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  1. Hello out there, This is my first time ever posting to a site like this, so hi guys! I struggle with what I feel is depression- every day. Some days, it is even hard to get out of bed or even to "face the day", I go through the same motions, day in and out. I feel like nothing excites me anymore like it used to, visits with friends and family don't seem like they mean much anymore, relationships are a struggle, I lack motivation to do much of anything anymore. I am in school and will be moving at the end of the year- I haven't even started looking for a new job in a new city, it is imperative that I find one, but I lack the motivation to look and I know it is beyond important. I take comfort in food and alcohol, I eat crap food (prepackaged, processed mess) I know it is awful for me, and my weight has ballooned because of this, and therefore my self confidence has plummeted. I feel like if I could just find the motivation to eat better, to work out, and work on my self image- it would all work out (no pun intended). I just feel stuck and I don't know what to do anymore. I have been seeing a psychologist and taking anti-depressants, and they do seem to be helping- but beyond that, it feels like a void. I am just stuck, I feel like that I bring all this excess emotional baggage with me to my relationships, and this depression follows me, and I just can't seem to shake it.
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