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  1. So even if I don't submit to the urge of eating I would still gain weight?
  2. If a certain medication causes weight gain is it because they make you hungrier or is it something else? I want to try Mirtazapine for amphetamine withdrawal but depression as well. However that is #1 antidepressant that causes weight gain. I would follow a strict diet and exercise (if my physical problem is solved) in order not to gain weight but I have read that people did all this and still added lbs.
  3. I plan to take it for dexedrine withdrawal because there was a pilot study done on it and seems it helped although I don't know what dose they used. Also im worried about weight gain from it
  4. Anyone gets anxiety that they feel in their body? (restlessness for example) That has been one of my major problems for decades and I can;t find anything to help me. It feels like electricity in my limbs and brain. Most severe attacks happen if I am in distress but often happens out of nowhere. Doctors say psychedelic drugs will help but they don't. Anyone?
  5. Sometimes medications can make it worse instead of making you feel better. Especially if you take many. Talk to your doctors about that.
  6. Self confidence and self esteem is what you need. And of course dressing nice too. They say when a girl observes a guy (physically) she first notices your shoes and hair. Also wearing a smile instead of looking like a fugitive is essential. When I was young I never approached a girl and thought no girl likes me. But after I matured a bit I realized that one of the most important things is your attitude. (The way you behave, have some humour etc) I know many people who had no muscles nor were they that good looking but still they had a lot of success with women.
  7. Zagor

    Psych ward

    Wow. For a patient with psychosis or a severe depression it might be a good place to stay especially if they are suicidal. But I have read many horror stories about it and to sum it up they say "In a psych ward they punish you for being mentally ill". But my fear is something else. If I was taken off my drugs cold turkey I doubt I would survive. At very least I would lose my mind. My meds are not meant to be quit cold turkey but they can do whatever they want to you. Even if you get yourself admitted voluntarily they can still keep you as long as they deem necessary.
  8. Has anyone here been admitted to a mental hospital (voluntarily or not)? If I ever end up there I am curious if they give you your medications that you were taking before being admitted. I have heard some people had to go cold turkey in a psych work from their meds as well as other horror stories.
  9. Zagor

    Old loser

    Today is day 3 where I decreased my dexedrine to 20 mg 2xday. I get bouts of depression but manageable so far. As for "age" issue I am getting to see a therapist next week for $55 per session on a sliding scale. I also have a free therapist appointment end of the month so will see which one is better. I am in dilemma if I should switch to prozac from trentellix and my quack shrink said it is upto me.
  10. I have same problem for almost 2 years. But I have a "reason". I am 42 and in my sick brain it seems ancient. NOTHING matters to me except my fears. But if you are younger my advice would be, do what you can so at least if you have money you can use it to get better if nothing else. Don't give up
  11. Zagor

    Old loser

    Hey Tymothi On one hand it helps a bit to know that I am not alone but on the other it makes me sad because of what you are going through. I know very well how it is when you can't work, no friends, are divorced and will never again get married. Same here. My brother is very sick even though he is only 32 and my parents are old and sick. The future scares me. I wanted to learn something. To make a career in something that I like to do but am being told I won't enjoy the fruit because by the time I learn it I will be around 50. (If I was younger I would learn to develop apps). But if it is gonna take me 8 years to master it from scratch, not worth it, I THINK. Even though at 50 I might say I wish I did it. Anyway my main problem is the depression and other mental issues that I cannot describe. I blame the drugs. In 3 weeks I have an appointment with a counselor/therapist so I hope he will help me at least a bit to get rid of these fears and paranoias.
  12. I feel like a robot. No emotions. Controlled by drugs. The only thing that is still there is I am not going to give up.
  13. Emotions. My mother used to be like that. Every little thing would make her cry. It is often a symptom of depression. I am, on the other hand, the opposite. I cannot cry. I am more like a zombie. It is good that you are managing without drugs. Do your best to see a therapist (if you haven't) to work on your emotions. MAmy people turn to meds like my mom did but that can often create more problems.
  14. Zagor

    Old loser

    Yes while everyone I know is happy and live their lives to the fullest I have to lie and pretend. When it comes to medications I am hooked on suboxone. I was given 6 years ago oxicodone and I abused it for 3 years. Looks like I abused my reward system. Now I am stuck on subs and dexedrine. What is even worse, if I try to stop the drugs (suboxone) then akathisia hits hard and depression hits the roof. Who hasn't experienced akathisia he/she hopefully never does. I don't wish it on my worst enemy. Then the "age" thing. Instead of being a happy man in his early 40's I am feeling like an 80 yo battling with drugs. If I never used any "meds" I wouldn't be like this today. Wish I could get off these. I am also on rexulti and an anti depressant but they are easy to quit. I am simply a mess with no hope in sight.
  15. I feel old. I turned 42 but I feel like someone who turned 82. Even worse. Besides the depression I gotta deal with this too. It hit me suddenly. I am no longer young. What am I gonna do? Too early to die too old to live. It's worse than I can express in words
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