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  1. Right.. where do I start. Im going to make this short. I am so RELIEVED! to have found this site where people ACTUALLY UNDERSTAND! what I'm going through. I cant discuss it with my other half or friends or family they never get it and I give up trying to explain it and just get on with my life but I'm now worried that it's going to affect me mentally as my anger is getting worse after worse it's getting to the point where I know "Things that happen shouldn't be happening and wouldn't happen for anyone else. It feels like someone is following me round making my life hell" I'll do everything right but it won't work or go against me. ITS EVERYSINGLE DAY. I seen someone post earlier about how a certain number stands out in places more often than anything else. I've had that same experience most my life with the number 19. I hope to god someone can relate to my post and understand what I'm saying & get in touch. my whole family is cursed, it started in India it's a long arse story I won't type but I've always blamed that. There must be something out out there that can help us and prevent this bad luck happening every day. I'm going to go now and hope to hear from someone soon. Thanks.
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