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  1. Sorry for the delay everyone, I've been pretty busy the last few days and haven't had time to reply. I did get an email this time though so yay for that. 🙂 @sober4life We used to live in a haunted house too. The kids were babies then so we had monitors in their room. We would here talking over it while they were in there. The kids couldn't talk yet. Never could make out what was said but it didn't seem to want any harm. We would also hear footsteps from the attic. We never popped our heads up there to see if there was anything but it sure was creepy. @MargotMontage I haven't played 1 or 2, only 3 and 4. I felt they suffer from the same issue as Oblivion and Skyrim. Just way to simplified for my taste. I have heard that New Vegas had a lot better quests and such, but I never bought that one. @Lostonesweeping I appreciate offering to talk. Even if I did feel up to talking about things I wouldn't really have anything to say. My depression isn't really triggered by anything. It just comes on for seemingly no reason. I know stress and lack of sleep are definite factors, but sometimes it affects me despite that. Sorry to hear your feeling rough. Has it gotten any better? Is there anyway I could help? I haven't played anything new, but an old friend was finally able to get Soul Caliber 6, so I showed him how to take a beating lol.
  2. @MargotMontage I don't really play many other games any more. I pretty much just stick to the usual now. A lot of the reason for that is because my laptop has slightly more power than a potato. I've been wanting to build a decent PC for years now, but other financial obligations get in the way. I will check out free games that pop up on the playstation store but a lot of the time they are either very poorly made, or pay to win, so I don't stick with them long. @sober4life I don't know what the technical definition is. When I say historic home I generally mean early 1900's or older. My home was built in 1903. Shes still got the original trim and crown, with many of the doors being original to the house. Luckily for me the plumbing and electrical was updated by the previous owner. The original hardwood is still intact under the newer flooring. I intend to restore what I can of it.
  3. @MargotMontage I used to play the Elder Scrolls games quite a bit. I've lost interest in them though because they have been simplified and dumbed down so much that I no longer find them to be a challenge. Morrowind is far and away my favorite Elder Scrolls game. It actually made you think about what you had to do and didn't hold your hand on a quest much of the time. I liked Fallout 3 too, but it had the same issue the the other games did.
  4. I took klonipin, 0.5 mg, twice a day for several months and had no problems with dependency. I stopped cold turkey because my new doc wouldn't order a refill for some reason. Other than my anxiety ramping back up to 11 I was ok. On BusPar now, and that's working pretty good for me. Anywho, in my experience dependency wasn't a problem. I didn't even get a high or anything from it. Have you done any research into klonipin dependency? I think you would need to either use it for a very long time, or abuse it, to become dependent.
  5. Sorry peeps, I didn't get an email notification again. @Atra I like all the old, historic homes, in the area. If I ever won the lottery I would by them all up, restore them, and rent them at a reasonable price. Old homes have so much character that I think modern housing can't really create. @Tim 52 I have not. Is it any good? I've been curious but haven't tried it yet. @Lostonesweeping Nice to see you too bud. Lately I have been getting through another round of the blues. Pretty much out of the funk now though. That's what kept me away from posting stuff recently. Other than that I've just been working and trying to keep up with the kids. How about you?
  6. I'm just wanting to talk. I don't really care about what, ask me anything.
  7. @Lostonesweeping I came to DF to try to find a place to vent and get advice, at first. Now I am trying to meet some people who understand what I'm dealing with and don't mind talking with me. I find being able to share what's going on in my head helps me to end the cycle of thoughts. It is tough to figure things out on my own sometimes. I need a voice to tell me I'm not being crazy every now and then.
  8. @ladysmurf I've been on BusPar a few weeks now. The past couple days the mood swings are definitely less frequent and not as strong. I also started the Fetzima at that time, but I can't say for sure if that is what mellowed me out. I don't now what you meant when you said "I definitely know some people that judge those type of jobs"
  9. @Atra Well thanks, that means a lot. You're probably right about my confidence with tools. I have been exposed to them quite a bit. Several members of my family were contractors, carpenters, and landscapers, so I was able to pick up a couple things growing up.
  10. @Atra It's really not as bad as you would think. The electrical was a bit nerve racking to me because I had to tie into the breaker. I had never done that before so I had supervision to make sure I didn't do anything dangerous. PEX tubing and shark bite fittings are a DIYers dream. As much as I love copper and rigid piping, soldering it all was out of my skill set a bit. I'll probably try it in the future. We are planning a pretty extensive remodel / update to the house so I know I will have the chance. As far as being anxious to try goes, I was. I took some time to educate myself before even deciding I was up to the task though. There are quite a few YouTube channels and forums to help.
  11. @GAJ123 I would like to give my feed back because this is a topic I can relate to. I would like some more info about your job though. What type of job, what gets to you about it, that sort of thing. From what you gave us in the OP though I can tell you that feeling trapped in a job that you hate is definitely depressing at best. It can make me feel completely hopeless when things get bad at work, that's for sure. What helps me is knowing that despite being very stressful at times, it is what got me to where I am today. Sounds like it might be hard to see the forest through the trees for you right now, which I totally get. If I could make a suggestion though, I'd say to try and think of where your life would be if you didn't have your job or a worse one. Gotta take the bad with the good, the good is just hard to see sometimes.
  12. @idkusername465 My copay was $50, as far as what the actual cost of the medication is, I don't know. My insurance wouldn't cover it at first but some how the doctor was able to convince them. I have been on a lot of different meds that just didn't work so we were kinda forced to try some of the newer drugs. My insurance is Aetna, which is through my work. If you are able to get you insurance to cover it there is a savings card that can knock the copay down to $40.
  13. @sober4life That is pretty much what I was thinking. When I was doing a bit of reading about it and it said that addiction wasn't really a thing for it I thought to myself, "it boosts dopamine, like every other addictive chemical". I was on clonazepam before this, and I never felt so moody on that.
  14. Hi @Lostonesweeping, for fun I generally just play Minecraft. I've been playing Fortnite lately because my laptop is slightly more powerful than a calculator and without Optifine I can't play Minecraft. I find that I really enjoy doing home improvements. I was off work for a month and ran new plumbing and electrical for my washer and dryer. I used to be really into paintball. I haven't done that in many years now though but would most definitely jump back into that boat. How about you? What are you in too, and what brings you to DF?
  15. Hey there, so I have been having crazy mood swings lately. My doctor has me taking BusPar twice a day and I am wondering if it could be the cause. My mood is all over the place. I'm content one minute, all but in tears the next, and then I'm snapping at people for no reason. This is annoying to me, I can't even imagine how my wife feels about it. I just started Fetzima yesterday but this problem started before then. I'm starting to feel like my wife is pulling away from me again. I knew this would happen when I started working, but to happen so quickly is what is bothering me the most I think. I don't really know how to bring this up and even if I do bring it up I know that it is unlikely to be a constructive conversation. That's what I got for now. Like the title says I kinda just want to talk so if you wanted to stray from the OP I'd be ok with that.
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