a good hospital environment but unfortunately they don't have good hospitals for mental health.  The shrink told us that the gov't cut down on mental health funding a few months ago. How sad. The newly elected old prime minister promised billion of dollars for mental health care but I don't believe him.

    I heard NAC can help also OCD. I bought some long ago but he didn't dare to try it yet. But I'm sure he will have to and I hope we stumble upon something that helps. Last night he got 6 hours of sleep and even though he has non restorative sleep he felt a bit better and grateful which made me sad because for me 6 hours is nothing.

    Thanks for advice

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