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  1. Some people call it dysphoria. I don't know the right name for it. Therefore I can't make the doctor understand either. But it certanly is related to anxiety. I first had it when I was 12 during a war back home. It was very severe. Now it is not severe it is just like mild to moderate but having it constantly really sucks.
  2. Maybe it it agitated depression. My mind and my body won't calm down. It;s similar to akathisia but it;s not that. Anyone using any meds for restlessness and agitation?
  3. My mental illness would go away by at least 20% if I could clear my conciseness and wishing I have never done some things in my life.
  4. all I can say that whatever you are going through can be much much worse. Also, it is very possible that things will improve. But everyone knows their self best.
  5. They call it social media. It has been proven that social media such as FB can cause or worsen depression. I also avoid it. What kinda od comic book did you make and what program did you use?
  6. Today I feel somewhat better than the last few days. My left thigh and bum is completely numb and my 3 months long abdominal pain without diagnosis is real bad.
  7. So True. They know the medications don't work for many people. Whats even worse they often discriminate. In my province the premier wanted to take the people with mental illnesses off disability. The clown doesn't know what psychological pain is. He doesn't know that it can be worse than some physical disabilities. They have no understanding and respect.
  8. OP your topic says "past 50 not worth the effort?". When you are down it is not worth the effort at any age. The pain clouds your judgment. That's why you have so many teens and young people committing suicide. I was struck with a few mental problems when I turned 40 and believed Im no longer good for anything. I still feel like that but every now and then I get those moments where I think life is worth living. I met a 60-something yo man who managed to enjoy his life after 50 years of hell. He's pretty happy now. The only thing is, are we going to find that something that will change our life for better? I want to hope so. I wanted to order a book called "mans search for meaning" by a psychiatrist named Frankl (It's on amazon). The guy survived the suffering in nazi camps but he invented logotherapy and it teaches you to find meaning even in suffering. I know when you are completely down you could care less about anything but like they say, as long as there is life, there is hope.
  9. Younger kids have a higher rate of survival leukemia. Lymphoblastic acute leukemia has even better prognosis than myelogenous. But both have high survival rates. If your child does have it, he will start his kindergarden as a healthy boy.
  10. What makes you think he is going to die? My son was diagnosed when he was 5. It is a long battle.
  11. I went through a custody battle. It is always in the best interest of the kids to have both parents in their lives unless one parent is bad for the kid. I didn't even have a lawyer, self represented (with limited English). When my ex claimed to get full custody and motioned a 100 page file against me I responded with total opposite and the judge saw it. It is unhealthy for the kids to lose contact with you.
  12. I feel the same. I'm past 40 and thanks to the drugs that they threw at me I feel there is no point to go on any more. With so many mental and physical issues, distress in my private life and everything else, I have never been so pessimistic about my future.
  13. Thanks for reply. In here they only do left side of the brain. It is well known that doing both sides is more beneficial but they have their "protocols". Also, the doc said people who responf they feel good about 6 months and that's it. I asked what then. He said maintain it with meds. But I was sent there and they do it to people who a re treatment resistant, how can I maintain it with meds if they don't work? He got confused. I don't know. Its free, but I am not sure
  14. I have been taking Niacin for 2 months now. I was on 25mg dexedrine 2x daily for 2 years. When I tried to wean off I found myself in way more severe depression, anxiety and depersonalization. I thought I will never get off the drug. But when I started Niacin 500mg once a day I tapered down the dexedrine to 9mg 2x day. And instead of feeling worse due to withdrawal my depression lifted. However, the last few days have been real bad. The dexedrine did it's part, I should have never taken it. Two nights ago I took 750mg of Niacin and I felt 90% better. But today it has not been that good so I don't know if I felt better because of Niacin. But overall I am satisfied because it helped me reduce a lot of dexedrine and made me feel better. I take only single dose because I couldn't find out if it is immediate or sustained release. But I will order some IR and try it 2 or 3 times a day. If one does not have severe liver problems or diabetes, I would suggest to try it. The "flush" version seems to work better. I read on pubmed a patient with severe bipolar disorder weaned off 11 drugs he was taking thanks to Niacin and was in complete remission as long as he took it. When they tried him to go without it, within 2 days he would relapse.
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